Cobra ESD 7570 Review

If you are searching for reasonable as well as trustable radar detection, the Cobra ESD 7570 9 Band Performance Radar Laser Detector with 360 Degree Detection would not disappoint you. With a budget-friendly offer, would this radar detector give a good performance for your drives?

Well, we think that with components like 360-degree recognition, the capacity to recognize all radar and laser signals in the U.S and Canada, the Cobra ESD 7570 9-Band is a steal, but let’s zoom in on its design, features and other aspects.


Design-wise, the Cobra ESD 7570 seems a lot like a hybrid between the ESD 7100 and XRS 888. Needless to say, its form is a sleek-looking eye-pleaser, yet the material used seemed to be a bit plastic-y, which can make it difficult to take this gadget seriously.

Although what it lacks in material quality gets compensated by its detailing, we want to focus on the functional physical aspects of the design, including buttons for on/off, mute, DIM, and City Mode, while a scroll for volume is situated conveniently on its left side for a quick reach by its user.



The detector has a diverse range when on the roadway and in city mode. On a highway mode, the assessed reach is can go as far as 0.5 miles, which gives you adequate time to respond when the alarm goes off. The range can go roughly 4 to 5 blocks when on City Mode.





This radar detector has an UltraBright Display that gives clear and easily readable notifications and warnings. The DIM button on the top right-hand side of the detector makes it easy to control the brightness of the data display.

You can choose between 3 levels of brightness for the screen: dim, faint and brilliant. Just a few presses on the button can let you switch between the brightness levels, which you can do anytime as you please.

Mute Button

Sound signals are part of the alarm of this radar detector. Once it picks up a signal, the sound goes off. When the constant sound gets distracting or annoying, a quick tap on the mute button will silence the gadget until you press it again to bring back the sound alerts back on again.

Highway / City Mode

The Cobra ESD 7570 9 Band Performance Radar Laser Detector with 360 Degree Detection gives the options of picking between Highway and City mode. By default, the industrial facility setting is in Highway mode but in just a press of a button, it can be switched to City mode.

This can optimize the detection abilities of the radar detector, especially when moving from the main road to a more dense city road. One beep and a “C” on the display indicate that the device is on City Mode while pressing the button again will give two beeps to note that you are back on Highway mode.


Both audio and visual alerts on the Cobra ESD 7570 are remarkable, thanks to its great display and clear sounds. The display shows a bar graph whenever it picks up a signal, indicating its strength which will allow you to determine the approximate distance of the signal source.

A beep warning accompanies this notification, which of course can be adjusted in terms of volume. An alert to let you know that there is an ambulance or another emergency vehicle allows you to react immediately (pullover or go to the side of the road) to let the vehicle pass.



  • The UltraBright Data Display gives great signal and indication of the signal detected to give you adequate time to respond and make the right move. The visual presentation shows up (in blazing LEDs) the sort and quality y of the signal.
  • The 360-degree detection of this radar detector is a huge plus, enabling you to be protected from all sides of your vehicle. Whether the signal is coming from a radar or laser gun, this device can pick that up easily, even when it’s coming from the sides or the back.
  • The convenience of the simple and easy-to-use design and mechanism of the device is a plus for many drivers. Paired with clear audio signals, it offers a really handy tool to assist your drives.
  • The VG-2 Alert feature of this radar detector alerts you of the possible use of radar detector detectors of police officers. It is invisible to VG-2 RDDs and Spectre I as well, making you practically hidden from traffic enforcers even when you’re in their vicinity.


  • Being an older model among all Cobra products, this low-end Cobra model can only get aa total of 9-Bandwidth of signals, as its name implies. It covers common signals used by police officers, but other modern radar detectors can offer as much as 14 to 16 bandwidths.
  • The Cobra ESD 7570 is prone to detect false alarms, especially when on high-density areas.
  • Although this device has volume control for sound signals, is lacks the IntelliMute feature that can be found on other Cobra models. This smart volume mechanism can detect the speed of the car and then adjust the volume of the warning signals accordingly.


Q: What accessories should I purchase with this model?

A: Commonly bought with the Cobra ESD 7570 are the straight power cord and car dash & windshield mount for easier installation and constant power supply to the device.

Q: Does this device have safety alerts?

A: Yes, it does. The Cobra ESD 7570 has The Safety Alert transmitters exclusive to Cobra gadget, which can give warning on a railroad crossing, locations with road hazards, as well as approaching emergency vehicles.

ESD 7570 Review Conclusion

Overall, considering its price and year of launch, we think that Cobra ESD 7570 is a pretty decent device to depend on for casual drives. Sure, it misses some areas like a variety of bandwidth or detection accuracy, but for its price point, its performance isn’t all that bad. The detection in different directions coupled with the ability to be undetected, for newbies and low-budgeted folks, this one is a good buy.


This article is written by William Johnson, the founder of RRD. William is passionate about radar detectors. His interest in reviewing and testing radar detectors from different brands started nearly 10 years ago, when his own radar detector then (a cheap and brand-less detector he bought online) failed to detect and radar gun nearby.

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Cobra ESD7570 9-Band Performance Radar/Laser Detector with 360 Degree Detection

Cobra ESD 7570 Review
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