Best Motorcycle Dash cam: Top 6 Reviewed

23rd Nov,2021

Out of all road users, it’s motorcyclists that are often at the greatest risk. The dangers of riding a motorcycle are well documented, so it’s important to take as many safety precautions as possible.

Motorcycle dash cams are designed to gather evidence should you be involved in a traffic collision. Dashcams can also offer legal protection in the event of an accident. As a bonus, these devices can also be used to capture exciting moments while you ride.

This guide will review the top six motorcycle dash cams on the market, by the end of this article you will know which is the right one for you.

Best Features
Thinkware M1
Best for Vlogging
Innovv K5 Dual Channel
Thinkware M1
Innovv k5
Best Features
Thinkware M1
Thinkware M1
Best for Vlogging
Innovv K5 Dual Channel
Innovv k5

1. Viofo MT1 – Top Pick

picture of viofa mt1

Viofo is considered to be one of the best companies in the dashcam business, and devices like the MT1 are the reason why. The Viofo MT1 is a dual-channel motorcycle dashcam that has impressive specifications.

Both cameras can record footage in 1080p at 30 fps thanks to their Sony Starvis sensors. This gives the MT1 excellent performance in both daylight and nighttime conditions, providing clear video that picks out details well. Both cameras also have a 170º field of vision – one of the best on this list.

The package includes two handy remote controls for your handlebars. You can also use the dedicated Viofo app for your smartphone, providing GPS data and timestamps. The MT1 also features a G-sensor for emergency recording.

The cameras are also water-resistant with an IP66 rating. A 32 GB memory card comes as standard, but the MT1 can support cards up to 256 GB.

Viofo has an impressive lineup of dash cams, if your looking for something for your car see this separate post Viofo A129 pro.

  • Great camera performance in all lighting
  • 170° field of vision
  • Water-resistant
  • Space for memory cards up to 256 GB

  • Software isn’t best in class

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2. Innovv K5 Dual Channel – Best For Vlogging

picture of innovv k5 cam

Innovv’s K5 motorcycle dashcam is a dual channel system with the strongest video performance of any device on the list. The K5 can record footage in 4K resolution at 30 fps thanks to the 8 mp Sony CMOS sensor. Both cameras have a 120º field of view and provide excellent vlogging performance as well.

You can also connect a microphone to the system if you’re after outstanding vlogging quality. But for those who just want a motorcycle dashcam for safety, it’s probably not worth the high price tag.

The K5 has a premium aluminum construction and a water-resistant IP67 design that can also function at extreme temperatures. The system can support memory cards up to 512 GB, giving you plenty of space for exhilarating footage.

The K5 also features loop recording, an automatic Intelligent Parking Mode, and GPS tracking. You can control the system through the Innovv app on your smartphone.

  • Powerful 4K resolution
  • Outstanding for vlogging
  • Ability to connect a mic
  • Durable and water-resistant

  • Expensive
  • 4K won’t be necessary for most riders

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3. Vsysto Fish Eye

picture of vsysto imx307

The Vsysto Fish Eye is a powerful motorcycle dashcam packed with plenty of features. The dual-channel setup offers 1080p quality via a Sony IMX323 sensor. Each camera features a six-layer glass lens with a 150º angle for impressive image quality and stability.

The entire setup is waterproof, with a rating of IP67 on the front camera and IP65 on the rear. Night vision footage looks clear thanks to each camera’s f/1.8 aperture.

The unit offers features such as loop recording and a G-sensor that automatically begins emergency recording after an impact. You can also connect the device to your smartphone, enabling you to view your footage whenever you want.

Vsysto’s Fish Eye motorcycle dashcam is easy to install, featuring a wired controller for your handlebars while the main unit stays stashed in your fuel tank storage. The three-inch screen looks crisp and sharp while playing back footage.

