Uniden Homepatrol 1 VS 2 – What are the differences?

15th Feb,2022

The Homepatrol 1 was so popular because it didn’t require any user programming. All you needed to do was to turn it on everything in your area with their patented radio system.

Now that Uniden has come out with Homepatrol 2, just what exactly are the differences?

photo of uniden homepatrol 1 police scanner

Homepatrol 1 Advantages

Features of Both Uniden Police Scanners

Here are some features of the Uniden Homepatrol 1 and 2 and how they compare. 

Many Channels

As among the best police scanners around, the Homepatrol scanners are preprogrammed and can listen to radio modes as well as fire department, police, business, state and even aviation radio traffic for first-hand information as its given.

Easy to Program and Set Up

No one likes to spend a large amount of time researching and setting up something that can be done in minutes. The software in the Homepatrols is easy to program, cutting your setup time by at least a half!

Detailed User Interface

It has a color touchscreen display that is easy to understand and sensitive to your touch. There are only two physical buttons, making controlling this police scanner not much different than your smartphone.

Recording Function

Not only do you get clear audio from these devices, it can also replay the traffic of the channel you had onscreen. This is easier for you to reference the information when you replay.

Fully Equipped

You get everything you need right in the box without having to purchase other components from other places. Among the included are rechargeable batteries, USB cable [1], a desk stand and more!

Long Range

The range of these impressive police scanners is superior to a lot of other scanners. The large antenna provides amazing reception even for distances of up to 30 miles!

Multiple Set-Up Options

People can be particular about how to operate their devices, and the Homepatrol scanner systems allow for the user to set it up and tweak it to their liking. With multiple set-up options, you can even create your own favorite list.


Already embedded in the system are the entire American and Canadian Radioreference.com databases of radio systems. Finding the right channel has never been so easy.

Zip Lock

The Homepatrols can lock in your zip code and auto-tune when you are on the road – this means no more programming!


The manufacturers ensure that the Homepatrol scanner firmware is easy to upgrade so you always have the latest in technology.

Replay Feature

Just in case you missed something in a particular transmission, the replay feature can instantly replay it. You can set up the replay recording period from 30 seconds up to 4 minutes.

Conclusion: Homepatrol 1 or Homepatrol 2?

The big question is which is the best for your needs.

Homepatrol 1 has a wide variety of charging options and it comes with the AC and DC adapters. It’s the best case for those who often have access to a power source.

One other major difference is the included SD cards. The Homepatrol 2 comes with a 4GB option while the HP1 only comes with a 2GB. If you are in need of more storage space, we would suggest the Homepatrol 2 as well.

Another difference is the appearance. HP2 comes in a cool solid black while Homepatrol 1 comes with matte silver accents.h

photo of uniden homepatrol 1 police scanner

Homepatrol 2 doesn’t seem to come with an adapter and is charged via the USB cable included in your package, which gives you more limited charging options. This also means you may need an external power with a USB charging slot, such as your computer. If you are often on the go, Homepatrol 2 gives you more flexibility.

Homepatrol 2 can also receive digital P-25 phase 2 TDMA transmissions when the HP1 cannot. If this is important to you, we would suggest HP2. 

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