Cobra ESD 7100 Digital Radar/Laser Detector Review

The Cobra ESD 7100 is a digital radar and laser detector. It can detect up to nine different types of signals. Also, it offers a 360-degree detection area. You can find this model for an average price of $40. Keep reading to learn about some of the features that it offers.

The Cobra ESD 7100 can detect four types of radar signals. They include K Band, KA Superwide band, VG-2, and X band. The unit can also detect for types of laser signals including Prolaser, Prolaser III, Ultra Lyte, and LTI 20-20.

The Cobra ESD 7100 also incorporates a detector detector. The unit will alert you whenever a VG-2 signal is trying to find detectors. This is a great feature if one of these devices is illegal in your state.



The Cobra ESD 7100 radar/laser detector also helps you stay safe. Some systems and emergency vehicles are fitted with safety alert transmitters. The unit can detect these signals are warn you that they’re near your location.


The Cobra ESD 7100 offers two operating modes. You can choose between city and highway modes. You should switch to city mode whenever you’re not traveling on the highway. These will lower the sensitivity of the unit so you are given less false alerts.


You will also like the display offered by the Cobra ESD 7100 radar detector. It’s very bright and easy to see. There are also LED icons so you can easily recognize the type of signals that the machine detects.


The Cobra ESD 7100 needs to be powered by the 12-volt DC outlet in your car. You’re provided with the necessary power cord. You’re also provided with a mounting bracket with suction cups so you can install the unit on your windshield.

The Cobra ESD 7100 can detect nine different types of radar and laser signals. It can also detect the presence of safety alert transmitters, so you’ll know when emergency vehicles are nearby. You can also switch between city and highway modes so you experience less false alerts. You are provided with a mounting bracket to install the unit on your windshield.

Cobra ESD7100 9 Band Radar/Laser Detector

Cobra ESD 7100 Digital Radar/Laser Detector Review
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