Galaxy DX-959 Review

12th Jun,2022

The Galaxy DX-959 is not among the newest models on the market, but it is one of the most reliable CB radios. It has an impeccable reputation and offers a ton of immensely useful features that you’ll want to know about.

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The Galaxy DX-959 CB radio measures 9.2 by 7.9 by 2.4 inches with a weight of only 4.4 pounds. It comes with all the necessary mounting hardware and is very easy to install. The metal dials on the front of this device include Talkback, Clarifier, Volume, Mic Gain, RF Gain, RF Power, and Dimmer. There is also a larger dial on the right side of the front panel for switching between SWR Alert, R.B., and RX/TX modes.

The metal construction of Galaxy DX-959 means that it is extremely durable and will stand the test of time through regular use. When you buy this radio you will also receive a microphone hanger, power cord, mounting bracket and screws, and 4-pin microphone.

If you are looking for a CB radio for long-range SSD communications, Galaxy DX-959 has a lot to offer. It has a full featured design that is perfect for casual use and beginners. The meter that this device uses has four scales, including Modulation, Output Power, SWR and S-Meter.

The backlit LED display on the front panel can be easily read even in low light conditions as well as in bright daylight. It is factory calibrated and has a large scale design that allows for effortless noting with regards to the position of the needle.

There is also the 5 digit frequency counter, which is very useful if you ever want to expand this radio’s frequency capabilities. This feature will provide you with a huge level of convenience that you’ll be sure to appreciate in a variety of situations. It is definitely much easier than using an old school frequency map.


Built-in SWR Meter

This radio’s built in SWR meter is known for its incredibly impressive accuracy. While some people prefer an external meter, you will quickly find that this one works extremely well.

Automatic Noise Limiter

There is also automatic noise limiter, which will provide you with clear communications at all times. You won’t ever have to deal with any annoying background noise, which can be a huge distraction.

Microphone Gain

The Mic Gain dial on this radio gives you complete control over the volume of the microphone.

RG Gain

There is also an RF Gain dial, which you will be able to use when you are talking to others who are in the area nearby. It lets you tune into the weak signals, which can be very helpful in these situations.

Galaxy 959 CB Radio

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Dimmable Display

The display on the front of this radio has a dimmable design, so you will always the perfect level of visibility no matter what. It will provide you with all the information you need for any channel you happen to be on.

Tone Switch

The tone switch allows you to choose from Low, Medium and High settings. It can be very helpful if you are dealing with excessive static interference at any given moment.

Roger Bleep

This particular feature is essentially just a tone that is put after the end of each transmission to let the other person on the line know you are done talking. You will be able to turn it on and off by simply pushing in the knob marked “Mic Gain”.

  • Lots of adjustment options: This CB radio gives you tons of different dials for adjusting everything from volume to mic gain.
  • No annoying background noise: The Automatic Noise Limiter ensures that you won’t have to contend with any frustrating background noise. This gives you clear transmissions on a consistent basis.
  • Easy to use: The simple overall design of this device means that even beginners shouldn’t have any problems with using it. It is factory calibrated, so you can use it right out of the box.
  •  Great meter design: The meter on the Galaxy DX-959 is very easy to read and has an incredibly accurate overall design.

  • Some customers have complained about the two part volume adjustment being a little troublesome at times.

Customer Reviews

You will find mostly positive reviews for the Galaxy DX-959 CB radio. It provides you with a simple design that is very easy to use for just about anyone. It may not be as small as some mini CB radios, it is easy to operate even for newbies.

One of the things that a lot of people say in these reviews is how intuitive all of the controls are. In fact, it has some of the best reviews of any device of its kind on the market today. A lot of people comment on the complete absence of background noise, which is due to the automatic noise limiter feature. You won’t find a lot of other radios with the kind of reputation this one has. Access the full owner’s manual here:

Galaxy DX-959 vs. Cobra 29 LX

When you compare the Galaxy DX-959 to the Cobra 29 LX, you will instantly notice quite a few differences between them. The Galaxy radio offers AM, USB, and LBD modulation, whereas the Cobra offers just AM. The overall construction of the Cobra 29 LX is also vastly inferior, due to its being made out of mostly plastic. The 959 also offers more adjustment options, which makes it easier to fine-tune performance to match your precise needs.

Galaxy 959 CB Radio

Galaxy DX-959 Review Conclusion

Overall, the Galaxy DX-959 is an insanely solid CB radio with a plethora of useful features that you just can’t ignore. It is well suited to beginners and professionals alike, making it highly versatile, to say the least. The metal construction of this device makes it incredibly tough and long-lasting as well. You can count on this radio to keep functioning perfectly for years to come. It is designed to limit background noise, so you can always expect clear transmissions, both local and long-range. There aren’t many other CB radios available on the market that trump this one in terms of overall functionality and customization of performance.

We hope this Galaxy DX-959 Review helped you figure out if this device is the one you should purchase as your next CB Radio.

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