What is the Best Ham Radio Course Online

04th Oct,2023
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Ham radio courses can now be taken online for your convenience. To help you choose the best one and make sure your money doesn’t go to waste, we have found the top 3 on the market for you today.

1. Ham Radio Prep

Ham Radio Prep

The first ham radio course is from Ham Radio Prep. In order to incentivize you and to make you feel more comfortable spending money with them, they offer a free 5-minute lesson just for you to see if the course is for you.

They have appeared on a number of media sites including the Daily Herald and Fox34.com, ham radio courses from Ham Radio Prep is also perhaps one of the most renowned.

The courses offered by Ham Radio Prep are for the first two tiers (technician license course and general license course). The technician license offers certification for most amateur and handheld radios, while the general license expands to other radios and HF bands.

You learn through a series of interactive videos and they teach with the correct answers. People learn differently and Ham Radio Prep makes sure to use multiple modes of learning.



2. Ham Test Online


Ham test online offers courses for ham radio license exams in the US. They are effective because they use actual questions from the exams to prep the students. You can take online study tests that can help track your progress.

With this feature, you will be able to focus on your weak points, to ensure you get a passing grade. What’s more, other than the study materials you get, the first 50 questions offered by Ham Test Online are for free.

Depending on which license you want to obtain, study time can range from 10-30 hours respectively (technician class, general class, and extra class). It’s pretty affordable and comes with a money-back guarantee if you don’t pass.

Studying online offers a bunch of benefits including setting your own schedule and doing it at your own pace.



3. AmateurRadio.com


AmateurRadio.com provides amateur radio education services for those looking to obtain a license.

This is actually a completely free service that comes with 35 free video lessons. They cover the elementary topics such as amateur radio services all the way up to hazards and installation.

The goal of AmateurRadio.com is to provide students and users with answers and study materials to prep for all the possible questions that could come up during the exam. While it covers only the technician class, a lot of the information carries over.

The website is easy to navigate as well with the individual lessons clearly labeled and quick summaries of what each one is about. As stated on their website, it’s almost like having a tutor walk you through the course.



Online Ham Radio Classes Choosing Guide

What’s free isn’t always what’s best, and websites without instructors could have zero customer service. Let’s take a look at important factors to look for when choosing your next class


Take a look at what the lesson covers. Do they offer courses for all three license classes (technician, general and extra) or just one? For those who are just looking to get started, the technician class is most important and one offered by all online classes.

If you would like to obtain the more advanced licenses, you will need to look for a school that offers the general and/or extra class courses as well. 

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What materials are available to you from the school? Is it a series of online documents? Do they include books and online services or is it just through video guides? 

Understanding how you learn the best will be a deciding factor in what school you should choose.

Some people learn from books and text better while others prefer a more hands-on approach [1]. Which one are you? Make sure you choose the online school that offers materials that suit you.

Look for schools with practice exams to better understand your weak points and get a feel of what a real test is like.


How much time will it take? Can it be done at your own pace? In general, a technician license will equate to 10 hours of study time, the general license will be 20 and the most advanced extra class is 60. 

Since our schedules vary, it’s important that you can do it in your own time. After all, that’s a big benefit of online courses.


How much is the course? Any course shouldn’t bring the price up to the triple digits. They should remain in the lower to mid-end of the double digits.

Of course, there are some classes offered for free, but you won’t get the same attention as you would in a class with instructors.

Since the classes are generally affordable, there is no harm in opting for one that charges.

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Money-back Guarantee

The above point brings us to the money-back guarantee. You lose nothing if you don’t pass your test other than the time you put in. Online schools that take a fee will most often refund you your money plus your exam fee if you do not pass.

This is something a free course cannot do.

Our Top Pick: Ham Radio Prep

Ham Radio Prep

Deciding on a course is easy, but choosing the right school is a bit harder. In fact, it can require just as much thought as picking among the top options for ham radios. In order to ensure your success in obtaining a license, the right course is crucial. Ham Radio Prep offers you a taste of their course before they ask for any commitment.

They are recognized and offer elementary and intermediate courses (technician and general). They integrate different learning materials including administering practice exams and even fun games to help you learn.

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