Uniden BC365CRS Review

13th Feb,2022

A simple and reliable police scanner, the Uniden BC365CRS is functional and easy to use for your daily needs. It provides 500 channels, memory for 30 FM stations, a built-in FM radio, an alarm clock, and a practical feature set. It’s a pretty straightforward police scanner for all-around use. 

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Staying updated on the latest news and happenings in your local community is important for safety and awareness. As such, a police scanner is a tool that will come in handy at home or in the car. It will allow you to listen in to the communications of police, fire departments, emergency services, military, aircraft, and other local agencies. You get to know the information first-hand before it hits the news. While many public safety workers use police scanners to keep abreast of the events off-duty, many civilians own one as well for the purpose of keeping themselves informed of their surroundings. 

This Uniden BC365CRS review explores the features of the unit as well as some pros and cons to help you determine if this is the right scanner for you. Here’s everything you need to know:

What’s in the Box

  • Uniden BC365CRS 
  • AC Adapter
  • Telescopic Antenna
  • Manual

The contents of the package include the Uniden BC365CRS desktop police scanner, a telescopic antenna, an AC adapter, and a user manual. While it’s powered by 3 AA batteries, these are unfortunately not included in the box. 



The Uniden BC365CRS has a sleek black design that has a modern feel. There’s a backlit LCD screen that’s easy to read in low-light conditions so it’s easy for you to operate a dark room or when you’re driving at night. The buttons and dials on the device are laid out nicely and it’s not difficult to remember where everything is. The keypads provide a user-friendly experience as well.

While it’s not handheld like the Uniden BC125AT, it’s an upgrade from the BC355N when it comes to the number of channels it can provide – the BC355N has 300 channels while the BC365CRS has 500. Thus, you have more options for your listening pleasure.


The Uniden BC365CRS is off to a good start with 500 channels in 10 banks. It covers the spectrum of 25-512MHz and is able to detect signals from a 20-40 mile range. You can tune in to police, marines, ham radio, emergency services, fire, public safety, railroad, and aircraft. With a wide array of frequencies to choose from, you are always kept informed whether at home or on the road. Want to understand what is being said through the channels? Check out these police scanner codes and broaden your knowledge.

Service Search

While scanning speed is pretty fast at 100 channels per second, the five service search functions can speed up the scanning process and bring you instantly to your desired channel. Five Service Search allows you to easily access common bands including police, fire and emergency services, ham radio, aircraft, and marine transmissions. 

Priority with DND (Do Not Disturb)

You can store a priority channel that the scanner checks for activity every 2 seconds. Coupled with DND, interruptions are eliminated if you’re engaged with a priority channel. DND also keeps the audio from breaking up during priority scanning. Indeed, the Uniden BC365CRS knows how to deliver your priority.

Direct Access Channel

When we know the channel we’re searching for, we obviously want to gain instant access instead of manually scanning all frequencies. Direct Channel Access on the BC365CRS allows that. Simply input the frequency of your favorite channel and you’ll be there at the drop of a hat. 

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Skip specific channels you don’t find interesting with temporary and permanent lockouts. When you lock out a channel, the BC365CRS will skip that frequency so you don’t have to manually do it.

FM Radio

Uniden BC365CRS has a built-in FM radio so you can listen to your local FM stations. Furthermore, instant access to your favorite stations is possible as you can save up to 30 FM stations in the device memory. 

Alarm Clock

One of the unique features of the Uniden BC365CRS, the built-in alarm clock is a handy feature to have. If you put your scanner on your bedside table, for instance, you can use the device to set an alarm and wake up to your favorite channel. Like a regular alarm clock, the one on the BC365CRS also has snooze and sleep functions. 

Weather Alerts

Weather alerts are also essential for any police scanner. With the Uniden BC365CRS, you can tune in to NOAA weather frequencies so you can get a heads up on possible natural disasters. 


Audio on the Uniden BC365CRS is pretty loud compared to other desktop police scanners, which is a plus for some users. If you find the volume bothersome, you can always turn it down or use the device with a headset or earphones for quiet listening. 


For the price of $109.99, the Uniden BC365CRS is a sturdy and reliable device that has all the basics you need in a police scanner. Its 500 channels are more than enough for the average user, and the beginner-friendly interface is a great advantage. However, if you’re a total beginner at police scanners, there’s still a bit of a learning curve when installing and programming this device. The Uniden BC75XLT might be a better option.

Now that we’ve finished discussing the features in this Uniden BC365CRS review, here are the pros and cons of this device:

  • Sturdy build
  • Can store 500 channels and 30 FM stations
  • Built-in FM radio
  • Alarm clock with snooze and sleep mode
  • Priority Scan
  • Service Search 
  • Lockouts

  • Scans analog signals only. If you want to listen to digital channels as well, a digital scanner like the Whistler WS1040 would be a better fit
  • Installation requires a bit of learning curve for absolute beginners

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Uniden BC365CRS Review Conclusion

Overall, the Uniden BC365CRS is a great option for a reliable basic police scanner. It provides extensive memory space, built-in FM radio, an alarm clock, and convenient search features. When it comes to the essentials, the Uniden BC365CRS is a device that you can count on to keep you updated.

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