  • Great quality cameras
  • Fully waterproof
  • Clear, bright three-inch screen

  • Can fall victim to software problems and malfunctions

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4. Blueskysea DV988

picture of blueskysea dv988

The Blueskysea DV988 is one of the more user-friendly motorcycle dash cams on this list. The large four-inch touchscreen allows for easy control of the system and can be mounted to your handlebars in good weather.

However, the screen isn’t completely waterproof and can be a little tricky to use with motorcycle gloves.

This dual-camera system records 1080p footage at 30 fps that’s enhanced with HDR. The quality is good in normal or low-light conditions and benefits from features like loop recording, parking monitoring, and a G-sensor for collision recording.

The durable construction of the DV988 helps protect the system. There are also two remote control attachments for your handlebars, allowing you to control the cameras in wet conditions.

You can also download footage over WiFi to watch via a dedicated app on your smartphone. The unit even has a Safe Driving Mode that’ll alert you if you stray over the preset speed.

  • Large, clear four-inch screen
  • Good HDR performance in all light conditions
  • Includes parking mode and Safe Driving Mode

  • Camera mounts can be a bit loose
  • Cables may not be long enough for some motorcycles

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5. Blueskysea XB701

picture of bluesksea xb701

Blueskysea’s second entry on this list is a good all-around motorcycle dash cam option.

The main unit has a durable casing that’s fully waterproof and resistant to extreme temperatures. This interface houses a three-inch screen with clear control buttons on the side – ideal for use while wearing motorcycle gloves.

As for the footage, the XB701 can record in 1080 p at 30 fps through its front and rear cameras. Both units have an aperture of f/1.8 with a 150º viewing angle. These features provide great quality footage in all lighting environments.

The XB701 is also packed with a G-sensor for automatic recording in the event of a collision as well as continuous and loop recording. The XB701 can house memory cards with up to 256 GB of space and comes with a 32 GB card as standard. Blueskysea’s smartphone app interfaces with the XB701 for footage playback and GPS tracking.

  • Durable unit that’s fully waterproof
  • Good video quality and viewing angles
  • Incorporates memory cards up to 256 GB

  • If using for parking mode, the design leaves the unit vulnerable to theft
  • Cameras can malfunction

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6. Thinkware Sports M1

picture of thinware m1

Thinkware’s Sports M1 motorcycle dashcam is ideal for those riders who want to capture some great vlogging footage. But due to a lack of features like a parking mode, the Sports M1 falls short of its competitors as an all-rounder.

The two camera units can record 1080p footage in Full HD, with advanced electronic image stabilization (EIS) for smooth, consistent footage. Thanks to an accompanying mobile app, you can also transfer footage to your smartphone via WiFi to share with your followers.

The Sports M1 is a robust unit with a weatherproof, water-resistant IP66 design. There’s also a control pad module designed to attach to the handlebars of your motorcycle or ATV for easy camera control. While the two cameras look robust, they can be a bit bulky for some bikes.

Ultimately, the lack of a parking mode on the Thinkware Sports M1 relegates it to the bottom of this list.

  • Great for motorcycle or ATV vloggers
  • Mobile app is extremely useful
  • Weatherproof and water-resistant

  • Lack of a parking mode
  • Cameras may be too bulky for some bikes

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Things to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle Dashcam

When trying to choose a motorcycle dashcam to suit your particular needs, here are a few important criteria to consider:


It’s important to look closely at the design of a motorcycle dashcam unit, especially when considering how robust it is. The camera modules are going to be exposed to the rigors of the road and need to stand up to the punishment. Dashcams with an aluminum construction, such as the Innovv K5, will be more durable than plastic units.

A good motorcycle dashcam should also be capable of handling exposure to the elements. Depending on where you’re riding, your dashcam could be exposed to extreme heat or cold. The Innovv K5 and Blueskysea XB701 are examples of units with good temperature resistance.

picture of atv camera

Some riders will also want a dashcam that integrates well with the style and design of their motorcycle, so keep this in mind as well.

