Icom 718 Review

11th Jun,2022

The Icom 718 or IC-718 is an HF all band transceiver. It allows you to cover long distances and can even reach locations across the globe. It possesses a simplified interface that is suitable for beginners and seasoned users.



Take into account the compact size and ease of portability, the IC-718 is a very practical purchase.

The device is quite compact and doesn’t weigh much (3.8kg), which makes it an excellent portable device no matter where you decide to set up shop.

The IC-718 transceiver is viewed as an entry-level product, giving the user all the conveniences and perks of a higher-end product by incorporating all of Icom’s high quality engineering, but without the complicated handling.

You get a practical device with high performance capabilities and all the latest digital technology for transceivers. Add that onto the ease of use and simple programming of the IC 718, making it one of the best all band transceivers out there.

It has a front facing speaker, which only adds to its superiority as audio can be broadcasted more clearly to the user. Speaking of the interface, the keypad allows you to manually enter the frequency or pull up a memory channel.

To ensure minimal interference, the IF shift will take care of all the excess noise and signals. To make sure that the person on the receiving end also experiences clear audio, the microphone compressor will push your signal through.

The RF gain control will improve your reception on more unstable and noisier bands. Best of all, the voice synthesizer will alert you on the frequency, signal strength and more while the hands-free VOX function gives you hands-free access to the microphone.



The receiving capability of the Icon 718 is unsurpassed. It possessed a double conversion system that provides better signal accuracy. The range is between 0.5-29.999999 MHz guaranteed.


The large loudspeaker is located on the front panel. Since it’s placed directly in front of the user, the sounds can be heard clearly without obstruction. It is superior to other designs in this case as manually adjusting the volume for clearer sound won’t be necessary.

Microphone Compressor

The mic compressor is responsible for increasing your “talk power” (you will be louder). The audio output level is heightened and can be heard better over vast distances. You are even able to adjust the compression level to suit your needs.

IF Shift Function

The IF shift in this transceiver is used to reject interference. This means you will be able to receive crystal clear transmissions without interference from other frequencies.

High Frequencies

The IC0-718 is able to provide the user with maximum stability when scanning higher frequencies. Other transceivers may experience broken signals and instability when scanning frequencies above 0.5 ppm.

Antenna Tuner

The HA-4 antenna tuner is built into this device. You can use it to suit your own needs and to fit your style of operation.

Ease of Use

As mentioned, the IC-718 is a very easy to use system with a highly intuitive user interface. It only equips what’s necessary in terms of knobs and switches. There are no over complicated installations to confuse new users.

The keypad on the front dashboard can be used to directly input the number of the memory channel or the frequency.

The tuning can be achieved quickly by turning the large dial and the band stacking register makes it easy to change bands. It’s a pretty straightforward transceiver that comes with an instruction manual if you ever need guidance.


The DSP should be built into the US models. It is used for noise reduction for clearer audio on a number of frequencies including the AM and FM. This is especially handy when dealing with static signals and ones that are highly muffled.

The notch filter on this device is automatic, which works to minimize beat signals. Plus, there is no manual adjustment required on your part, it will automatically adjust. This will allow for the best receiver quality no matter where you are.

Filter Selection

There is an option to install an IF (intermediate frequency) filter [1] for those that are used to having one.


VOX stands for Voice Operated Transmission. This is one of the best features in our humble opinion about the Icom 718. The VOX Is included and the main purpose is to give the user hands-free speaking.

The microphone automatically detects audio signals without you having to press any buttons.

Voice Synthesizer

While this is optional, it can be quite useful to have a voice alert for the operating frequency, signal strength, and more. The UT-102 unit is compatible with the Icom 718 and can be installed for this purpose.

Memory Channels

The Icom 718 has 101 memory channels that can memorize frequencies and modes. This is easy and saves a lot of time when you need to quickly shift to a specific one – the device has it embedded in its memory!

Icom 718 Review Conclusion

For those looking for a device that defines simplicity in term of operation but still features the high-quality engineering that Icom is renowned for, then the Icom 718 is a great option.

It possesses all the latest in RF and digital technology in terms of transceivers, providing you with amazing specs without hindering the ease of use. Only adopting what’s necessary, the IC-718 does not overcomplicate things in terms of design.

You will only be presented with the minimum number of switches and controls that make this rig easy to use and simple to understand.

To simplify things even more, the keypad on the device allows you to directly enter the frequency or memory channel and the VOX detects audio signals with the microphone, which makes the device hands-free.

Overall, the Icom 718 is a great item for those looking to enter the transceiver world and for those looking for a great addition to their existing system.

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