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Best Dash Cam for Truckers

You need a special license to drive a gigantic vehicle like a truck. Truck drivers have exceptional skill when it comes to maneuvering through winding roads and rough terrain. Rigs can often cause large-scale accidents, which means as a truck driver, you need to be extra careful. Certain devices such as a dash cam, can greatly decrease accidents, produce evidence that can help you in a court of law, and dissuade potential burglars. A dash cam for truckers is different from one for an everyday SUV or sedan. Let’s take a look at which models made it to our best dash cam for truckers list.

Top 7 Dash Cams for Truckers Reviews & Comparison

1 – Rove R2-4K Dash Cam 

Roke R2-4K dashboard camera is Ultra HD, with a resolution up to 2160p. It’s hard to get a clearer picture than that. Truck drivers especially need to have an unhindered view of the road in front of them. The 4K resolution of this dash cam knocks many other competitors out of the park. Since many rig drivers make nightly runs, the super night vision technology on this camera also displays ultra-clear footage in low light conditions.

Built-in Wifi and GPS features are a luxury not all dash cams have. We believe it’s of vital importance to select a dash cam with these two features for trucks. The Wifi allows you to configure and set everything with the compatible app, for easy viewing from your smartphone. All the captured footage can be uploaded and shared on social media.

As for GPS, this will come in handy especially if you have a fleet of trucks you are managing. The GPS provides accurate video recording of driving location and speed of all your trucks. You can even view your route on Google Maps.

Other features included in this best dash cam for truckers are parking mode, motion detection, a wide-angle lens, and G-sensor among others. 

Save up to 128GB of footage in a microSD memory card (not included). The manufacturer even offers free firmware upgrade for this camera! The Rove Dash Cam is backed by a 1-year warranty and a full refund within 30 days.


  • The 4K resolution gives you a clear view of anything that occurs on the road.
  • Night vision is incredibly important for truck drivers as many of you make night runs and drive for long hours.
  • Built-in Wifi and GPS gives utmost convenience to monitor and set the footage from your smartphone and track your routes and driving habits.
  • The parking mode and G-sensors keep your truck safe when parked. Feel free to take a break without worrying about your cargo.
  • The wide-angle lens of 150-degrees gives you a view of about three lanes.
  • If by any chance you are not happy with this product, return it for your money back within the first 30 days.
  • The warranty backing this product gives consumers peace of mind as to the quality of the dash cam.


  • Some conditions don’t give true 4K resolution. It could be a 2K resolution camera with added pixels.
  • The camera overheats easily.
  • Poor quality night vision due to lower video quality resolution.

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2 – CHORTAU Dash Cam Front and Rear

Front and rear dash cams, or dual dash cams offer more protection. You can keep an eye on what happens in front, and at the back of your vehicle. For an affordable price, you can get full protection with 1080P (full HD) resolution with this best dash cam for truckers. The rear camera is waterproof and easily installed outside your vehicle. 

Another winning feature of this dual dash cam for truckers is the extremely wide-angle views. The front angle measures a whopping 170 degrees and the rear camera boasts a wide 130 degrees. Rest assured there will be no blind spots in your view.

This dual best dash cam for truckers has a loop recording feature. This is where the camera automatically replaces older footage with newer ones once the memory card is full. The seamless video recording keeps all locked footage, which is captured often when the G-sensor is triggered or when parking mode is activated.

Parking mode is when your camera is off when your car is parked until the impact is detected. Giving you 100% protection 24 hours a day.

The camera is so easy to install and use with the included user’s manual from Chortau. The suction cup mount makes it easy for you to place and move the camera anywhere you want. Turn the dash cam on and off with the start and shut off of the engine.

With each purchase from Chortau, you are protected by a 3-year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • A dual dash cam with front and rear views. You get full protection at an affordable price.
  • Full HD resolution for both the front and back camera, ensuring you won’t miss any important information due to blurry images.
  • The loop record feature is seamless and bypasses locked footage in the SOS file. Crucial footage will be protected and not erased.
  • G-sensor protection and parking mode will keep your belongings and your cargo safe in your absence.
  • Easy installation is appealing to first-time dash cam users. This dash cam comes with a manual and an easy to secure suction cup mount.
  • Your purchase is protected by a 3 –year warranty and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


  • The installation instructions might not be detailed enough for everyone to understand.
  • It overheats easily
  • The dash cam is only compatible with a high-speed SD card (class 10 is recommended).

