Cobra SC 200D Dashcam Review

28th Sep,2022

With the new line-up of cloud-based dash cameras, Cobra is expanding the capabilities of what a dashcam can do. The Cobra SC 200D is a dual-view configurable dash camera that captures all the minute details in your videos and provides real-time driver alerts. 

The inclusion of the front and rear cameras in one full-fledge dashcam set explores an immersive field of view. But how effective is this dashcam?  Should you choose the SC 200D over other dashcams? Let’s dive right into how it performs. Also, don’t forget to check out our dashcams under $100 here.

Picture of cobra SC 200D

  • 1600P HD Front Camera @30 fps
  • 1080P HD Rear Camera @30 fps
  • Hands-free voice control
  • Embedded GPS
  • 16GB SD card 
  • Built-in G sensor
  • Continuous loop recording of 1-3 minutes
  • Clear 3’’ LCD display with a bright color screen

  • Poor user interface 
  • Buggy IRADAR app

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Design Overview 

At first glance, the Cobra SC 200D dashcams look like sturdy contraptions with a modern design. The exterior body is sleek and compact, weighing only around 200 grams. Its appeal lies in its futuristic design and a high-resolution camera that records crystal clear images and videos. 

Although the newer Cobra road scout is much sleeker and better designed its also more expensive since it doubles as a dashcam as well.

Camera Quality 

The dashcam records up to 1600P resolution with the front camera only, and for both front and rear camera integrations, it records up to 1080P HD footage @30fps. 

The camera captures high-resolution footage with excellent video quality of vehicles on the road.   


A 3’’ LCD screen is placed on the back of the camera so when you mount the front camera on your windshield, you get an aerial view of all your footage on your LCD screen. 

Magnetic Mount 

The mount is superfluous in its flexibility as it connects to the dashcam, fires your GPS, and powers right up. With 16 GB storage and a dual Wi-Fi system, the SC 200d gives you a clear view of the road including a view from its rear-facing camera. The rear camera plugs right into the main dashcam on its left side.


On the right side, there is an emergency record button and a micro SD slot that you can use to transfer footage onto your computer.  The dashcam comes with a 16GB SD card which is expandable up to 256GB. 

Overall, the dashcam is a perfect amalgamation of aesthetics and functionality–with commendable recording capabilities and extensive features. 


Investing in a Cobra SC 200D proves beneficial in the run. What makes it so appealing to cobra users is the configurable rear view accessory camera and its ability to emulate radar detector features. Let us take a look at some of its unique features. 

Real-time Driver Alerts

Picture of cobra dashcam

Although it is not a deciding factor for dashcam enthusiasts, it can be pretty useful for deterring speed traps and red-light cameras. The dashcam is compatible with the Cobra IRADAR app and can access some of its functions just like other users. 

Of course, you need to connect the dashcam to your smartphone first via Bluetooth. Once you are connected to the IRADAR app, you are exposed to a number of real time alerts. Since Escort and Cobra are owned by the same parent company, Cedar Electronics, it becomes quite easy to access verified cloud alerts shared across the Escort and Cobra community. 

Some of its features include 

  • Access to K and Ka band alerts on your dashcam. Laser alerts are not available. 
  • Receiving real-time cloud alerts of red light cameras and speed cameras on both your phone and dashcam LCD screen 
  • When there is a new alert, the screen turns red with a distance countdown as you approach the alert. 
  • Add alerts manually to the IRADAR app 

Even though there are perks of using the IRADAR app with the Cobra SC 200D dashcam, it comes with its limitations too: 

  • Alerts do not show up on the dashcam every time–if we had to put a number, it narrows down to a mere 20%. 
  • No audio alerts to warn you. The screen turns red and displays a countdown. 
  • Laser alerts do not show up at all. 
  • The app does not auto-reconnect every time you get into your car. 

Hence, the IRADAR app is buggy at times–a common problem that is prevalent in all radar detectors. The Cobra SC 200D is not a completely reliable source for getting cloud-based alerts because it does not alert you most of the time. 

We can only expect Cobra to improve its dashcam compatibility with the IRADAR app with time. 

Cloud Video Management 

A cloud-connected dash camera is usually implemented in devices with an SD card slot. Cloud video management is helpful if you want to instantly access your videos and edit and share on the go. 

The SC 200D is equipped with dual view compatibility with front and rear-facing cameras. The extensive exchange of video footage on all your cameras needs to be uploaded on the cloud to access it from anywhere. 

You can view the footage on the DriveSmarter App, which is the one-stop cloud management source for easy viewing and access. Cobra exclusively provides free storage space for all your videos on the dashcam without occupying the storage space of the SD card. 

Hands-Free Voice Commands 

Another feature that is quite useful in the SC 200D is the ability to control your dashcam with voice commands. While driving, you need to keep an eye on many things. You can lock a recording or capture a photo hassle-free with voice commands. 

Some voice commands are listed below 

  • Screen ON
  • Police Reported Ahead 
  • Accident Ahead 
  • Lock Video 
  • Take Photo 
  • Screen OFF 

This feature is quick and responsive on the SC 200D. Keep in mind that you will not be able to control the IRADAR app with voice commands. If you want to see other dashcams with similar features check out the dashcams for rideshare drivers.

