6 Useful Car Accessories That You Actually Need

6 Useful Car Accessories That You Actually Need

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Our first car is something that we will never forget, nor the accessories we obtained for it. In the 21st century, we are afforded more accessories than we could ever need, and it is this abundance of accessories that obfuscates drivers the world over.

The lines are blurred between what you really need and what you do not need – but, thankfully, this page will tell you six useful car accessories that you actually do need. By the end of this page, you will be able to distinguish between a necessary accessory and one that can bear a few benefits.

Useful Car Accessories You Should Get

Console Screen Protector

Most cars, at least those built in the last ten years or so, have consoles on the dashboard. Should these consoles become damaged or marked, it can be very difficult to operate the key functions and features of your car, such as volume control or rear-parking cameras.

This is why you must obtain a screen protector for your console. It will ensure that it does not get damaged and that it lasts you the entire duration you own the car. The automotive expert of Car Guided explains that your console becoming damaged can ruin your driving experience, so you must protect your console.

These screen protectors do not cost much, but it is best to get those that are the most durable, which may cost more.

Smart Chargers

Smart chargers are important features of most cars these days. They come in many shapes and sizes, with many features and functions.

Some of them offer alarm systems that help you to find your car in busy car parks, others offer GPS functionality. But, the main feature, and the reason you will likely have purchased a smart charger, is to charge your phone.

They are oftentimes magnetic and stick to your dashboard – other times they require to be plugged in.


In the 21st century, it seems we cannot go anywhere without a GPS. It’s a wonder that we ever managed for over four thousand years to find our way around!

GPS is essential for any car and is an accessory that you will be hard-pressed to be without. Oftentimes, we can access GPS on our mobile devices through navigation applications.

If this is not possible, then a more traditional GPS console may be your best option.

Magnetic Car Mount

For those cars that are not lucky enough to be afforded center consoles, then allow us to introduce the magnetic car mount. Providing you have a smartphone, you can create your own center consoles.

Most car mounts require some kind of installation, whether it be drilled into the dashboard, or simply hooked on, but a magnetic car mount means you can just put it in place and start driving.

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This works great if you have to use your phone a lot for work or need to use GPS and do not have a satellite navigation system. Investing in a magnetic car mount is a decision worth making.

Bluetooth Key Finder

Many cars nowadays do not require the key to be in the engine for them to turn on. This presents a problem if you have lost your key inside your car – as anybody will be able to just get inside and take your car.

The solution? A Bluetooth key finder. Bluetooth key finders will set off a high-pitched alarm when activated, allowing you to find your keys wherever they are, whether they be in the car, the drawer, or somewhere else.

Trash Can

Car trash cans can be installed in the footwell on the passenger side of the car. A messy car filled up with bottles, packets of crisps, and other bits of rubbish can be really ugly. 

Installing a trash can in your car is a fantastic way for you to clean up your car and make it more practical.


Now, with the help of this page, you know six accessories for your car that you actually need. Accessorizing your car can be a lot of fun, and it can be very efficient. There’s nothing like a car chock full of practical accessories.

Note that you must buy car accessories from respectable and scrupulous sources. There is a large industry of faulty online products, poorly manufactured and mass-produced, that sell directly to consumers in the west.

You must distinguish between these products and those that are well made. You can do this by reading reviews and researching the companies from whom you are purchasing your products.

Always do your research before buying anything for your car.

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