Beltronics Pro 200 Review

*Note: Review updated in April 2017

This radar detector is capable of alerting you in 500 milliseconds (in some cases even less). The Pro 200 has been developed especially for the United States roads, so it has several directed features. At the same time, it has a much better sensitivity. The manufacturer claims that it is 8 times better than most radar detectors have. On the other side the price of this device isn’t higher than similar models have. In general, it is a wise investment and it definitely should be taken into account, when it comes to choosing your next radar detector. Beltronics pro 200 review will try to prove to you what makes this radar detector a great choice.

The basic features of the Beltronics pro 200

  • The fastest alerting time, among all radar detectors. It can alert you in less than 500 milliseconds.beltronics pro 200 review
  • The sensitivity is 8 times better than all radar detectors, from this price range have.
  • The controls are easy to use and they can be fully adjusted.
  • Voice alerting is a standard feature and it comes with auto mute addition.
  • Auto scan has been improved so the number of false alerts is reduced. The Beltronics Pro 200 Radar Detector comes with city mode and X band off, which eliminate the false alerts in cities.
  • The display is ultra-bright, which means that it offers an impressive quality and impressive visibility. It is one of the best displays in radar detectors available on the market.
  • The Pro 200 is immune to the VG2 threats, which means that it cannot be detected by police detectors.
  • 5 mm jack can be used for speaker or earphones.
  • K band has an impressive sensitivity. It is much better than radar detectors from the same price range.
  • Comes with elements that offer easy mounting to a windshield.
  • The build quality is at the highest level.

Users opinions about the Beltronics pro 200

Beltronics pro 200 review is made from experience, gained from users who used and who are using this radar detector. Thanks to them, we are able to get an idea what are the best and the most important features of the Beltronics pro 200. Most users claim that the best features are:

  • Impressive sensitivity. Most users claim that they have noticed this addition first time when they used the radar detector.
  • The display is visible from all angles, and it comes with dark mode.
  • The voice alerts are direct and short, so the alerting time is very short.
  • Beltronics pro 200 has the lowest number of false alerts, even lower than the Pro 300.
  • Using this radar detector is simpler than using other devices, thanks to great interface and controls.

Beltronics pro 200 is one of the best choices, simply because it offers great features at a low price. On the other side, it is effective and reliable, so it can be used by almost every single person. The best part has to be a great sensitivity, which is much better than radar detectors from this class have to offer.


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Beltronics Pro 200 Review
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