App Support

picture of cobra cam while driving

The inclusion of free apps like IRADAR and Drive Smarter elevate your driving experience and increase the capabilities of a dashcam. We have already discussed how the IRADAR app operates as a forum for real-time cloud alerts. 

Drive Smarter is an intricate live-viewing interface designed to coordinate cloud management and even notify you if there are verified speed traps. The app even displays your current speed instead of the local speed limit in particular locations. 

The app even allows you to view live footage on your phone, but with an in-built LCD screen, you can easily integrate the two devices through WiFi and have it displayed on your LCD panel. Another great feature is that in case of an untimely accident, there is an option of automatically notifying your family and friends. It even creates a cumulative report for insurance companies. 

How to Set Up Drive Smarter 

The Drive Smarter App is an exceptional interface for integrating your dashcam footage. The steps are listed below. 

  • Step 1: Download the Drive Smarter App on your iOS or Android device 
  • Step 2: Log in to the app or create an account if you don’t already have one. 
  • Step 3: To connect the app to your dashcam, enable WiFi 
  • Step 4: Enter the default password “12345678” and press OK on the LCD panel 
  • Step 5: To get cloud support, enable WiFi hotspot in your car. 

You have successfully integrated your dashcam and Drive Smarter App without any hassle. Enable Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode to view footage for both your cameras. 

Continuous Loop Recording 

Traditionally, the footage is usually stored and uploaded to the cloud in a series of 1,2,3, and 5-minute clips. When the memory card gets filled up, the camera is inclined towards overriding the previous clips with new ones. This is called Continuous loop recording.  

This feature is helpful when your SD card memory gets full, and you need to record a significant event or incident. To deactivate continuous loop recording, press the emergency recording, and your clip will be automatically protected. 

Emergency Mayday Alert 

The SC 200D is one device that guarantees your safety with its Emergency Mayday Alert feature. In the event of a severe crash or accident, your dashcam can forward collision warnings or precisely, a Mayday Alert to a family member or friend. 

This feature is triggered by the G-sensor when it senses a (level 3) impact. Once it gets triggered, it dispatches a group of notifications. Before alerting your loved ones, it sends an alert in an allotted time frame. If you fail to pay heed to it within the stipulated time, it sends a notification or email to your emergency contact. Make sure to connect your dashcam with the Drive Smarter App to enable this feature. 


ADAS, popularly known as the Advanced Driver Assistance System is a safety feature that prevents accidents. There are predominantly two features that serve to eliminate uncalled collisions:  

  1. Lane Departure Warnings:  This feature of ADAS notifies when they drift out of the lanes with an audio beep and an icon displayed on the screen. On the Cobra SC 200D; it also has the capacity to differentiate between a lane drift and a deliberate lane change. This prevents unnecessary overload of ADAS notifications and false alerts. 
  1. Forward Collision Warnings: This feature helps drivers recognize if they are speeding or following an object too closely. Even though many vehicles now have this feature built-in, dash cams with ADAS can particularly benefit older vehicles. Again, the Cobra SC 200D has motion detection which can identify sudden changes in a particular object. So, if there is a vehicle suddenly hitting the brakes, you will immediately get notified. 

The best way to prevent accidents is to stay vigilant while driving. We are all aware of those days when driving is too tiring. Hence, even if you lose focus, you can fall back upon ADAS for getting back on the road. 

Parking Mode

Picture of screenview of SC 200D

With parking mode, it is pretty easy for your dashcam to keep recording even when you are parked. The SC 200D uses motion detection and non-buffet impact sensors to ensure security at all times. When Parking Mode is activated, the G-sensor gets triggered, it automatically starts recording and notifies you. So if another vehicle creates a dent in your car while you are away, rest assured that the video is captured on your dashcam. 

To enable this feature, make sure that your dashcam is hardwired to a source of power in your vehicle. It works by consuming a small amount of your vehicle’s battery. Make sure that your power source is on even while your car is parked. You can either hardwire your dashcam with a 12W Cigarette lighter or use a dedicated dashcam battery back. 

Temperature Protection

If you live in areas where the temperatures are too hot or cold, you need to get a dashcam that can withstand these conditions. With temperature protection on the Cobra SC 200D, your dashcam is designed to endure extreme temperatures. 


Dashcams are becoming increasingly common among drivers and are no more a curiosity. With dual view capability and advanced security features, the Cobra SC 200D is one of the best value dashcams on the market right now. 

Although this dashcam is not perfect and still requires modifications, it is fairly good at its price for dashcam enthusiasts on a strict budget! For a dashcam that has all the bells and whistles make sure you ready about the viofo a129.


How long can the Cobra SC 200D dash cam record? 

Ideally, the dash cam can record for 50 minutes before the camera automatically overrides and replaces it with new files. As the SC 200D already comes with a 16GB SD card, you can get through most of your day without any issue. The camera supports upto 256GB SD cards will increase your recording time accordingly. 

Can the video footage be viewed on the phone in real-time?

Yes. Once you download the Drive Smarter App on your smartphone, you can monitor multiple camera views. This is synonymous across all smart phones where the Drive Smarter App is available. 

You can even integrate your dash cam with the app and view real-time footage on the LCD screen of your Cobra SC 200D Dashcam. 

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