Comparing the Best Laser Jammers of 2019: Our Full Guide

Finding the right laser jammer is usually a challenge since you can’t exactly test out the different products available. To save you time and money, we’ve decided to cover 10 of the best laser jammers of the year.

We’re going to thoroughly review these products, and we’ll also compare them to each other. By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to find a reliable laser jammer that’s in your price range.

Laser Jammers Reviews

1 – AntiLaser Priority

anti laser priority laser jammer


  • Advanced design jams even recent lidar guns
  • High-sensitivity jamming heads
  • 4-head compatibility for more substantial coverage
  • Can be controlled with a smartphone for added convenience
  • Auto deactivation when slowed or stopped
  • Directional identification



The AntiLaser Priority is one of the most advanced laser jammers on the market, and it combines a range of excellent features with a surprisingly low price point. If you’re looking to save some money on your new laser jammer, but you don’t want to compromise when it comes to performance, this model is an excellent choice.

When it comes to the jammer’s effectiveness, you’ll be hard pressed to find competitors that can cover you from such a wide range of lidar guns. AntiLaser constantly tests their equipment against newer lidar guns to ensure that they remain effective, and continuous updates make sure that you’re always covered.

Unlike other laser jammers, this model is far easier to update, as you can do it wirelessly with your phone by using the Bluetooth module. If you don’t have that module equipped, then you can also update the firmware of this laser jammer directly through your computer, giving you plenty of options.

The jammer heads are also designed to be highly sensitive, which means that you can place them deeper in your grille to keep them concealed. One of the only downsides to this jamming setup is that the heads are rather large, so they can be easy to detect, and this feature helps rectify that issue.

The AntiLaser Priority jammer can also provide you with more info than comparable models when you’re being painted by a laser. For example, this system can let you know the direction that you’re being lased from, and it can even tell you the model of lidar gun that is pinging you.

If you’re worried about these jammers getting you in trouble, they can either disable themselves automatically when you slow down, or you can control them directly using your smartphone. Keep in mind that some of the additional features are hit-or-miss; namely the parking sensor, which can be unreliable.

2 – Escort ZW5

escort zw5 laser jammer


  • Wireless design improves ease of installation
  • Compatible with and controlled by the Escort Radar Detector
  • Only works with two heads
  • Frontal coverage only
  • Updates through the computer
  • Choice of DirectWire or cigarette lighter power source



The Escort ZW5 is essentially an Escort ZR5 that has had all of its wiring replaced with wireless systems. While this makes the ZW5 a little less reliable than the ZR5, issues with it are still rare, and you get to benefit from the immensely simplified installation process that comes with a wireless model.

Unlike with wired designs, the ZW5 won’t require a hole in the firewall so that it can be connected to the passenger cabin, and it will instead link to the controller wirelessly. This product also doesn’t require a dedicated control panel, as it uses the Escort Radar Detector.

Since this product is easier to install, you may end up saving some money if you choose to fit it yourself, but keep in mind that it still takes a certain degree of technical expertise. If you’re buying this product to save money on installation, make sure that you’re qualified enough to do it in the first place.

When it comes to its laser jamming performance, the ZW5 doesn’t have much trouble with even the latest guns. There are a few lidar guns that can get past this jammer, but they’re relatively uncommon, and Escort is constantly working on new patches to counter many of these designs.

Speaking of updates, you can get the latest firmware for this laser jammer by connecting it to your computer through a USB, so you’ll need a laptop or something portable enough to do so. Being able to update this model with your smartphone would have made it far more convenient.

Another issue with this setup is that it only lets you use two radar jammer heads, so you’ll just have frontal coverage, and they may not be ideal for larger vehicles. You’ll also have to press the “mute” button yourself so that you can disarm these jammers, as they won’t turn off automatically.

3 – Stinger VIP


  • Tiny heads are easy to conceal
  • Choose between fiber head and standard head
  • Can jam nearly all lidar guns
  • Capable of automatically disarming
  • Identifies lidar gun model and direction



The Stinger VIP is one of the more expensive laser jammers on the market, but it comes with a range of features that you won’t find in other models. The most notable aspect of this jammer is that it comes with a fiber head which is the smallest in the industry, keeping them as stealthy as possible.

If you don’t like how loosely the fiber head fits, you can also use the Stinger VIP standard head, which is still far smaller than competing heads. Unlike the competition, the components are packed in lengthwise, so the device will go deeper into the grille, but it will be less visible from the exterior.

Whether you don’t want to disrupt the clean lines of your car or a regular jammer won’t fit in your grille, the Stinger VIP is the most compact choice on the market. Of course, the form factor isn’t the only reason to pick this jammer up, as it also includes a variety of helpful features.

For example, you have the choice of either manual or automatic disarming, and the jammer can even tell you the direction that you’re being lased from. If you’re driving through an area where jammers are banned, you can also completely disable them, giving you the peace of mind you need.

