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Best Dash Cams for Uber in 2020

Many Uber and Lyft drivers know that self-protection is one of the important things in their job. There may be disagreements and disputes that may arise with your passengers. Reviews are your livelihood and many rideshare drivers are grinding for the best—5 gold stars. A surefire way to help protect yourself is with a dash cam. Aside from the standard front camera, a dash cam for Uber and Lyft drivers should have the view of passengers inside the cabin. This is to allow you to keep an eye on your passengers and can act as evidence in the face of any conflict should one arise. We have listed some of the top options on the market to help you find the right one. Hopefully, this will aid you in your search for the best dash cam for Uber. But if you’re going for something at a cheap price point and not necessarily dashcams for Uber, here’s our list of Best Dashcams Under $100.

Top 6 Dash Cams for Uber Reviews & Comparison

1 – Pruveeo C2 Dash Cam

For just under 100 dollars, you can get this Amazon’s Choice product equipped with a Sony sensor. The cabin camera of the Pruveeo C2 has not one but four infrared lights for supreme aperture. Get a clear picture of what’s happening on the road and in the interior of your car while you’re driving. 

This best dash cam for Uber records at Full HD, with both cameras having 1920x1080p resolution. You have the option to only record using the front camera and boost the resolution up to 2560x1440p. Plus, it records at 30 frames per second, like the well-reviewed Vantrue N2 Pro. As for display, it has a 2.7″ LCD screen.

The compact design can be mounted through a suction cup near your rearview, which keeps it discreetly hidden in the car. Both cameras each have a wide-angle lens at 150-degrees each and with a simple rotation, they can be expanded to 180 degrees for a wide viewing angle.

The Pruveeo C2 Dash Cam is one that can also record on loop. This function allows automatic overwriting when the SD card is full. The smart dashcam will replace older and unneeded videos with newer ones.

This candidate among the best dashboard cameras for rideshare drivers works automatically and syncs with your engine. It starts recording video and/or audio as soon as you start your car and stops when your engine is turned off. With all these features, this dashboard camera is one of the greatest dash cams for every rideshare driver.


  • The dash camera comes with a backup battery for emergency use. 
  • This best dash cam for Uber provides a wide viewing angle and records video at 30 frames per second.
  • Feel free to just use the front camera for increased video quality.
  • Features like the night-vision, infrared, and Sony sensor will balance the low-light videos taken from inside the cabin for clear picture quality.
  • This one can still rec0rd video and audio in temperatures up to 76 degrees Celsius and temperatures as low as 40 below.
  • The design is sleek and compact, easily portable and easily mountable with a suction cup.


  • The batteries might not hold a charge well.
  • Sometimes the camera will keep turning on and off or freeze.

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2 – Z Z-Edge Uber Dash Cam

Another Amazon’s Choice product, the Z Z-Edge Uber dash cam was made especially for many pro Uber drivers and other rideshare drivers. With front and cabin recording, you can view the exterior and interior of the car simultaneously at full HD (1080p) with this best dashcam. A dual lens camera (with front and rear cams) is the best choice a pro Uber driver or any rideshare driver can make.

The super night-vision of this dash cam with Sony image sensors will sharpen any image while driving at night time. Many cameras like the Vantrue N2 Pro has Sony sensors. The 4 infrared lights on the internal camera will not capture ambient light. You’ll want the superior processor as it delivers nothing but clear video and audio recording.

Instead of a battery, this best dashcam for Uber Lyft drivers utilizes capacitors. They have higher temperature tolerance compared to batteries and are the optimal choice if you live in an area with harsFbatteher weather conditions.

There is also a built-in GPS that records your route and location with accuracy. The software is compatible with Windows and Mac systems and is capable of displaying the telemetry when a video is replayed.

Z Z-Edge is committed to providing the best customer service. Purchasing their dash cams includes a 30-day return policy and an 18-month warranty, easily arranged through their website or email address.


  • Sometimes one camera tends to have a lower resolution than the other. This is not the case with this dual dash cam. The front and rear cameras offer 1080p for the best recording.
  • The 150-degree wide-angle lens effectively eliminates any blind spots all the time
  • Infrared and WDR (wide dynamic range) deliver sharp video quality in low light conditions.
  • Instead of batteries, you use capacitors with this option. They are much safer and still resilient to high temperatures.
  • The GPS records your route, and direction with accuracy. 
  • It also features G-sensors, which instantly prompts the dashcam to record a video when any sort of collision or vibration is detected at any time
  • The G-sensor activated and video recording is locked and protected from the loop-record function.


