Uniden BC125AT Review

13th Feb,2022

The Uniden BC125AT is a great option for budget seekers. It packs a ton of useful features into a small device. If you are trying to avoid spending a lot of money on a new police scanner, this one can provide you with quite a lot. (For other top police scanner options, go to this link: https://www.ratedradardetector.org/police-scanner/best/)

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Measuring 4.3 by 2.2 by 7.3 inches with a weight of 1.01 pounds, the Uniden BC125AT handheld police scanner gives you all the over 40,000 frequencies to listen in on. There are both civilian and military bands, including police, fire, AMS, aircraft, railroad, civil air, and even racing events. This makes it one of the most versatile devices of its kind on the market today.

You will have 500 different channels spread across 10 storage banks to choose from. This device gives you the ability to organize your channels by the department, area of interest, or location. This makes using it a whole lot easier overall.

There is a bright backlit LCD display on the front panel of the Uniden BC125AT that constantly provides you with a high level of visibility day or night. On the left side of this scanner you will find Scan, Hold/Close Call, Search/Service Search, and Lockout buttons. There is also a power/backlight button for turning the device on and off.

The standard mini USB port on the right side of this device lets you connect it to your computer to use with the included software. The soft-touch button keypad makes it easy to plug in the channel you want at any given time.

On top of this device, you will find a 3.5-millimeter audio jack for using headphones. It also has a scroll control dial for your convenience. Everything about this device screams convenience and ease of use.


Alpha Tagging

The alpha tagging this portable police scanner offers will allow you to assign names to your channels to keep track of them. This makes finding the channels you want much easier at any given moment.

Close Call RF Capture Technology

You will quickly discover that the technology this handheld device uses is a huge convenience in a variety of situations. It instantly tunes to signals of local transmitters, so you won’t have to do nearly as much work. Other models from Uniden like the BC355N have this.

Do Not Disturb Mode

You can always activate the Do Not Disturb mode when you want to prevent close call checks during a transmission. This will ensure that you are never disturbed.

PC Programming

This device has a mini USB port that you can use to connect it to your computer for downloading information. You can also use the software to control just about every aspect of your scanner for a personalized performance.

Lock Out Functions

The Lock Out function allows you to set up this device to skip over specified channels or frequencies when you are scanning or searching. There is also Temporary Lock Out, which makes it easy to temporarily lock out any frequency or channel of your choosing. The lockout always gets cleared when you cycle the power.

Backlit Display

This device has a nice large display with a backlight that you can turn on and off as you wish. The display also features a signal strength meter that shows you the strength of your signal for more powerful transmissions.

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Search Functions

The Quick Search function lets you enter a frequency and begin searching up or down from that frequency. This makes it a lot easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for. There is also Turbo Search, which increases your search speed from 100 to 300 steps per second for certain bands. The Custom Search function allows you to program up to 10 custom search ranges. 

  • Lightweight: The compact and lightweight design of this handheld police scanner make it easy to take with you on the go.
  • Easy to use: Unlike so many other police scanners on the market, this one is actually very easy to use. It shouldn’t take you more than an hour or so to get familiarized with everything it has to offer. (Uniden BC125AT owner’s manual)
  • Lots of channels: The 500 different channels that this device offers will provide you with lots of options to choose from.
  • Bright display: This scanner’s backlit display is bright enough to see in any lighting situation with ease. You will also be able to turn it on and off with the press of a button.
  • Software: The software this device comes with will let you take complete control of it using your computer.


Customer Reviews

Uniden BC125AT review lists from customers will definitely encourage you to at least consider buying it. Many people who review this product end up commenting on all of the different channels. They also tend to comment on how quickly the batteries this device uses to charge up. It is not uncommon for these reviews to mention the lightweight design as well. People seem to really like how portable this device is.

BC125AT vs. BC75XLT

This police scanner has a whopping 500 channels to choose from, whereas the Uniden BC75XLT only has 300. It is also more portable than the BC7XLT with a slightly more lightweight design. While there are many of the same functions available with most of these handheld police scanners, the BC125AT is a better overall choice for budget shoppers.

Uniden BC125AT Review Conclusion

Overall, the Uniden BC125AT is a fairly impressive police scanning device with a ton to offer. It provides you with an advanced design while still being incredibly easy to use. It has a bright display that always gives you a high degree of visibility, which is always good. There are numerous functions like search lockouts and turbo search that give you added layers of convenience.

It is definitely one of the better options available in this price range. You simply won’t find many of these devices that offer more than the Uniden BC125AT for how much it costs. Want to go cheaper? Check out another model from the reputable brand here.

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