In terms of performance, the Stinger VIP is one of the most effective jammers around, and it can even deal with advanced DragonEye anti-jammers. To stay on top of the game, this jammer needs to be updated relatively frequently, just like other models, but that’s where it stumbles a little bit.

Stinger has developed something of a reputation for poor bug-testing in their firmware updates, so you may often run into glitches or trouble when you first switch to a new build. Over time, these issues get ironed out, but you’ll find that this system can be unreliable shortly after being updated.

4 – K40 Diffuser Optix

k40 diffuser optic laser jammer


  • Inconsistent performance against newer guns
  • Capable of working with up to five heads
  • Must be updated directly through USB
  • Low-profile design makes them harder to see
  • Only available through installers



The K40 Diffuser Optix is a pricey laser jammer that is somehow less effective than cheaper competing products. While this jammer is relatively convenient and reliable, you’ll find that it’s simply obsolete and doesn’t warrant the price tag. This is why this model is sold exclusively through installers.

The Diffuser Optix is meant for customers who haven’t done their research, as installers will often encourage unwitting buyers to get them due to the higher price. Where the Diffuser Optix stumbles is in its performance, as its outdated circuitry means that it can’t deal with new lidar guns.

While this model may work against some guns, you’ll find that it’s simply too inconsistent to be used on a daily basis. When a product can’t perform its main function properly, then there isn’t much of a point to it, and it’s a shame because the K40 Diffuser Optix is well-made and comes with a bunch of features.

For example, the head itself features a compact design that is similar to the AntiLaser Priority in size. These dimensions ensure that the K40 Diffuser Optix can fit into most grilles, and it’s nearly impossible to see unless you’re actively looking for it or you spot a reflection off of it.

This laser jammer can also support up to five heads, so you’ll be able to place three on the front and two on the back of your car. The decision to support an odd number of heads is an unusual one, as most laser jammers will support four or six heads, not five.

Keep in mind that K40, as a company, offers excellent customer service and support after you make your purchase, which is a little confusing when you consider the poor performance of their jammer. Overall, we would recommend avoiding this model unless you know for a fact that your local police is using outdated lidar guns.

5 – Blinder HP-905

blinder hp 905 laser jammer


  • Affordable price point
  • Outdated design reduces its effectiveness
  • Kill switch makes the jammer easy to disable
  • Comes equipped with a parking mode
  • Can identify the gun that is lasing you
  • Affordable choice
  • Can be updated directly through a laptop



The Blinder HP-905 performs similarly to the K40 Diffuser Optix because they use similar circuitry. The difference is that the HP-905 is over 200 dollars cheaper. This product has long been one of the most reliable and effective jammers around, but it’s starting to show its age, unfortunately.

As you would expect from an obsolete product such as this one, the Blinder HP-905 struggles when dealing with newer lidar guns. If you’re confident that you’re only going to be dealing with older detection equipment, it may be worth the money, but most buyers are better off paying the extra 200 dollars for a newer model.

However, for an older system, the Blinder HP-905 comes equipped with plenty of helpful features. For example, the audio warning will let you know what kind of gun is lasing your car. The HP-905 also has an automatic shutdown feature that you typically won’t find on more affordable products.

As with other high-end jammers, the HP-905 also has a parking mode, and it’s more reliable than the parking features on the competition, even newer models. While you can still update the firmware of this model directly through a laptop, Blinder has stopped releasing software updates for the HP-905.

One of the main issues with the HP-905 (aside from its poor performance against modern lidar guns) is that it takes a lot of work to install. You’ll have to drill through quite a bit of your car to set up all of the wiring, and many buyers will likely get this done by someone else, which will cut into the savings you get out of picking this model.

Overall, the Blinder HP-905 is simply more trouble than it’s worth, and we’d recommend saving up a little bit more for a jammer that will give you all of the coverage that you need.

6 – Escort ZR5

escort zr5 laser jammer


  • Works against some modern guns, but not all of them
  • Maximum of four heads at once
  • Relatively compact jammer heads
  • Compatible with a variety of radar detectors
  • Can determine the direction from which the laser is coming
  • Detection-only mode



The ZR5 from Escort is a mid-range laser jammer that combines a few helpful features with a more reasonable price point than some of the high-end choices out there. This model is the wired version of the ZW5, and it features a more complicated installation process in exchange for greater reliability.

Since everything is wired, the ZR5 usually has fewer bugs and malfunctions than the ZW5, but it’s still prone to many of the same issues thanks to their identical circuitry. For example, there are times when the ZR5 cuts out its jamming for no apparent reason, even when being lased by obsolete guns.

Beyond the reliability issues, the ZR5 doesn’t have too many troubles, and it’s even resistant to some DragonEye guns, though not all of them. The additional features help make this product worth the extra money, as they help make this laser jammer more convenient for the user.