  • According to some, it breaks down soon after purchase.

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3 – Crosstour Uber Dual Lens Dash Cam

Also with two lenses, this best dashcam features a 1080p view from the front and 720p from the interior camera. Choose from four different display modes to view the interior and exterior of the car. Whatever the time, the infrared lights and the WDR (wide dynamic range) of the dash cam will operate at peak performance as you drive.

Similar to the option above, the built-n GPS keeps track of your route, speed, and pinpoints your exact location. The data is displayed onscreen (OLED or LCD screen), so you no longer need to purchase a separate GPS unit.

It also features a parking mode, which automates the dash cam to turn on and record when it detects an external impact at any time. The recorded video and audio is locked and saved and won’t be erased by the loop-record function. Rest assured that your camera is always playing witness to any situation for safety reasons, even in your absence. It will record video and audio each time it’s needed.

With winning customer service, you get access to thoughtful and thorough help 24 hours a day. On top of that, your product comes with a 12-month warranty.


  • The loop-recording feature keeps your quality video, audio, and image files up to date.
  • The front and interior cams operate at 1080p and 720p video resolution.
  • The built-in GPS module enables speed, route and location tracking you can view in real-time while driving your car.
  • Are you worried about your vehicle at night? The parking feature gives your vehicle 24-hr protection by recording 30 second-long videos each time external forces are detected.
  • The Sony IMX 323 Sensor provides advanced imaging technology to record in quality even in low light environments.
  • The super night vision with F1.8 aperture, WDR (wide dynamic range technology) and infrared makes every recording at low light as clear as day.
  • Has a wide-angle lens of 170 degrees, eliminating blind spots.
  • G-sensor image locking keeps all emergency video files safe from the loop-record feature.
  • To ensure the durability and longevity of the camera, the working temperature range is from 20 below to 60 degrees Celsius.


  • Doesn’t charge well, the charging port won’t charge on some models.
  • The camera turns on and off while driving for uber.

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4 – TOGUARD Uber Dual Dash Cam

This product is currently on sale for the price of $99.99! Get yours quick and join other rideshare drivers who are avid users. The dash cam for rideshare drivers features FHD 1080P for both the front facing and in-cabin cameras plus audio recording. The Sony IMX 323 sensors provide crystal clear video and audio quality. You have the option of turning off either the front or rear  camera to boost resolution up to 2160P.

Each camera can rotate 180 degrees and has a 170 wide-angle lens. This means you won’t miss anything happening inside or outside of the vehicle.

Motion detectors and 24/7 parking protection offer all-around recording protection all the time. The camera will automatically turn on and record when external forces are detected, and the built-in microphone goes to audio recording to help you make your case against your passengers or other drivers when there is an accident.

The loop recording saves memory card space by replacing older footages with new ones. Don’t worry, the emergency recording captured by the motion sensors will be locked with the G-sensor function.

Get crystal sharp video quality with the super infrared night vision plus Sony IMX 323 sensors. Indeed Toguard is a reliable brand, much like the popular Vantrue, the manufacturer behind Vantrue N2 Pro. This unit is great for rideshare drivers. 


  • The built-in battery is a safety precaution to kick in during emergencies to save footage. Using the battery also makes your lighter available for your charger.
  • Features an extremely wide-angle lens and rotatable cameras to give you a full view of the inside and outside the vehicle — great for rideshare drivers. 
  • At such high resolutions, you won’t miss any critical information such as license plates and signs.
  • The seamless loop-recording overwrites older footage to save SD card space and make it available for recent ones
  • The 170-degree wide-angle lens has about three-lane wide range of view, so no details will be missed.
  • Keep each vital recording safe the G-sensor locking function.
  • Feel free to rotate the direction of each lens to record what’s going on inside the cabin or outside your vehicle, or both.
  • Features a parking monitor to keep your vehicle and your belongings still safe even in your absence.


  • Doesn’t hold a charge.
  • The specs were misleading for some, and the night vision wasn’t up to par.

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5 – VAVA Dash Cam

This option constantly makes it on a lot of dash cam review lists because of the swivel angle. You can manually adjust the camera to face and record anything in any direction while driving a vehicle. 

