Midland 75-785 Review

13th Jun,2022

Looking for a CB radio that won’t break the bank? The Midland 75-785 40-Channel CB Radio is an affordable yet reliable option for your short-range communication needs. Although the Midland 75-785 comes at a low price tag, it’s by no means a radio that will last you a few months, similar to the Uniden PRO505XL CB radio. In fact, many users are sticking to this CB radio over the years even if they’ve bought more advanced devices. The reasons? Durability and of course, the quality that Midland provides. 

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Best for hunting, boating, carpools, and field sites, the Midland 75-785 is a dependable CB radio for the purposes of short-distance communication. You can talk to your colleagues, cross-reference information, or get e job done using CB radios

This Midland 75-785 review will serve as a guide if you’re eyeing the market for a budget radio that works.

What’s in the Box

  • Midland 75-785 CB radio
  • Antenna
  • DC Adapter
  • Owner’s Manual



Weighing only 0.55 lbs., the Midland 75-785 is portable and lightweight. It has a comfortable grip that fits nicely on the hand. As with many Midland products, the exterior of the Midland 75-785  has a sturdy feel to it. Unlike other budget radios that compromise on the casing, the shell of this CB radio is made of durable plastic that is able to survive accidental drops and vibrations. 

The screen is bright, but it just displays the CB channel you’re on and nothing else. Nevertheless, there are two LED lights: one is a battery low indicator and the other one is a TX indicator that lights up when the unit is transmitting. 

The device is not overcrowded with buttons. On top, you’ll find the antenna connector, squelch knob, and the on/off volume control knob. On the side, you have the push-to-talk button and the channel selector. There are no buttons on the front face of the unit. Everything is pretty straightforward and without unnecessary buttons – perfect for the novice user. 


All CB radios like this one cover all the 40 CB channels. This is the most basic function that any CB radio should have. The drawback of this device, however, is that it can’t pick up NOAA transmissions. If you’re keen to have weather channels, try the Cobra HHRT-50.


Since CB radio is meant for short-range communications, the usual reach is about a quarter to half a mile if you’re in normal settings. But if you’re on open areas with only a few obstructions, you can use this Midland model to reach as far as 2 miles. 

The included rubber antenna is not very powerful if you want a longer range, and Midland is actually honest about this. They recommend using a telescopic or external antenna to achieve better results. Nevertheless, the included antenna is more compact and practical if you’re only using the unit for short-distance communications.


You can use either NiCd batteries or 9 AA batteries to power up the Midland 75-785. I recommend using the rechargeable NiCd batteries so you don’t have to purchase new AAs each time you run out of power. Another reason NiCd batteries are more practical is that you don’t have to remove them from the unit when charging. It does have a charging port, eliminating the hassle of replacing batteries every time. 

The Midland 75-785 can operate with an output power of 4 watts – the maximum allowed by the FCC for CB radios. In addition to that, this CB radio can take in transmissions of up to 7 watts of input power. This gives you more flexibility in terms of receiving transmissions.

If you want to conserve batteries, there’s a useful Hi/Lo power option that allows you to control consumption. Switch to the low setting in times when you don’t need maximum range so you can prolong battery life. 

Automatic Noise Limiter

If there’s one thing we want to limit on our CB radios, it’s noise. Noise reduction is pretty much a standard feature in CB radios and long-range transceivers.

In the device, there’s an automatic noise limiter that lessens the background noise in your transmissions so you can always communicate with clarity. 

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Ceramic Filter

Interference from adjacent channels causes static and unclear audio. When unwanted signals infiltrate the channel you’re listening to, it greatly affects the audio quality. In a worst-case scenario, you won’t be able to receive the signal because of interference. Luckily, the Midland 75-785 is equipped with a ceramic filter that significantly reduces interference from neighboring channels. Greater selectivity improves your listening experience and reduces those frustrating moments of too much interference cluttering the airwaves.

PLL Channel Selection

Combined with the ceramic filter functionality, the PLL Channel Selection also helps enhance the audio quality you receive. Basically, PLL stands for Phase-Locked Loop. The Midland 75-785 CB radio is equipped with a PLL synthesizer circuit that is responsible for generating all required frequencies with few crystals. With PLL, there’s a tighter frequency control and reliability is achieved. 

PLL Channel Selection, as it’s simply put, pinpoints accurate channel tuning in order to achieve the optimum transmission quality. The signals are more stable and you are able to enjoy a more even listening experience.

Connectivity for Loudspeakers and Microphones

You can plug in either a loudspeaker or a microphone to the accessory jack and ramp up the audio quality. Extra details like this really go a long way in terms of enhancing the audio.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Beginner-friendly design and operation
  • Reduced noise
  • Great selectivity on filtering interference
  • Reliable all-around  CB radio
  • Inexpensive

  • No batteries provided
  • The included antenna needs replacement if you’re looking to increase range
  • No NOAA channels

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Midland 75-785 CB Radio Review Conclusion

This Midland 75-785 review talked about some of the highlighted features of this CB radio, and we are not disappointed with the performance this device gives. The Midland 75-785 offers PLL channel selection, an automatic noise limiter, interference filters, and more. All in all, it’s an affordable CB radio that gives you the essentials you need. 

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