Best 0w-20 Synthetic Oils

02nd Oct,2023

One of the things that will help keep your engine well-maintained is a good 0w-20 synthetic oil. However, if you choose any random one on the shelf, your engine might suffer the consequences.

To help you pick the right one, here are the best 0w-20 synthetic oils we’ve tested.

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Top 5 0w-20 Synthetic Oil – Reviews & Buying Guide

1 – Castrol 03124 EDGE 0w-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Castrol 03124 EDGE 0W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Castrol remains to be one of the top brands when it comes to engine lubricants. It’s well-loved and trusted by manufacturers, mechanics, and drivers — and it deserves the commendations in reviews as well.

One of the brand’s best synthetic oils is the Castrol 03124 EDGE 0w-20. With a Group IV base stock, it’s a full synthetic motor oil keeps your car engine in tiptop shape. It’s suitable for gasoline and diesel engines, so there are no compatibility issues there.

In our tests, the EDGE one of the cost-effective options out there. Although it comes in a lower price tag, it doesn’t compromise on quality lubrication, which improves the overall performance of any vehicle.

This oil is also ready to face extreme engine pressure even from newer engines, thanks to Castrol’s patented titanium fluid technology. The titanium tech ensures a boost of strength that allows your motor oil to work a longer time under high pressure and vehicle wear and tear.

You’ll also have maximum fluid viscosity at all times because this full synthetic motor oil is three times stronger than others at fending off breakdowns. With all its capabilities, it’s one of the best synthetic engine oils around the market.

  • Handles extreme pressure with titanium fluid technology
  • Better lubrication and viscosity for preventing engine wear and tear
  • Designed with superb oil cleaning capabilities.
  • Great price

  • Not the best oil for a cold start

As for engine cleaning, this is also one of the best. It effectively works and flushes out all the dirt, sludge, and other deposits that cause harm to your car engine through its dispersant molecules. Combustion is a messy process by nature, so you need a full synthetic motor oil to prevent oxidation and corrosion.

With high quality formulation plus good cleaning additives, this motor oil also reduces deposits by 42% — that’s better than what others provide for vehicles. And when dirt and debris are out of the way, this synthetic oil can better lubricate the metal parts to ensure they won’t wear out fast.

Now, if fuel efficiency is another priority on your list, the Castrol EDGE helps you with that too. This is the best oil that can help reduce your vehicles’ fuel consumption so you get less visits to the gas station.

Overall, the Castrol 03124 EDGE Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil  is one of the best products to protect your engine and make sure your vehicles run smoothly. Its only fault is that it’s not the best oil for cold starts despite the 0w rating, but once you get it up and running, you’ll have no problem at all. If you think this is the best oil for you, it’s available in the usual 5 quart container, like most brands such as Valvoline.

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2 – Liquimoly 2208 0w-20 Special Tec AA Motor Oil

Liquimoly 2208 0W-20 Special Tec AA Motor Oil

Albeit a German brand, the Liquimoly 2208 0w-20 Special Tec AA Motor Oil works surprisingly well for Japanese and American cars. It’s one of the quality brands too, as it sports a range of certifications including API and ILSAC, meaning it meets the industry standards and requirements.

Since this 0w-20 oil is 100% synthetic, it has all the benefits you expect including engine protection and good performance.  That’s because the Liquimoly 2208 is a fully synthetic oil that has a heavy-duty formula. This makes the engine thickly lubricated to prevent metal-to-metal contact.

This synthetic oil also works to minimize friction between components, which means less wear. And of course, when engine parts are properly lubricated, all the pieces will work together in their best state to give you a smooth and great ride.

When it comes to formulation, the Liquimoly 2208 Special Tec AA Motor Oil is formulated with premium base oils and first-rate additives that significantly better the overall performance of your car. As such, sludge, grime, varnish, and other deposits would effectively be eliminated for good – and give way to a clean engine.

Aside from great performance and viscosity, a well-lubricated engine helps take you further distances as well. The heavy-duty, long-lasting product formula of this oil is engineered to surpass the typical frequency between oil changes, so users get a lot more miles out of this motor oil, too.