The full HD camera gives great details even in the evening with the Sony IMX 323 sensor — great for rideshare drivers.

Do you need to track your driving habits including your routes taken, location, and speed? The built-in GPS eliminates the need for you to purchase an extra GPS device as you are driving for Uber or Lyft.

The built-in Wifi and the VAVA dash app you can download to your phone enables playback features, real-time viewing and photo and video sharing via social media.

Other basic features such as infrared lights, G-sensor protection, and parking mode are also included. All the footage captured during parked mode is safe from being erased.

You’ll find the installation in your vehicle easy and the design compact. It captures all the evidence needed on a 360-degree swivel mount with a suction cup. Record any proof you need inside and outside of the car in cases of accident.

Overall, this is one of the most reliable dash cams in the market for Uber and Lyft rideshare drivers.


  • Not only can you use this best dash cam to capture evidence of accident on the job, but it can also capture precious family moments with the 360-degree swivel mount.
  • A high quality picture is a prized feature with dash cams, and the FHD 1080P offers just that.
  • Feel free to use the built-in GPS and Wifi for easy vehicle tracking, monitoring, and sharing.
  • Loop record and G-sensor features wipe out older footage to save space automatically while still keeping relevant video recording captured during parked mode or when the G-sensor is set off.
  • With infrared lights for better quality in low-light conditions
  • The easily accessible snapshot button that can be mounted onto your steering wheel is easily utilized to capture sudden unexpected incidents.


  • GPS and Wifi connection are not the best.
  • The app is difficult to use.

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6 – Eachpai Dual Dash Cam

Both the front and inside cameras provide safety for the driver and passengers in the Uber or Lyft vehicle. The super night vision paired with 1080P (Full HD) interior and exterior cameras makes sure rideshare drivers have perfect visual.

The life of an Uber, Lyft, taxi, and many other rideshare drivers is often spent on the road. Dash cams should to be able to operate in high temperatures without risk of melting batteries. The dash cam from ADP can work in the temperature range of negative 20 degrees Celsius up to 65 degrees Celsius. 

In case you find a bad review or complaint you would want to dispute, the loop recording, G-sensor and motion detectors will capture relevant video recording, keep them from being erased, and back you up.

If you are in any way unhappy with Eachpai dash cams, you are protected by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 12-month warranty.


  • As an Amazon’s Choice product, you know you’re getting something good. Place the satisfaction guarantee and warranty on top of that this is a risk free purchase.
  • The high resolution plus low light performance make sure you never miss a single moment
  • For long drives, you’ll find the temperature resistance of this front and rear camera is exceptional. There won’t be any worry of overheating even when you drive for Uber or Lyft for hours.
  • This model also comes with the basic loop recording, motion detection, and G-sensor. 
  • The wide-angle lenses of 170 degrees with rotating cameras can capture great image quality inside or outside of the car.


  • Claims have arisen that the resolution isn’t truly FHD.
  • The microphone turns on and off randomly.

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Our Top Pick

TOGUARD Uber Dual Dash Cam

This is a great option for rideshare drivers due to the wide angle and rotatable cameras. This allows you to capture whatever is happening inside or outside the car with high-resolution. You can also splurge more with top-rated night vision backup cameras for more protection.

The night vision is exceptional and the parking monitor keeps your car safe even in your absence.

There are other options with built-in GPS and Wifi that are also great features to have as an Uber or Lyft driver, but the point of a dash cam is to capture quality video evidence and keep you and the passengers safe when there’s an accident. The high resolution, wide angle and rotatable cameras come in handy to do just that.

What to Look for When Buying a Dash Cam for Uber


For any dash cam, full HD (1080p) is the lowest you’d want. Other best dash units on a higher price point have 2K or 4K resolution, which is of course better, but not entirely necessary if full HD can do the job.

This may be tough if you want to have a dual dash cam, whether it’s a front and rear camera or front and interior dash cams because one usually operates at a lower resolution. Since you are a professional driver, you need a crystal-clear pictures of both. Search for a camera that features at least HD on the camera that isn’t 1080P.

Wide-angle Views

A range of 150 degrees or higher is optimal. Whether or not you’re a rideshare driver, this is the angle range needed for your camera so it could capture any necessary footage. Some dash cams even have more, such as the Vantrue N2 Pro which has 170 degrees. 

