Uniden CMX760 Review

13th Jun,2022

Despite the development of smartphones and tablets, many radio enthusiasts still utilize the old-fashioned CB radio for reliable communication. Some CB users include truckers, hikers, hunters, drivers, police, paramedics, and even the average Joe. As long as you need consistent communication on-the-go, installing a CB radio in your vehicle is a great idea.

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Now, the market is flooded with CB radios. But if you’re looking for something rugged and specialized for off-roading, the Uniden CMX760 Bearcat Off-Road Series CB Radio is an awesome rig. Ideal for jeeps and off-road vehicles, the Uniden CMX760 is a small radio that easily fits in limited spaces. Side-by-sides are a little cramped as you may know, and installing a bulky CB is just not an option. So, if you’re planning some exploring off-road, you’ll like the ruggedness and features that the Uniden CMX760 brings to the table. 

In this Uniden CMX760 review, we’ll be dealing with what this small radio can offer off-roaders.  Would this radio deliver even if it fits the size of your palm? Let’s find out. 

What’s in the Box

  • Uniden CMX760 Off-Road CB radio
  • Microphone w/ Radio Controls and Display
  • 4.9-Foot Microphone Extension Cable
  • Quick-Release mounting tray
  • Microphone hanger
  • Quick-disconnect wiring harness
  • Owner’s Manual



It’s obvious that the Uniden CMX760 Off-Road CB radio is different than others in the market, and that’s perceived straight out-of-the box. Why, you ask? Because it has no buttons, knobs, or screen on the radio’s main body. Yes, you read that right. Nothing on the main body unit but the microphone socket. Every control is placed on the speaker microphone, including the LCD display. 

Now, you may think this is an unusual move, but this design just makes it all the more ideal for off-road use. With everything on the speaker mic, you can easily operate the CB radio from the mic itself rather than reaching out to the unit. Since space is the vital point, the Uniden CMX760 gives you unrestricted access even when the unit mount is out of the way.

Though the screen is on the microphone, it’s by no means a cheap display. In fact, it’s a 7-color dimmable backlit screen, much like the one on the Uniden Bearcat 980SSB (read more in our review).  You can change the intensity of the backlight to fit your preference in day and night situations. The controls are also backlit; you can effortlessly use your radio even at night. 

Jeeps and side-by-sides may have limited space, but Uniden goes around this by producing a small CB radio that measures only 4” x 0.97” x 3.86”. That’s even smaller compared to the already palm-sized Radioddity CB-27, which you can read about in this review here. In addition, you can install it on or under the dashboard with a detachable mounting bracket. No need to worry about the operation because everything is on the microphone.

Even just by looking at the design, you can really tell that the model is made for off-road use. Rugged and compact, it delivers what we’re looking for in a modern-day CB radio. 

Weather Channels and Alerts

Cheaper CB radios in the market usually don’t include weather channels. But in the mid-range sphere, having the weather band is expected on top of the usual 40 CB channels. In the Uniden CMX760, you can listen to the NOAA and get alerts as well. If you’re an off-roader, you might as well get a CB radio with this feature because getting updates on weather forecasts is absolutely essential. Especially when you’re on unpredictable terrain, you need to gauge the safety of your adventures. Off-roading has its risks, and you don’t want to get caught up somewhere in a storm.

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One-Touch Emergency Channel 9/19

Aside from communication purposes, CB radios come in handy in case of emergency situations. The Uniden CMX760 has a dedicated one-touch button for channels 9 and 19 so you’ll be able to instantly call for help. 

Hi/Lo Power Selectable

You can control the power output by selecting either a high setting or a low setting. Again, this is a function that not all CB radios have. By controlling the power output, you’re able to increase or decrease range and transmit power according to your off-roading needs.

Squelch Control

In case you need a refresher, squelch control suppresses noise from weak signals so you don’t have to listen to annoying channel noise if there is nothing transmitting at the moment. And if there’s a strong signal coming in, the Uniden CMX760 will grasp on to that channel and allow you to hear the transmission clearly. Squelch improves the overall audio quality of the receiver and has been a standard feature in most radios today. This feature is also available on the Uniden PRO505XL.

Automatic Noise Limiter

Receiving clear transmissions is vital when it comes to CB radios. This is usually done by incorporating receive filters, such as an Automatic Noise Limiter or ANL. Simply put, ANL works to reduce the static within your vicinity to keep the signal stable. Fortunately, the Uniden CMX760 has this integrated for a hassle-free experience. 


Amidst all the features discussed in this Uniden CMX760 review, there’s one tiny hiccup in the hardware. Although it produces pretty decent audio, you may still need to purchase an external speaker to amplify it and give it some punch. Unless you’ll be using the device on a quiet vehicle, an external speaker will give the unit a significant audio boost. Of course, there’s a lot of noise when you’re off-roading. Plugging in a speaker will allow you to receive transmissions loud and clear on the unit.

  • Rugged and designed for off-road use
  • LCD display and buttons are integrated into the speaker microphone for easy operation
  • NOAA weather channels and alerts
  • HI/Lo Power Option

  • Needs an external speaker for better audio output

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Uniden CMX760 Review Conclusion

Specifically made for off-road enthusiasts, the Uniden CMX760 Off-Road Series CB Radio provides weather channels, noise filters, one-touch emergency channel 9/19, and more functions – all in an easy-to-use interface right from the speaker microphone. Overall, it’s a rugged and well-designed CB radio that’s perfect for your off-road adventures. Find more competitive options on here.

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