TMG Alpha 15 Laser Jammer Review

24th Jun,2020

Laser jammers have the potential of making your vehicle invisible to police laser guns. The TMG Alpha 15 is one of a compact size that can sit flush against your dashboard. It’s not a very old model and works very well for laser jamming.

TMG Alpha 15 Laser Jammer



CPU and Display

As mentioned, the CPU is smaller comparatively than a lot of other top models. This means the device is also slimmer in size and takes up less space. The display on the CPU features LED arrows, presumably to show you where law enforcement could be lurking.

There are also volume up and down buttons to one side of the laser jammer and of course, it has the power cable and USB ports as well on the other.

The TMG Alpha 15 is made with 4 ports, but if you decide to split them with the double head cables then you can reach a total of 8!


Unfortunately, there is no remote control pad with the TMG Alpha 15, so you will be required to manually adjust the settings. This needs to be done by hand so you need to make sure you set up the laser jammer within reach to easily have access.

TMG Quad Head System with Optional VPR Head


The speaker and Bluetooth built-in to the TMG Alpha 15 sits nicely inside the CPU. The Bluetooth allows you to pair the laser jammer with your phone (Android and the later iOS system). 

Once the device is paired, you will be able to control the laser jammer from your mobile device.

You can even update the software and firmware and the alerts can be sent directly to your phone as well.

Laser Jammer Heads

The laser jammer head or sometimes referred to as the laser receiver, is the part of the laser jammer device that detects lasers. Knowing this, you can understand the importance of quality laser jamming heads on your laser jammer device.

They are quite lightweight in the TMG Alpha 15 and come with one transmitter diode [1]. There is also a cover for the diode but it comes in two. The cover is removable and replaceable if necessary.

TMG VPR CPU with VPR Head System Upgrade

Directional Arrows

While the TMG Alpha 15 isn’t very loud when it alerts you of laser signals, it does have pretty eye-catching LED lights. They are the directional arrows that light up when the laser signal is detected.

Depending on how you mount it, it’s possible that the arrows will denote the opposite direction (front arrow means back and vice versa). However, if you mount it with the power button facing upwards, the directions will be more intuitive.

What is also very useful with the LED lights is that they will stop blinking when the laser signal is no longer on your vehicle. This lets you know exactly when you are being shot and when it stops. 

Receive Only Mode

There is a button located directly on the TMG Alpha 15 laser jammer that is meant only for detection (labeled as the RCV). This mode is for when you only need to know when you are being shot without actually jamming the signal. 

You can activate it with the simple click of a button.

TMG Transponder Cables

Auto Sleep Mode

The auto-sleep mode button on the laser jammer is labeled as SLP/RPT (the RPT being “report”). Instead of having the device always on and taking away power, it goes to sleep in a certain amount of time. However long you choose can be set via the compatible app.

The report button allows you to report alerts to the cloud. The app itself will do this automatically in the case of you being shot by a laser. 


Last but not least, the UDT button is meant for updates. What’s amazing about the TMG Alpha 15 laser jammer is you can conduct updates straight from your phone.

TMG Alpha Laser Jammer Review Conclusion

The TMG Alpha Laser Jammer provides the user with convenience and accuracy when jamming laser signals. The LED lights and directional arrows are very informative and the buttons allow for one-touch configuration.

TMG Alpha 15 Laser Jammer

Before getting your own device, make sure that you know all about the laws for using laser jammers first.

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