Having a wide viewing angle feature will eliminate blind spots, but for a dual cam, it’s normal for the interior cam to have a lower range. The interior of your cabin is only so big, so there isn’t a need for a super wide-angle lens for the cabin camera. With a wide-angle lens, you could record any accident clearly.

Night Vision

For a pro Uber or Lyft driver, recording what’s going on inside the car is almost just as important as what’s happening on the road in case of disputes with passengers. We all know how terrible the picture could be without night vision, especially inside the car since there is no artificial lighting. Night vision is another thing you’d want. You need Sony IMX 323 sensors (like in the Vantrue N2 Pro) and high aperture to get full views in and out of your car. Also, it would provide visible evidence in case of any accident.

Loop Recording

This feature makes the best use of the space on your SD card. However, as an Uber or Lyft driver, once you get the five-star review, you wouldn’t want the older videos to stay in the memory card, right? You would end up with a lot of useless recording after a few weeks. A dash cam that automatically clears the unnecessary files would make your life a lot easier.

WiFi and GPS 

As a driver, you probably already have a GPS and Wifi. If you don’t, you’d definitely want one. There are some options with these two functions included in the machine. GPS can be used to track your live location, speed, and route. On another hand, Wifi is used to allow playback, streaming and sharing of the video files and pictures through social media. This can come in handy if you need to send footage to a lawyer etc.

Dual Dash Cam (Interior and Front Camera)

This is the perfect combination designed for rideshare drivers, professional drivers or chauffeurs. Sometimes the danger on the road comes from inside the cabin. So having one that does record the interior of the car is important. Perhaps it’s just an argument or disagreement that arises between you and the passengers or even an accident, and you just need video evidence to prove your point when management asks. A dash cam with interior and front-facing cameras would provide you with a good layer of security. Setting up may be quite tricky, but we have a step-by-step guide for you: https://ratedradardetector.org/dashcam/installation/.

Memory Storage

As mentioned before, since you might not want footage after even a day, so storage may not be a top priority in a dash cam for you. However, having to remember to delete older ones and clear your SD card could be overlooked easily. Another thing is when you need certain footage, nothing new will have been saved. If you have Wifi on your dash cam, necessary footage can be imported and transferred right to your phone. If not, you need to manually remove the SD card and save the files onto your computer. Larger storage will keep the data for longer, just in case a situation arises where you need to dig through files for one that happened a few weeks ago. So if you want convenient storage, consider WiFi in your dash cam, although this might have a slightly higher price.

G-sensor and Parking Mode

The G-sensor triggers automatic recording when any external impact is detected, such as a bump or a scrape. Most G-sensor recorded footage can last up to 30 seconds with or without audio recording. The overwriting function will spare these 30 second clips.

The parking feature keeps your car and all your belongings inside safe from burglars. It acts as a 24-hour security guard and activates when it detects suspicious forces. You should configure your device to enable these modes.

Temperature Resistance

Generally, the best dash cams available on the market turn on when you start your engine. This means that whenever you’re on the road, it’s working as a silent spectator. If a camera isn’t well built, it could overheat and melt the metal frame or batteries. A quality dash cam with built-in capacitors will greatly decrease the chances of overheating. When buying a new dash cam Uber, read the product description carefully. Many of the products will list the optimum temperature range for the camera. Most of them can take cold temperatures as low as 20 below zero and temperatures as high as 60 degrees Celsius.


Even though you are a professional Uber or Lyft driver, it’s still easy to get into accidents or arguments inside or outside your car. Fault can be determined and peace of mind can be achieved if you have the best dashcam for Uber or Lyft in handy, especially those with both front and rear cameras. As for disagreements with your passengers, a lot of best dash cams for uber have an interior camera that records everything in the cabin. This makes false passenger claims easily refuted. Once you are more familiar with the ins and outs of being an Uber driver, it’s likely that you will only need to refer to your dash cam once a week just for a checkup. But it’s always a good idea to have a dash cam and you get peace of mind knowing that when something does arise, your dash cam is right there at the ready with footage to back you up.

We hope this list helped you decide on what dash cam to get. We’ll continue to update this list for Uber Lyft drivers, so watch out for other best dash camera for Uber and Lyft. Our next list update will include models like Vantrue N2 Pro (Price of 199.99) with awesome picture quality, wide viewing angle, LCD screen, good memory card included, front & rear camera and other benefits designed for Uber drivers and other rideshare drivers. Until our new update!