Overall, the Liquimoly 2208 0w-20 Special Tec AA oil has a good viscosity, providing the protection you need for your engine.

  • Heavy-duty lubrication
  • 100% synthetic
  • Protects your engine so it will run smoothly
  • Will last long to give you more miles, suited for high mileage vehicles 
  • Ideal high performance synthetic oil 
  • No problem with cold starts

  • A bit expensive

The way the Liquimoly 2208 motor oil handles temperature is good as well. Whether you live in a cold or hot climate, this engine oil will work to give you better performance.

This is an important factor you need to keep in mind. For many motor oils out there, cold starts are a common problem, but not for this engine oil. In low temperatures, your vehicle won’t get cold weather starts. This quality motor oil helps maintain a good, steady flow so you can get going ASAP.

As for performance in hot weather, it fares pretty good as well. The motor oil doesn’t thin as much to ensure superb lubrication and cleaning action. Whatever the weather, the Liquimoly 2208 can handle it nicely.

In terms of compatibility, this 0w-20 synthetic oil is can be used in many vehicles including Ford, Mazda, Honda, Kia and Toyota. It’s best for high mileage vehicles as well. As for the cons, it’s just the price tag for a 5 quart container. The Liquimoly 2208 is a bit more expensive compared to other good engine oils in the market, probably because it’s an international brand.

Still, this great oil is one of the longest-lasting products with good mileage. So, you also save money in the long run by not buying a new oil for your vehicle sooner than expected.

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3 – Pennzoil Platinum 0w-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil 0W-20

The first thing we noticed about this full synthetic oil is its ergonomic container. While other brands (like Valvoline) are typically in a one-handle container, this has full double handles., which makes it easier to put in your engine.

But of course, the engine oil performance matters a lot more than the 5 quart container it’s available in,  and the Pennzoil 0w-20 does not disappoint.

This high performance synthetic motor oil is engineered to handle even modern turbocharged engines, taking on intense pressure without any problems.

This product also has horsepower protection that will work to help protect engines from loss of power. Lubrication and viscosity are great as well, and this full synthetic motor oil protects your engine components. As such, this oil will improve your engine’s performance for a smooth and reliable driving experience.

With all that said, this fully synthetic oil’s claim to fame is its unsurpassed cleanliness. It comes with a base oil made from natural gas, making it one of the cleanest and best synthetic oils in the market.

It’s astonishingly clear as it pours out of the container, and that’s because it’s using fewer impurities found in crude oil. Unfortunately, this is used in many conventional oil formulas and even some great synthetic ones.

Pennzoil has also used its patented PurePlus Technology in this product. It involves a gas-to-liquid process that works to convert natural gas into a fully synthetic base oil. Then, high-performance additives are combined with this base oil to create a great quality oil that offers better engine protection.

  • Outstanding cleaning action
  • PurePlus Technology
  • Protects engine from wear and friction
  • Good viscosity, flows smoothly even in extreme temperatures

  • Less mileage compared to other engine oils          

On the whole, Pennzoil is the best synthetic oil in the market for those who prioritize a clean engine. A natural gas base, PurePlus Technology, and top-of-the-line additives all work together to protect your engine from sludge, varnish, and grime.  And with less deposits, you get an excellent run.

Based on a Sequence IIIH engine test, Pennzoil keeps pistons up to 50% cleaner than the toughest standards available in the industry. Customers have backed this up as well, and they are delighted that the oil comes out almost clear when it’s used up and time for an oil change.

As for temperature handling, the Pennzoil performs excellently, much like the Valvoline 0w-20 Synpower Full Synthetic Oil. You’ll find that oil flow is still good and smooth even in low temperatures or in extreme heat.

Whatever the weather, you can depend on this 0w-20 best synthetic oil to protect your engine against cold starts and breakdowns. As for cons, mileage is just not that great compared to others.