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3 – WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam

This premium model among best dash cams comes with 2K super HD resolution at 2304x1296p, giving you images and footage with the most detail.

The price is a bit higher than the other options, but you get WDR (wide dynamic range) technology which captures the best images in low light. The WDR is able to balance the exposure of the video. (More WDR info on this link.)

You get 3 different mounts with this camera, 2 sticky mounts, and 1 suction cup. We advocate for the suction cup mounts because the sticky mounts might have an extra-strong adhesive that makes it immovable afterward.

There is built-in GPS on this camera model which is best in following your route on Google Maps. Another great thing about this option is the extremely wide-angle lens at 170 degrees. No blind spots, no fuzzy images, just clear and crisp picture.

A lot of the other options require an additional purchase of a microSD for storage. However, the WheelWitness dash cam comes with a free 32 GB microSD card. Feel free to swap it out for one with more memory space. The loop record will overwrite older footage with newer ones for continuous playback.


  • This best dash cam for truckers comes with a FREE MicroSD card. It won’t require you to make an additional purchase and run the risk of the camera not reading the card.
  • The loop recording is an automatic process that won’t require you to remember to manually delete older footage.
  • The GPS allows you to keep a close eye on your routes and driving habits.
  • The mounds included keeping the dash cam stable. It turns on right when you plug it into the cigarette lighter outlet.
  • The WDR compensates for all the light and dark spots, balancing exposure and producing a clear image.
  • 2K resolution gives you the highest detail.


  • Cheaply made for the price.
  • Sometimes the unit won’t startup.
  • Battery issues such as not holding a charge.

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4 – VSYSTO Truck Dash Cam

 We encountered an Amazon’s Choice Product made especially for truck drivers. The VSYSTO truck dash cam provides three different camera recordings at different angles. This makes it easier for you to simultaneously monitor the front, side, and rear of your truck.

The front camera operates at Full HD (1080p), with the other two cameras both streaming HD picture (720x480p). The side and rear cameras are weatherproof, allowing you to capture the best image regardless of weather conditions.

You can set the loop-recording option to record at 1,3, and 5-minute video files with the old ones replaced by the new ones whenever the SD card is full. Except for the locked footage, which is footage captured when the G-sensor is set off, all older files will be overwritten.

 Trucks are large vehicles that may need more than even two cameras to monitor. There aren’t a lot of options similar to the VSYSTO truck dash cam, so you might be wary of your purchase. But the product comes with a 100% quality guarantee and money-back warranty, so no need to worry.


  • The three-camera recording is not something we see often. You can monitor all angles of your truck with this purchase.
  • All cameras operate at HD level, giving you a crisp and clear picture.
  • The side and back cameras are weatherproof and can be mounted to the exterior of your truck.
  • You have the option of setting the camera to record at either 1, 3 or 5-minute files.
  • Loop recording will replace all old footage with new ones automatically when the memory card is full.
  • The G-sensor activation will record footage that is immune to the loop recording function.
  • Your purchase is protected with a 100% quality guarantee and a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • It can be hard to maneuver such a large vehicle, and the auto turning and reversing detection will keep you from scrapes and bumps.


  • There is no user’s guide, which could be hard to set-up.
  • The wires are very thin and flimsy, so you need to be careful when setting it up.

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5 – TOGUARD Backup Camera 7” Mirror Dash Cam

A large 7’’ touch screen control dual dash cam is exactly what a trucker needs. In such a large space, a small screen won’t give you a clear view of what’s going on. You need two hands at 10 and 2 at all time, so the large screen makes it easy for you to control.

You get full HD picture for the front view cam and a 480p waterproof back camera. With the large touch screen as big as your rearview mirror, you won’t miss anything on the road.

When parking your rig, and this is extra useful for tight spaces, you can switch the rear camera over to full view to help you maneuver successfully. 

Also equipped with the parking monitor mode and a G-sensor, your truck is fully protected when parked. The trigger of the G-sensor auto-locks the recorded footage, which won’t be erased due to the loop recording function.

 Choose from full-screen mode to picture in picture, or turn off the screen altogether to get a fancy regular rearview mirror. All you need to do is press one key to choose between 5 different viewing modes. 

