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Uniden SDS200 Review

The Uniden SDS200, just like its brother, is one of the best police scanners on the market, strictly adhering to industry standards. It has more to offer than just about any other model. While this particular police scanner is fairly pricey, it is well worth the expense. Before you make a decision, it is important that you learn about this device.

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This police scanner uses the latest True I/Q receiver technology to give you the best possible digital decode performance. The Uniden SDS200 features a 3.5-inch customizable color display that is bright enough to be seen clearly at any time of the day. On the left side of the front panel you will find a function dial and beneath it a standard 3.5-millimeter audio jack for headphones.

There is also a small knob on the right side for adjusting the volume, and another for squelch. The location control function of this device provides you with simple operation. This means that there aren’t any complicated steps that you need to follow. It is a perfect choice for beginners and much more experienced users.

The USA/Canada radio database (here’s a quick database: http://data-lists.com/us-radio-database/) provides you with a huge selection of channels and police frequencies to choose from. There is a MicroSD card slot on the Uniden SDS200 device, which you can use to store and playback recordings. When you purchase this scanner you will also get an 8 gigabyte MicroSD card.

This device features a number of soft keys for the intelligent but simple user interface. These buttons are very responsive and make using this scanner practically effortless. Measuring 12.8 by 8.5 by 3.8 inches with a weight of 5 pounds, this scanner isn’t overly bulky. It on an adjustable stand, so you can tilt it up and down for the more convenient position at all times.

The Uniden SDS200 also has a Menu button on the front panel, which allows you to go through the various settings. Each of these settings appears on the large display as you cycle through them. This makes it a lot easier to see exactly what you are doing.

Unlike the Uniden BCD996P2, this comes with a free Sentinel software the scanner works with which will keep the database and memory up to date. This means that you can always expect optimal performance across all different areas of performance. You also won’t have to worry about any inconvenience whatsoever. There are no complicated steps or instructions you’ll have to follow for these updates.


Color Display

The 3.5-inch color display on the front panel of this scanner device provides you with a clear look at the details of whichever channel you are listening in on. It is also customizable, so you always get the best possible readout no matter what.

Uniden SDS200 police scanner

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Micro USB Port

The micro USB port on this device allows you to connect it to your computer for downloadable upgrades and software. Some of these things do cost extra, but it is nice to have the option if you are willing to spend the money. For no-cost police scanning, try this: https://ratedradardetector.org/police-scanner/online/.

Recording and Playback

You will have the option of recording transmissions on any channel, which you will be able to store on a micro SD card. You can playback your stored recordings any time you want by following a couple easy steps.

Ethernet Connectivity

The Ethernet connectivity that this digital trunking scanner offers gives you remote streaming and control for an added level of convenience. You will be able to control the scanner entirely from your computer, provided you have an internet connection.

Discovery Mode

The Uniden SDS200 scanner has a Discovery Mode that allows you to locate new channels on trunked systems and frequency ranges very easily.

Weather Alerts

The S.A.M.E. weather alerts that this scanner can provide you with could save your life one day. You will be warned about inclement weather in your area so you can know when to take shelter for safety. This feature is also present in other models from the brand, such as the Uniden BC365CRS.


  • Easy setup: You can set up this device quickly and easily by simply entering your zip code. This makes getting started much easier a lot less frustrating than with many other devices.
  • Backlit keypad: The entire keypad on the front panel of this scanner is backlit for maximum visibility at all times.
  • Weekly database updates: You will receive regular updates to the database, ensuring the best performance at all times.
  • Wide frequency coverage: This scanner device gives you a wide coverage of 25 to 1300 megahertz.
  • Customizable display: The large color display on the front of this scanner is fully customizable to match your exact needs
  • Extremely solid construction: The metal construction of this police scanner makes it far more stable and long-lasting than plastic models.


  • This particular scanner is a bit on the expensive side, which could be problematic if you are on a tight budget.

Customer Reviews

It won’t take very long for you to discover just how good of a reputation this police scanner has. There are tons of positive reviews from people all over the world who have a lot of good things to say about this device. It receives a lot of compliments on its easy operation and powerful overall design. Many customers seem to be very pleased with the sturdy and stable construction of this scanner as well. People tend to comment on how solid it looks and feels as a whole.

Uniden SDS200 Review Conclusion

We really like the Uniden SDS200 for a number of reasons, including the fact that it is so easy to use. It’s a good enough reason to write an entire Uniden SDS200 review, especially with the added benefits it can provide. It offers lots of practical features and gives you an impressive design that you will be sure to appreciate in a variety of situations. The large color display on the front panel is especially nice and highly visible at any time of the day or night. There are also numerous connectivity options, including Ethernet and mini USB. This is certainly one of the most versatile police scanners you will find on the market today. While there are lots of scanners available, like the HomePatrol we reviewed here, very few of them are able to compare to this one in terms of the sophistication of its overall design.

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Uniden SDS200 Review
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