Video Quality

A motorcycle dashcam isn’t going to be much good if its footage is shaky and grainy. Video quality is one of the most important considerations. You should be able to make out plenty of small details such as license plates, which could make all the difference if you need to present the footage as evidence.

All of the motorcycle dashcams in this list can record footage in at least 1080 p. This provides HD quality, while most are also capable of shooting at 30 fps. This combination of quality settings is more than enough for most applications.

So while the 4K capability of the Innovv K5 is impressive and good for vlogging, it doesn’t justify the higher price tag when a 1080 p @ 30 fps setup meets most needs. What’s the difference between 4k & 1080 P? See this post.


Because the camera units are continuously exposed to the weather, the waterproofing capabilities of a motorcycle dashcam are one of the highest priorities. How waterproof a dashcam is can be identified by the second digit of its IP rating. The higher that number, the more waterproof the unit is.

There’s also a difference between waterproof and water-resistant. The former implies that the unit is completely watertight, while a water-resistant dashcam can deal with some water but will be vulnerable to damage over an extended period. You should avoid cheap dashcams under $100.

An IP65 rating is the bare minimum to look for on a dashcam, and all of the entries on this list exceed that. An IP66 rating can stand up to most amounts of rainfall, while IP67 dashcams can be fully submerged up to a meter without damage.

innovv details picture

Ease of Use

The final consideration to keep in mind is how easy each motorcycle dashcam is to use. This includes how easy the system is to install and whether the layout works for your bike.

Typically, the main units will be housed in the storage compartment of your gas tank to protect their screens. Additional controls can be attached to your handlebars to help you control the dashcam without having to access the main unit. Most dashcams can connect easily to your motorcycle’s power system and will automatically come on when you activate the ignition.

The screen of the dashcam and any accompanying smartphone apps also need to be easy to use, especially if you’re trying to adjust settings while riding. A complicated layout of menus and settings can be extremely frustrating.


How do you install a motorcycle dashcam?

Installing a motorcycle dashcam is fairly simple. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Decide where to house your dashcam’s main unit. A good place is usually the storage compartment of your gas tank or passenger seat.
  1. Locate a spare ACC fuse outlet on your bike not used by engine systems. Use a fuse tester for this. The outlet will work in concert with your motorcycle’s ignition to switch the dashcam on and off.
  1. Connect the main power cables of the central dashcam unit to this fuse before plugging the fuse back in.
  1. Find a metal screw without a coating. This will act as your grounding attachment to keep the electrics safe.
  1. Attach your camera mounts in the desired positions on the front and rear of the motorcycle before connecting their power cables to the main unit. Attach any handlebar remote controls now and connect them to the main unit.
  1. Activate the ignition. If the dashcam system turns on, you’ve correctly installed the unit.
  1. Unfasten the fairings of your motorcycle and tuck the exposed camera and remote control wires beneath the fairing. This hides the cables away and also protects them from the elements.
  2. Before installing check to see where you can legally install your cam.


There are many motorcycle dash cams available on the market these days, and it can be difficult to choose between them. But by bearing in mind important criteria such as video quality, design, and ease of use, you can find the right one for your individual needs.

Make sure to choose a model with good waterproofing capabilities to allow you to use it in all weather conditions. Look for a system with extra features such as smartphone connectivity and a parking mode. Some of the best choices include the Viofo MT1 and the Innovv K5 Dual Channel dashcam.

Top Pick – Viofo MT1

picture of viofa mt1

For most riders, the Viofo MT1 offers the best combination of good video quality, ease of use, and weatherproofing on this list. It shoots footage in 1080 p at 30 fps which is more than enough for everyday applications.

The MT1 also has an impressive IP66 rating for water and weather resistance. It’s easy to install and is more affordable than some of its competitors. You can also connect it to your smartphone via Viofo’s excellent app to gain access to video timestamps and GPS tracking.

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