This sleek design option uses anti-glare glass and an iron frame with a 7’’ high-sensitivity touch-screen. It’s easy to set up and straightforward in operation.


  • One of the widest screens on the market, it’s easy for you to reach over and adjust the camera as needed.
  • Dual dash cams allow you to monitor everything happening outside your truck.
  • The reversing camera function and easily adjustable 5 viewing modes help you see better, and drive better.
  • Also equipped with the basic parking mode and G-sensor function, you can leave your truck unattended without risking security.
  • This design is easy to set up, use and control.
  • A mirror dash cam doesn’t have to be a replacement rearview. With the 5 viewing modes, you can turn off the screen altogether and use it as a regular mirror.
  • The easy to set up mirror dash cam for truckers comes with a clear user manual


  • Turning on motion detection while driving could interfere with the regular recording.
  • Loop recording seems spotty at times.
  • A longer cable might be needed to keep out of your way. The camera needs to be plugged in at all times.

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6 – eRapta HD Backup & Front Camera with 7” Monitor

This best dash cam for truckers is another option also made specifically for the big boys. It works great with RV’s, all kinds of trucks and buses. Both the rear and front-facing camera operate at Full HD (1080p). Crystal clear footage of the road behind you and what’s coming up will make your journey a safe one. When it starts to get dark, the super night vision will still maintain a clear picture in low lighting.

The G-sensor also auto-locks emergency footage that won’t be erased by the loop recording function to back you up during disputes. The motion detection turns the camera on automatically ensuring you won’t miss any critical moments during your drive.

Many of you who drive an RV don’t do it on the regular, and you would know that driving a massive vehicle requires skill. The parking guidance like makes parking easy.

The rear camera is, of course, waterproof so it can be used in any type of weather without interfering with its functions.

The setup is very easy with straightforward instructions. If you have any queries, the customer service is at your beck and call 24 hours a day. Get lifetime support by the manufacturer and a 2-year factory warranty with your purchase. The warranty includes a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month replacement.


  • Front and rear cameras are full HD, which is rarely seen as most cameras have a lower resolution back camera. No matter which way you are facing, the picture is crystal clear.
  • The G-sensor might as well be named “guard sensor”, because that’s what it is, a guardian angel. A guardian angel that will help you avoid on-road disputes with proper footage.
  • The loop recording function allows you to keep the camera recording and never worrying about lost footage. All emergency footage will be locked and the camera will automatically and seamlessly loop over older material.
  • The rear camera is highly waterproof at IP 69 standard.
  • The super night vision will continuously offer Full HD picture even in low light settings.
  • The large 7″ screen has a great display and won’t require you to squint to see smaller details.
  • You get excellent product, guarantee and customer service at an affordable price.


  • Undetailed user manual requires some creative thinking when setting this up.
  • Might get a bit of static during night vision mode, but nothing serious enough to impair vision.

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7 – VAVA Dash Cam

Although this camera doesn’t have a screen, it has built-in Wifi to connect to your phone. You can monitor and playback the footage from the convenience of your smartphone. Share the footage and pictures on social media with real-time sharing if you wish. 

The full HD camera has a 360-degree swivel angle, to capture footage at any point. It can capture a range as wide as 5 car lanes with crystal clear detail! The night vision with Sony IMX32 image sensors will balance exposure to provide crisp footage.

The GPS within the device is able to track your location, speed and route, compatible with Google Maps.

Also equipped with G-sensors, motion detectors, loop recording and parking mode, you are protected any time of the day with or without your presence. The loop recording is activated automatically when you turn on your engine, and all videos are saved in 1 or 2-minute intervals. 

The compact design is subtle and won’t obstruct your vision. The easy to install swivel mount dash cam (with suction cup) can capture footage inside and out.


  • When you suddenly encounter an event on the road where you need a quick snapshot, the snapshot button, which can be attached to your steering wheel is used for exactly this. You can also shoot videos for as long as 20 seconds with a longer press of the button.
  • Wifi equipped dash cams can be linked to your phone with the compatible app. This allows you to easily manage and playback videos and photos and share them online.
  • The swivel base is manually controlled, just turn the camera towards anything you’d like to record.
  • He wide-angle lens captures up to 5 car lanes! Never miss critical moments again with this dash cam.
  • GPS is especially important for truck drivers. You need to monitor where you’re going, the distance to your destination and the speed.
  • Parking mode and G-sensors keep you protected at any time of the day.


