Motorola MR350R Review

12th Jun,2022

With its lightweight design and 35-mile coverage, the Motorola MR350R is a great budget two-way radio that has all the essential features you need. It provides 22 channels, weather alerts, emergency features, a flashlight, and more functions for the outdoors. If you need reliable communication during your trips, this would make the perfect companion.

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If you’re about to embark on a family vacation, camping trip, hike, outing, biking, rock climbing, or any other outdoor activities, the Motorola Talkabout MR350R 35-Mile Range Two-Way Radio will keep you and your group connected and safe during your travels.

This Motorola MR350R review will discuss some of the highlights of this product, pros and cons, and other characteristics to help you determine if this is the two-way radio for you.

What’s in the Box:

  • 2 Motorola MR350R two-way radios
  • 2 belt clips
  • 2 NiMH Rechargeable Battery Packs
  • Dual Dock-in Charger
  • 1 charging adaptor
  • Emergency Preparedness Checklist
  • Owner’s Manual



The Motorola MR350R has a lightweight design and fits well in the hands. It’s sold in black and wood grain colors, giving you an option aside from the usual standard black most models have. Designed for the outdoor enthusiast, the extra-large buttons are a nice feature that makes the device easy to operate even when you’re wearing gloves. 


Camping, hunting, trekking, and other outdoor group activities will be more convenient with the long-range capabilities of the Motorola MR350R. It can reach up to 35 miles in optimum conditions, making it ideal for communicating over long distances.


There are 22 channels on the Motorola MR350R, each with 121 interference eliminator codes. Thus, there’s a total of 2,263 combinations, providing you and your team an extensive array of communication channels.


“How long is the battery life?” This is one of the frequently asked questions in two-way radio reviews. Like many walkie talkies, it can be powered with two options: the included NiMH rechargeable batteries or 3 alkaline AA batteries. When using the NiMH batteries, the Motorola MR350R can last up to 9 hours. On the other hand, alkaline batteries can last for up to 27 hours. 

Charging options are also versatile. You can use the included dual pocket dock charger or a mini-USB to charge in the car, socket, or through a computer. 

While the 9-hour battery life could’ve been better, you can always bring extra alkaline batteries to prevent running out. It also alerts you if you’re running low on power through the on-screen display and audible tones. 

Emergency Call

Many two-way radios like the Midland GXT1050VP4 and the Cobra CXT 1035R FLT allows you to send distress signals to other radios. This feature is present here as well so you can alert other people in emergency situations. 

Weather Alerts

To keep yourself informed of the weather, you can listen to the 11 weather channels including 7 NOAA channels included in the Motorola MR350R. Since it’s likely that you’re going to use the device outdoors, you can be alerted of any unsafe conditions. With these weather alerts and emergency call features, it helps to ensure the safety of yourself, your family, and the other people you’re with.


Operate the Motorola MR350R hands-free with the iVox feature. You can still communicate with your group even without pressing any buttons. Simply activate the hands-free mode and clip the device to your belt or backpack. Even if you’re biking, mountain climbing, or just got your hands occupied, you can send transmissions with ease. 

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Push-to-Talk Power Boost

If you need to increase your transmission range at some point while outdoors, you can use the Push-to-Talk (PTT) Power boost. You can adjust it to extend the range, which uses more power, or reduce the range to conserve battery life. 

Quiet Talk

This feature filters interference that may come from non-Motorola units, making the audio crisp and clear.


There may be times when your radio’s tone alerts can be loud and inappropriate for the situation. In cases like these, the Motorola MR350R has a VibraCall feature which allows your device to use vibration alerts instead of ringtones. Choosing vibration alerts are useful if you’re near your prey on a hunt or if you’re in an overly crowded place where you won’t be able to hear the tones as much. 

Call Alerts

The Motorola MR350R allows you to choose from 20 different ringtones for your call alerts. 


Not all two-way radios have a flashlight, and it sure is handy that this Motorola two-way radio has one built-in. The bright LED light illuminates your evening trips, eliminating the hassle of carrying a separate flashlight on the other hand.

Dust and water-resistant

Outdoor environments can be harsh, but this model is prepared for that. With an IP-51 rating, this two-way radio is dust-resistant and water-resistant. It’s definitely a durable device that’s capable of handling the outdoors.

Affordable and Versatile

At the price of $79.99, the Motorola MR350R is a two-way radio that offers you all the essentials and more. While it’s not as advanced as the high-end models, it works perfectly if you’re looking for a budget option. It’s one of our top picks for long range two-way radios.

It can also be used for other purposes aside from the outdoors. Events, concerts, hotel maintenance, baby monitoring, and anything that needs instant communication can take advantage of a great two-way radio like this.

  • Lightweight
  • Weather alerts
  • PTT Power Boost
  • Quiet Talk filters interference
  • LED Flashlight
  • Dust and water resistant
  • Versatile charging options

  • Doesn’t feel as sturdy as other models, making it more prone to breakage if dropped
  • Short battery life

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Motorola MR350R Review Conclusion

If you’re looking for an affordable two-way radio that delivers an amazing performance, the Motorola MR350R is a great choice. It provides 22 channels with 121 privacy codes, weather alerts, Quiet Talk, and VibraCall, among other features. Dust-resistant and water-resistant, it is perfect for your next outdoor adventure. Here’s another model from Motorola you might want to check out.

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