How to Pick the Right Car for You

How to Pick the Right Car for You

man holding the driving wheel

Buying a car is a very personal process. There’s something about the motor vehicle that embodies everything that we want out of life.

It’s our means to get to work. It’s our second storage facility. It’s an object to tinker with and figure out.

But more than anything, a car is a symbol of our freedom. It’s a harken back to when we first got behind the wheel and that same feeling came to us that riding a bike did—the feeling of endless possibility.

Because of the significance of getting a motor vehicle (not to mention the price), it’s imperative that we choose the car that suits us best. It may be a Lamborghini Aventador, it may be a Toyota Corolla.

Here’s how to pick a car that perfectly fits the conditions of the road as well as the style you desire.

Things You Should Consider

Fuel Efficiency

Australia was meant for cars. As much as the continent’s public transportation has improved over the past few decades, it still makes more sense to drive than anything else. Just ask Australians how they get around.

Unless you live and work in the heart of Sydney, you’ve got to get your own set of wheels. This is especially true in burgeoning cities such as Brisbane.

Because of the way the transit system is organized, gas mileage is king. That narrows it down to Toyota and Mazda, the largely unchallenged kings of quality gas savers.

The most powerful Mazda Brisbane has to offer is still going to save you loads of cash while still outperforming any American or German car in the same category. That’s a fact.

So if you’re someone who is a fan of practical performance, those are your primary choices.


What kind of terrain are you going to be driving on? More likely than not, you’ll be on city blocks. There’s the occasional outing during the cooler months, but in reality, there’s probably going to be more soda cans in the back than extra gas cans.

Be realistic about where you’re going to be taking your car. If you truly are an avid explorer, your best bets are a Jeep, a CX-5, and an FJ Cruiser. Those no-nonsense performers were meant to be tested off-road.

The CX-5 might come as a surprise. The truth is, there’s an all-wheel-drive off-road option that auto-adjusts the suspension and controls, making it virtually indistinguishable from the best trekkers out there.

cars parked beside each other

Daily Use

We have to take into account our jobs and how our vehicle ties into it. If you have a business or any kind of labor service, a truck is going to serve you well.

There’s nothing worse than aging to ask someone if you can borrow their truck while in a time crunch for a job. Avoiding reliance on other people is the whole point of getting your own car.

So if you’re going to haul, dig, landscape, move, or transport anything more than once a month, consider getting a truck. You might not need the biggest one available. Even “Texas Edition” trucks (25% larger in every way) are used more as show ponies than actual work trucks.

A good mid-size truck with vast capabilities should do the job. That is, of course, you need all the bed space you can get, and maintain it with a truck bedliner every now and then.

Image and Style

Every car sales pitch can be divided into two categories: utility and style. Style is often put at the forefront because buying a car is often an extremely emotional process. We only justify purchases with utility.

There’s nothing wrong with that. If you have a style and a certain look you have to keep up with, by all means, keep it.

Modern cars are reliable enough to compete in a market in which Mazda, Honda, and Toyota set the standard. No matter what you choose, it’s going to last you long enough to recuperate your investment.

So let yourself be a little superficial when it comes to cars. They don’t always have to be blunt tools. They’re not. They’re purveyors of style and taste.

You can also add sleek yet very useful accessories like dashcams.


Getting a car is an investment that’s going to be with you for quite a while. Make sure it fits all the criteria that you personally layout. Consider fuel efficiency and terrain.

Make sure it fits your style. It should make sense, and in line with your everyday dealings. But most of all, it should be something that you’re proud to step into.

It doesn’t have to be the flashiest or the most practical. It just has to be undeniably you.

If you’re considering getting a Toyota, you might as well familiarize yourself with the ToyotaCare that comes with it.