For example, you can set these laser jammers to detect-only mode, in which they will only warn you about lasers instead of actively jamming them. As with comparable models, you can also directly update the firmware of the ZR5 to keep it up-to-date, but you’ll only be able to update it through a laptop.

Unfortunately, the Escort ZR5 has a few issues that prevent it from claiming the title of the best laser jammer. One of the main problems with this system is that it only supports four heads, which will make it challenging to use on larger vehicles. In this case, you’ll have to decide between full frontal coverage or partial front-and-rear coverage.

The ZR5 also can’t identify what kind of gun is lasing you, though this isn’t as much of a problem. In the end, the ZR5 is reliable and capable, but it has a few unfortunate aspects that hold it back from greatness.

Laser Jammers Comparison

Best High-Priced Laser Jammer – Stinger VIP vs. K40 Defuser Optix

Stinger VIP vs K40 laser jammers comparison
First off, you may be wondering which of the two priciest options is the best high-end laser jammer, and we’re going to have to side with the Stinger VIP. While the K40 Defuser Optix comes with a premium price point, it is, unfortunately, not a premium laser jammer (it’s closer to a mid-range model).

As we explained before, the K40 Defuser Optix’s high price is mainly due to it not being sold individually, so installers have the freedom to mark it up. On the other hand, the Stinger VIP is equipped with high-quality components, and it is built to the standards you would expect from a high-end model.

Of course, there is also the fact that the K40 Defuser Optix uses outdated circuitry that doesn’t give you complete coverage. While Stinger may have a poor reputation for reliability when they update their firmware, the issues eventually get sorted out, but with the K40 model, these issues are inherent to the design.

The Stinger VIP also gives you the option of installing it yourself, though you’ll need some automotive knowledge to do so. In the case of the K40 Defuser Optix, it’s nearly impossible to get your hands on one as a consumer.

Overall, the Stinger VIP comes equipped with all of the additional features that you would expect to find in a high-end laser jammer. On the other hand, the K40 Defuser Optix feels like it’s a trap for people who don’t know much about laser jammers.

Best Affordable Laser Jammer – Blinder HP-905 Compact vs. Escort ZR5

Laser jammers comparison: Blinder hp-905 compact vs Escort ZR5

If you want to save a bit of money on your laser jammer, then you may be interested in either of these choices. While the ZR5 is admittedly more expensive than the HP-905, we’d still argue that it is the winner because it’s far more likely to work than that obsolete alternative.

While the HP-905 is an admirable model that has paved the way for the current generation of laser jammers, it is simply too old to be effective anymore. On the other hand, the ZR5 has some issues with reliability, but it can at least stand a chance against some of the more advanced DragonEye guns.

Both of these models will require some effort to install, and most buyers will have to get them installed by a professional, so there is no difference in that regard. Surprisingly, the HP-905 and the ZR5 come equipped with many of the same features, which shows just how far ahead of its time the HP-905 was.

Another similarity is in the jammers’ shape and size, as they both share a similar form factor. Since both jammers come with relatively small heads, you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting either of them into the slots on your car’s grille.

We’ll admit that the ZR5 has its flaws, but it is a current-generation model, and the HP-905 can’t really hope to compete with a jammer that’s in a different league. As a final nail in the coffin, the HP-905 is also challenging to uninstall when the time comes to upgrade your radar jammer.

Best Overall Laser Jammer – AntiLaser Priority vs. Escort ZW5

Laser jammers compared: antilaser priority and Escort ZW5

Finally, we get down to what everyone’s been waiting for: the best overall laser jammer. In the majority of cases, we’ll argue that the AntiLaser Priority is the best option around, but there are a few exceptional cases in which the Escort ZW5 may be the ideal choice for you.

For customers who are looking to do all of the work alone without the help of a mechanic to perform the installation, the Escort ZW5 is an ideal choice due to its wireless nature. If you don’t mind having someone else install your laser jammer, then the AntiLaser Priority wins in every other case.

The AntiLaser Priority wins due to its simple effectiveness when compared to the other laser jammers. The company invests a lot of money into ensuring that their laser jammers are on the cutting edge, and they have the most frequent and reliable software updates.

Beyond the performance of the jammer itself, the AntiLaser Priority comes with all of the extra features you can hope for, like an auto-disarm function, smartphone compatibility, and more. The build quality of the AntiLaser Priority is also impressive, as it’s rugged and built to last.

If you need a laser jammer that provides excellent all-around performance but is still user-friendly, the AntiLaser Priority will probably be the best option. Unfortunately, the ZW5 still shares too many problems with the ZR5, such as unreliable jamming, no lidar gun identification, and a few other issues.


A laser jammer can save you plenty of money on speeding tickets, but make sure that they’re legal in your jurisdiction before having one installed. Whether you’re looking for the best laser jammer on the market or if you want the best model at a low price point, we hope that this guide has provided you with all of the info you were looking for.

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