  • The Wifi is only compatible with smartphones, not tablets or laptops.
  • You need to format the SD card on the VAVA app to get it working.
  • Difficult to connect the app the dash cam.
  • The camera is said to be a bit on the heavy side.

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There are many reasons to have a dashcam for your truck. Not all of us get to drive past emerald forests, snowcapped mountains and turquoise sea. The life of a trucker on the road can take him or her past these amazing spectacles in nature. A dash cam can keep you safe on the road, while capturing these breathtaking views. But a trucker’s needs differ from an everyday citizen, so keep in mind there are a few things to look for when picking out your next dash cam.

Our Top Pick

VSYSTO Truck Dash Cam

While all the choices are great for truck drivers, there is one that leads the pack for one simple reason – the three different camera angles. Not only do you get front and rear, but you get the side of this best dash cam for truckers, too. Which is arguably a more important angle than the back because that’s where your precious cargo is.

This camera was made for truck drivers with extremely high-quality picture, compatible with 12V/24V systems. The cameras are waterproof with basic loop recording and G-sensors.

The wide fish-eye angle and built-in microphone capture even more evidence. Considering the size of a truck, the manufacturer includes a cable that is long enough and the three viewpoints will eliminate blind spots.

Switch the angle to split image depending on whichever way you are turning. The camera will automatically put the relevant image onscreen.

What to Look for When Buying a Dash Cam for Truckers


For any vehicle, the least you should settle for is Full HD or 1080P. We understand that if you have a dual dash cam, the rear-facing cam might not live up to this standard. 

However, the front must be at least 1080p. Full HD is not the same at the standard HD, which is at 720p. Anything below that would be unacceptable, but don’t restrict yourself from shooting for the stars at 2K or 4K resolution. 

While there is no guarantee your dash cam will save the day, it can certainly come through for you in a better way if you can see the picture clearly. Remember, aim for 1080p or higher for the best quality footage and picture.

Wide-angle Views

How wide your view can span is also important. Our standard is to aim for a dash cam with a 150-degree view or above. You need the range to span at least 3 car lanes. 

Having a wide-angle view will eliminate blind spots, and some best dash cams even have parking or turning guidance, which is only possible with a wide-angle view.

For a dual dash cam, it’s normal for the rear dash cam to have a smaller angle lens, anywhere from 100 to 130 degrees. If you happen to find one that offers the same wide-angle view as the front dash cam, then you’re in luck. We have suggested such an option above for your consideration.

Night Vision

What’s the point in having a dash cam that only operates well during the day? A lot of truckers drive well into the night and do night runs exclusively. So having a dash cam with super night vision is important. 

Not only will the lack of sun provide a low light environment, but weather conditions such as fog, rain, snow, haze and smog can also mess with clarity. A dash cam with good night vision will compensate for the low light conditions and continuously produce high-quality footage.

Loop Recording

We’ve heard so many stories about people losing important footage or not capturing an accident at a critical moment. This won’t happen with the loop recording function.

What this is meant to do is keep all the vital recordings that might make or break your case. These footages are recorded when the G-sensor or parking mode are activated and record segments of 20-30 seconds. This footage is protected from the loop recording feature meant to replace older unused footage with newer ones when your memory card is full. 

Rather than having to manually check and erase older footage, your camera does it for you automatically and seamlessly to ensure your dash cam is always up to date.

Of course, you can monitor the footage yourself and save or share non-locked footage to save them too.

WiFi (remote access) and GPS 

Remote access requires built-in Wifi in your dash cam. This allows you to interface with the camera using your mobile device and receive alerts in real-time. You can also configure everything from your phone with the compatible app.

Wifi allows your phone to simultaneously record and receive images as your dash cam records, and share it to social media or with family members when necessary. 

Dash cams without Wifi cannot be monitored remotely, and require you to retrieve the memory card and extract files the old fashioned way. As a trucker, having easy control at your fingertips is a huge plus.

The GPS function records your location, route and the speed of your vehicle. If you control a fleet or manage a trucking company, this could come in handy as well to see the driving habits of your truckers. You will know the exact location of your trucks at any time. Not to mention, it’s also extremely useful when refuting speeding tickets.

Front View, Dual Dash, Triple Dash or Quad?

