Cobra Radar Detector Codes – What You Have to Know

*Article updated at June 2017

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Radar detectors are very useful only if you install them properly and if you know how to read their codes. In other cases, you will end up with a device that you don’t know how to use. Cobra radar detector codes are similar as on other radar detectors. It may look complicated to read them, but after 10 minutes of reading the instructions, you will know all about them. Radar detectors use these codes to alert drivers as soon as possible. Also, a person who doesn’t know what these codes mean, won’t be able to understand an alert.

What Is A Radar?

Radar stands for Radio detection and ranging. It represents the use of radio waves to determine speed or position of an object. Police uses radar guns to determine your speed. Luckily, there are radar detectors. They use radio waves from radar guns in order to detect police radars before they can determine your speed. In order to program and use your Cobra radar detector, you should know all about cobra radar detector codes.

What are cobra radar detector codes?

Cobra radar detector codes are: X, Ka and K. They refer to police gun frequencies. Users often say that they do not understand these codes and they believe that radar detectors are complicated. It is impossible for manufacturers to make a radar detector that uses just one code, due to the fact that the device will be useless. Frequencies that police radars use are not reserved just for their devices. In fact,
many other devices use the same frequencies so having a radar detector that can locate just one band, would be useless.cobra codes

X band

This band is just one of cobra radar detector codes. It is the oldest frequency that isn’t commonly used nowadays. However, some countries in the world, still use this technology. It is also used for automatic doors, so your radar detector can alert you when it locates the frequency used for these doors. This is known as a false alert. In addition, some states in the United States still use this technology. Some of these states are: Ohio, New Jersey and North Carolina.

K band

This band was the latest technology a few years ago. Now, it is the commonly used band in the United States. Some other systems use this frequency as well, so your radar detector may alert you without a reason (false alert). However, far less systems use K band than X band, so the number of false alerts will be lower.

Ka band

This band is also one of cobra radar detector codes. It is the latest type of band and it is the hardest to detect. Police use radar guns that use these frequencies due to the fact radar detectors have a hard time detecting it. Ka frequency uses a wide range of bands. False alerts are rare but not uncommon. In general, false alerts are far less common than with K and X bands. In this case, cobra radar detector codes will alert you a bit later than in other cases, so it is recommended to slow down immediately when you notice the alert.


POP mode is completely different than other cobra radar detector codes because it is used for special radar guns that have POP mode. This means that a radar gun doesn’t fire a steady signal of radio waves than short pulses. Some cobra radar detectors (without POP mode) are useless in this case, because they treat these pulses as false alerts. Cobra radar detectors have POP code, so they are able to detect this type of radar guns. On the other side, police rarely uses POP mode, because it isn’t very accurate. A police officer must change the band on his radar gun and try to determine car’s speed again. That’s why, you can turn off the POP mode. When on, this band can reduce the strength of other frequencies.

V- Stealth mode

V is one of cobra radar detector codes that is used to detect VG-2 devices. These devices are used by police and the main goal is to determine which drivers use radar detectors. Because radar detectors are forbidden in some areas, you can get a fine for using this device. One of cobra radar detector codes is V. This means that a radar detector will detect a device, used by police that should reveal the radar detector. In this case, V light will be illuminated. In addition, cobra radar detectors cannot be detected by VG-2. If you notice that V light glows, slow down and act normally.

When you should use these cobra radar detector codes?

cobraCobra radar detector codes are useful only if you use them properly. This means that you can increase the success of detecting a police radar. For example, X band is rarely used, so there is no point of using this band if there are no radar guns that use this band in your area. On the other side, make sure it is ON when you are driving on highways. The best place to mount your radar detector, so it can detect X band is in the middle on your windshield or slightly below. It must be leveled in order to locate radar guns as soon as possible. On the other side, K and Ka bands should be used all the time, because most police radars use these frequencies.

False alerts

If cobra radar detector codes alerts you for a short period of time, it may be a false alert. In some cases, it is a real police radar. It is recommended to slow down and obey speed limit when you see these short alerts. If you notice that Ka band is illuminated, make sure to react quickly. In addition, false alerts are common in specific areas. As aforementioned, an automatic door can activate X band radar alert. If you notice that this alert occurs at the same location, every time you pass by, it is definitely a false alert, so you do not have to pay attention next time you are passing by that location.

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