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4 – Royal Purple 51020 API-licensed SAE 0w-20 Synthetic Motor Oil

Royal Purple 51020 API-Licensed SAE

Royal Purple is one of the great brands that come to mind in terms of the best synthetic oils. It comes alongside brands such as Mobil 1,Valvoline, and Liquimoly.

However, unlike its competitors, Royal Purple has climbed to the top by working with race cars — so it’s not a surprise that their synthetic motor oil is designed to perform well even under high pressure.

The Royal Purple 51020 is a 100% synthetic oil brand that works to provide great protection and performance for your engine. With premium base oils plus proprietary ZDDP additives, it coats components to prevent metal-to-metal contact, ensuring reliable performance and preventing wear.

All Royal Purple SAE 0w-20 engine oils are also made with zinc/phosphorus compound zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate (ZDDP). But how can engines benefit from this?

For one thing, ZDDP is designed to prevent the formation of rust by acting as a barrier against moisture. It’s also an anti-wear additive, meaning it adds an additional layer of lubricant which helps when the oil thins with high temperature.

And of course, when operating conditions give way to a rise in temperature, this reduces the oil’s strength and lubrication properties. But because the Royal Purple 51020 product is using ZDDP, the engine oil will still improve the performance of your engine despite hot conditions.

ZDDP also inhibits oxidation, therefore allowing you to get the best use out of this lubricant. It would take more time before your next oil change, making it better than most oils.

You also don’t have to worry about product compatibility issues when you use this product. It works with conventional oil and synthetic oils, even with fuels that contain ethanol.

  • 100% synthetic
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Can handle high pressure
  • Compatible with synthetic and conventional oils, even fuels containing ethanol
  • Fuel-efficient oil

  • Not suitable for all cars

The Royal Purple is designed to prevent white sludge and lubrication starvation caused by fuels with 20% or higher ethanol percentage. Whether you have a gasoline or diesel engine, you can use Royal Purple.

Another important thing to consider when choosing any synthetic oil is fuel efficiency, and this oil reduces fuel consumption as well. So, you get to save more and drive further. Some users even report getting to 12 000 miles, and we’ve gotten close to that as well.

As for its certifications, this 0w-20 synthetic oil also comes with a wide range of met standards like other great oils such as Valvoline 0w-20 Synpower Full Synthetic Oil. It’s API-licensed and meets the requirements of ILSAC GF-5 and Dexos1, so you’re sure to get only the best performance from this oil product.

The only reason to complain is the that this oil isn’t recommended for all vehicles in the market.

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5 – Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy 0w-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Mobil 1 120758

If fuel efficiency is at the top of your list, the Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy 0w-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil is an excellent choice for engines. We can’t deny that gas is expensive, so we could really use saving a few bucks with an oil that works well.

This fully synthetic engine oil from Mobil 1 has an advanced synthetic formulation that effectively improves the overall performance of your car while protecting it from the inside while you use it. And of course, maintaining the integrity of your engine parts is crucial for a good, long life.

If your car engine is well-maintained, you also get better use of your vehicle. Based on our tests, this oil provides good engine performance, high mileage, and a long and better drive.

  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Lubricates well and improves engine performance
  • Good mileage
  • Protects the engine against oxidation and breakdowns
  • No cold starts for your vehicle
  • Great price

  • Not compatible to diesel engines

Engineered with a proprietary blend of high-performance base oils plus special additives, this Mobil 1 synthetic oil superbly lubricates the metal components to prevent friction and reduce wear. As such, the metal parts won’t rub together, but they will easily glide over each other.

Another thing is the oil formula is precisely balanced for excellent lubrication and better protection. The Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy also inhibits oxidation and provides thermal stability.

Additionally, this oil will ensure long-lasting protection for your engine by reducing oil aging. As such, you can use this full synthetic oil for a longer time.

Whatever the weather is like where you live, you get full engine protection with this Mobil 1 synthetic oil. You’d have no problem with cold starts, which is something that any random oil may cause. In fact, whatever your driving style is, this is the best 0w-20 synthetic oil that supports cold-weather starting.