As drivers of such large vehicles, perhaps just one angle isn’t enough to keep an eye on the truck. We know the existence of the regular dash cam with a front-facing camera, and the common dual dash cam with front and rear view. We also saw an example with three dash cams, for the front, side and back recording. But did you know three is an option with four cameras? This is called a quad. This camera arrangement comes with four cameras, for front and rear view and view of both sides.

Be aware that the side cameras don’t actually record out to the side, instead they face the back and record the length of your truck from both sides. This provides a better angle of what goes on from the sides.

Memory Storage

A dash cam needs to record for hours on end, and this holds true for truckers. A run can take anywhere from a couple of hours to half a day. You do not want to lose footage from the beginning of the same trip.

To ensure you capture as much footage as possible, you need to have a memory card with lots of space. Some dash cams come with microSD cards with 32G of memory. The options that don’t come with microSD cards recommend you getting a class 10 that has 128G of memory. This will have more than enough space for everything. However, you need to read the fine print and make sure the microSD is compatible with your chosen dash cam.

G-sensor and Parking Mode

There are lots of reasons why you don’t need or want all the footage captured by your camera.  Especially when the truck isn’t moving, there is much less of a reason to record. Parking mode and G-sensor protection will automatically turn on the camera and capture around 30 seconds of footage.

This footage is later locked and is immune to the loop recording function. Meaning it won’t be erased until you review it.

The parking mode refers to when the car is parked and unattended. The G-sensor mode detects any sort of collision when you’re driving and records it instantly. You can fully rely on these two features to capture all the vital footage.

Temperature and Water-resistance

The temperature refers to how high a temperature the dash cam can stand. A lot of countries can reach scorching temperatures that could tamper with the functionality and longevity of the dash cam. If you often drive through desert terrain and have the sun beaming down on your windshield, you might need to ask the temperature resistance.

This is also important for the mount of the dash cam. Dash cams often come with suction cup mounts, which could have trouble holding in hotter temperatures.

Water-resistance is important if you have dual dash cams or more. Much of the time, the rear and side-view cameras are mounted to the exterior of the car, which means the weather shouldn’t affect the picture quality and the utility. No one wants a camera that fails because of the weather.

Size and Display

The size of the dash cam is in direct correlation with the display size. Think about how big a screen you want (LCD or not). We personally like dash cams with larger LCD screen because when you activate parking or turning guidance, it’s much easier to see the picture.

There are even some cameras that don’t have an LCD screen, and for options like this, we suggest looking for ones with Wifi so you can at least view the recordings in real-time from your phone. 

For those who like large screens, the rearview dash cam option can provide up to 10 inches of clear views.

Easy Setup

Most best dash cams should come with an instruction manual that’s clear to understand. However, some tech-savvy truckers can just eyeball the device and set it up themselves.

If you need help, customer support should be available to you during working hours or 24 hours a day with some manufacturers. If they are efficient, they should get back to you with an answer within 24 hours.


Dash cams usually only have a battery life of a few minutes. Some don’t even come with an extra backup battery. Most if not all dash cams operate connected to your car. 

A backup battery is important in case power fails, you won’t lose any footage, and for parking mode to function.


Rear and side cameras are usually mounted externally, but you have a choice in that. You have more flexibility with the front-facing dash cam. You can choose to mount it on your windshield or your dashboard. It could also go over the top of your rearview if chose a rearview dash cam with a large screen.

Dash cams also come with a variety of mounts, including suction and adhesive. We should suggest a strong suction mount for those who would like portability.


While it may not be often stated, keeping the camera clean will keep it working for longer. Maintenance of the camera will contribute to its longevity. To sum up, you should look for cameras with a wide-angle lens, high resolution, GPS and Wifi where applicable, parking mode, a backup battery and enough storage. That’s all you need to ensure safety on the road.

But if you’re looking for top front and rear dash cams for your regular car, read our list here: https://www.ratedradardetector.org/dashcam/best-front-and-rear/. We also have an in-depth review of the overall top dashcams for your vehicles

Safe travels on your next run!


This article is written by William Johnson, the founder of RRD. William is passionate about radar detectors. His interest in reviewing and testing radar detectors from different brands started nearly 10 years ago, when his own radar detector then (a cheap and brand-less detector he bought online) failed to detect and radar gun nearby.

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