Cobra HHRT-50 Review

25th May,2022

With a reliable CB radio, you can communicate and receive vital information on the go. CB radios have been around for many years, mainly used by off-roaders, motorcyclists, truckers, and hobbyists. But even if you’re not a frequent user of a CB radio, having one when you’re traveling would keep you abreast of the latest happenings. For instance, if you’re going somewhere with your family, you can use a CB radio to know about nearby emergencies, traffic, weather conditions, and more. A CB radio would also be handy for communicating with others over a short distance. That being said, we’re going to look into one of the user-friendly CB radios in the market – the Cobra HHRT-50 Roadtrip.

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The Cobra HHRT-50 is a handheld CB radio that’s beginner-friendly, and convenient. One of the things you’ll love about this radio is its mobile antenna with a magnetic base. You can install the antenna on your car roof while you operate the Cobra HHR-T50 inside your vehicle. With that, you get to experience an increased range for clearer reception.

In this Cobra HHRT-50 review, we’re going to explore the features of this CB radio and see if it’s compatible with your needs. 

What’s in the Box

  • Cobra HHRT-50 handheld CB radio
  • DC cigarette lighter power cord
  • Efficient flexible rubber duck antenna
  • Wrist Strap
  • Belt Clip
  • BNC flexible antenna
  • Mag-mount antenna
  • Owner’s manual 



First off, the Cobra HHRT-50 Roadtrip is housed in a compact case that’s comfortable to hold. It has a backlit LCD screen that displays clear, well-organized information. Because it’s backlit, you won’t have any trouble operating this radio at night. Additionally, the buttons on the front face and the side are tactile and easy to press even when you’re wearing gloves. 

But what’s different in the Cobra HHRT-50’s design is the mobile antenna with a magnetic mount. Read on to the next point to find out more about this antenna. 

Magnetic Mount Mobile Antenna

One of the highlights of this Cobra HHRT-50 review is its mag-mount antenna. You can get the unit with or without it, but be sure to get the Roadtrip version if you want it. The antenna actually makes much difference since it’s capable of boosting range which a normal handheld CB radio wouldn’t manage otherwise. 

To install the mag-mount antenna, remove first the duck type antenna on your radio. Then, connect the coax cable from the mag-mount antenna to the radio. Place the magnetic mount on the roof of your vehicle, and you’re ready to go! Operate it from inside your vehicle while enjoying increased range from the antenna up top. Don’t worry, the cable is long enough so you could communicate with ease.


Normally, you’d expect a quarter-mile to half-mile range in CB radios, mainly because it’s meant for shorter distances. With the Cobra HHRT-50, you can reach up to 4 miles of distance in an unobstructed place. Of course, as with other radios, more barriers means less coverage. 

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Sound Tracker Noise Reduction Technology

Filter through the noise in the airwaves with Sound Tracker Noise Reduction Technology. A Cobra-exclusive feature, Sound Tracker Noise Reduction reduces up to 90 percent of noise in the transmissions you receive. As we know, interference and static is a pain in communication. With Sound Tracker, you can have crystal clear communications all the time. Goodbye, static!


As with all standard CB radios, the Cobra HHRT-50 has full coverage of all 40 CB channels. NOAA channels are also included along with 2 emergency channels so you can instantly tune in to any developing updates. Indeed, the Cobra HHRT-50 Roadtrip is a reliable companion on the road so you’re always on top of your communication game.  


To power the Cobra HHRT-50, you can either use NiCd rechargeable batteries or nine AA batteries. It’s unfortunate that the box doesn’t come with any of these, and using nine AA batteries is a lot. However, that is actually the norm for many CB radios in the market. There’s also a DC cigarette lighter power cord but no wall charger is included. This lack of charging options is a downer, but it’s probably because the device is made for on-the-go use. After all, it’s named Roadtrip for a reason. On a positive note, it is able to operate on a maximum of 4 watts of power. There’s also a High/Low power setting so you can adjust power consumption.

Dual Watch

The HHRT-50 can monitor two pre-selected channels at once, allowing you to catch any transmission from your preferred channels. An edge that the Cobra HHRT-50 has on other radios when it comes to dual watch is that the HHRT-50 allows you to pick which channels to listen to instead of locking to certain broadcasts.

Emergency Alerts

True to its purpose of reliability, the Cobra HHRT-50 has audible alerts for any emergencies and harsh weather conditions near you. With 24-hour access to weather channels, you can be prepared for any storms in the vicinity. It can also efficiently monitor up to 3 NOAA channels at the same time to guarantee that you don’t miss any vital weather updates. You’ll also be notified of any developing emergency situations in your surroundings. That being said, it is indeed a CB radio that values your safety. Other models also come with this feature.

  • User-friendly
  • Increased range with magnetic mount mobile antenna
  • Audible emergency alerts
  • Sound Tracker Noise Reduction Technology
  • Dual watch
  • Two-year warranty

  • No batteries included
  • Some users say range doesn’t reach very far

Note: CB radio is meant for short-distance communications. If you’re looking for something with a longer range, try the Midland LXT630VP3.

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Cobra HHRT-50 CB Radio with Antenna Review Conclusion

User-friendliness and reliability are the two things you’ll find in the Cobra HHRT-50 CB Radio. It provides a boosted range with its mag-mount antenna, Sound Tracker Noise Reduction, dual-watch, emergency alerts, and more. If you’re on the road a lot and you need a dependable CB radio, choose this. You can also check another pick from Cobra.

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