Overall, the Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy is a great pick for a 0w-20 oil. It improves vehicle efficiency, saves on gas costs, cleans well, and protects your engine better from oxidation and thermal breakdowns.

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How to Choose the Best 0w-20 Synthetic Oil

Check the label

Understanding what the product label says will tell you basically everything you need to know about a 0w-20 synthetic oil and what it comes with.

Aside from the 0w-20 viscosity grade, you may also find out what the synthetic oil “prioritizes”. If you see “Fuel Economy” or “High-Performance”, it gives you an idea of what the oil is made for. More importantly, when checking the label, find out its compatibility if it suits the needs of your engine. 

Car type

Keep in mind what your car type or model is to get an idea of what oil will suit it best. Not all synthetic motor oil is right for every car and every engine type. Some are only good for diesel, some only for gasoline. No matter what car type you have one thing every owner should be concerned about is if your oil smells like gas. 

In many cases, there are great oils that are specifically engineered for some car types. If you don’t want to get too much into many technicalities, you can just look for an oil that says it’s a perfect fit for a Honda, Toyota, Acura, Lexus, or whatever your car is.

Also know that not all are good choices for using in the break-in process in vehicles, so you might want to choose something better for the job if your car is new.


There are many different kinds of additives used and recommended by companies, so make sure to check which ones are infused in your motor oil.

There are antioxidants, rust and corrosion inhibitors, viscosity index improvers, anti-wear agents, extreme pressure additives, detergents, dispersants, friction modifiers, and more. See also the best oil filters for synthetic oil that you might need.

Know your needs

What do you really look for in a high quality motor oil? High mileage? Fuel efficiency? Performance? Consider your needs and preferences to help you narrow down your choices and get to the right choice.


As always, the right price is something you need to consider before making a buying decision. Not all cheap motor oils are lax, and not all expensive motor oils are the best.

In order for you to choose the best 0w-20 synthetic oil, take note of what you need and what the oil brings to the table before looking at the price range.

What does 0w-20 mean?

0w-20 is actually a code for oil viscosity as classified by the Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE). You may have seen “0-20 oil” or “0w20 oil”, these all mean the same.

The “w” in viscosity refers to winter classification, and the preceding number refers to the temperature at which the oil is able to flow smoothly. This is essentially the oil’s resistance to low temperatures, so when you get a lower number in viscosity such as 0 (which is the lowest rating) that means the oil will still flow at a low temperature (i.e. 0 degrees Fahrenheit).

On the other hand, the second number “20” in the viscosity refers to the oil’s resistance to thinning at higher temperatures. Generally, the higher the second number in viscosity, the better the oil type will perform for the vehicle in high temperatures.

It’s also recommended to get a synthetic oil with Group IV or V base stock, meaning it’s purely synthetic and not just a synthetic blend.

In a nutshell, 0w-20 engine oils are the best at handling extreme temperatures and conditions. So if you don’t want your oil freezing over during the winter, it’s a great choice.  Plus, it provides reliable performance and protection against engine wear and oxidation. 

With all the reviews above, it’s easy to see that 0w-20 oils are not made equal. You should still take some time to choose the best 0w-20 synthetic oil for your vehicle. So, we’ve selected our overall top picks for 0w-20 oil above to help you make the right choice. You can also check our top-rated suggestions for diesel oil here.

Our Top Pick: Castrol 03124 EDGE 0w-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Castrol 03124 EDGE 0W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

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We hand over the winning verdict to the Castrol 03124 EDGE 0w-20.

It’s packed with tons of benefits that improve engine performance. Its titanium fluid technology creates an extra-strong film that allows the oil to handle the extreme pressures of engine operation, which takes protection to another level.

With outstanding cleaning action, the 03124 EDGE reduces sludge and deposits by 42%, ensuring your engine is in tip-top shape. Even at a cheap price, you can expect this motor oil to last a longer time between changes and extend engine life as well.

Overall, the Castrol 03124 EDGE Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil is the best motor oil in this oil viscosity category.

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