Escort Redline Review

The Escort Redline has been referred to as one of the best radar detector in the world, but does it really live up to all of the hype? If you are searching for a new radar detector to avoid speeding tickets, you will need to learn all about this particular model. Escort is a company that is known for making high-quality radar detectors with modern designs. In 2017, Escort released the updated version of this radar detector, the Redline Ex – read the full review here.

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One of the amazing things about the Escort Redline is that it cannot be detected by most radar detector detectors. It uses innovative technology to jam signals from commonly-used police radar guns, so they won’t know exactly how fast you are going. This includes protection from Spectre and VG-2 radar guns.

Mute Options

There are both mute and auto mute options that you can activate at any time with just the quick push of a button. The auto mute feature will instantly lower the notification volume after you have been alerted at the regular volume you have pre-selected. This will allow you to stay aware of nearby threats without the annoyance of constant loud noises. The mute button can be manually activated whenever you want to stop audio notifications.

LED Display

The LED display that this device features has nearly 300 small lights that activate whenever a threat is detected in the area. This will provide you with a way to get notifications on a purely visual level. There are five brightness options that you can choose from to get the display exactly how you want. The SpecDisplay will give you detailed information on all of the radio frequencies that are detected.

Safety Radar

You will find that the Safety Warning System feature is very helpful when it comes to staying current on highway construction as well as hazardous driving conditions. It uses a sort of K-band signal to provide you with valuable information that will keep you safe while driving.


This radar detector comes with a 1-year limited warranty. There is also a 2-year extended service plan that you can get for an additional fee.


The Escort Redline is a sleek-looking radar detector, with a good incorporation of red/white branding and display with the black casing. In just one look at this device, you know you’re dealing with a professional radar detector. The overall design of the Escort Redline radar detector is very impressive in almost every way. It is incredibly easy to use, even for people who have never owned one of these devices before. It has a simple design with an ultra-bright display that shows you the signal of frequencies that are picked up at any given moment.

On the front panel of the device you will find the power button, volume/mute button, and SENS button. There are also three lights at the very front to show you that the device is turned on and active. It has quite a sleek and attractive look that will be sure to go well in your vehicle’s interior.

With the use of a proprietary “smart cord”, you will be able to link this device to your Android or Apple smartphone like its Escort sibs, Passport S75 and Passport 8500×50. Once paired, your phone will display alerts over a map. This is the Escort Live component, and it can be quite useful. You can real-time information on local alerts to stay safe and avoid getting speeding tickets.

Escort Redline XR

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Testing the Escort Redline on the highway yielded some fairly impressive results. It was able to detect most speed traps at least 1-2 miles before a police car came into sight. It also performed well in the city, though there were one or two false alerts. It is really good about providing the user with both visual and audio alerts as soon as a signal is detected. There was never any delay with this, which is great.

One of the very impressive things about this radar detector’s performance is its K-band range, which at least thirty percent better than most other models on the market today. The safety warning system also performs well in general. This feature is incredibly consistent when it comes to issuing alerts when there is construction up ahead, though not every single time.

The overall performance of this radar detector certainly lives up to all of the hype. While it does have its small flaws, it works quite well under a variety of conditions. There were definitely a lot fewer false alerts than we expected overall.


  • Very easy to use for the average person.
  • Safety Radar feature that will help you stay safe and alert with regards to road construction, weather conditions, hazardous zones and fast or slow moving vehicles.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty.
  • Both automatic and manual muting options.
  • Undetectable to VG-2 and Spectre technologies.
  • Clear LED display that provides you with detailed information on detected signals.
  • Designed with innovative and cutting-edge technologies to enhance effectiveness.


  • Speaker is a bit quiet.
  • It lacks a GPS feature.
  • Some issues with false alerts when driving in the city.


Priced at around $600, this radar detector is definitely on the expensive side. It is important to consider everything that you are getting for the money you spend though. When it comes to these devices, you really do get what you pay for. You have to look at buying a device like this as an investment because of all the money it can save you in traffic tickets over the years.

Review Conclusion

There are a lot of things to love about the Escort Redline, including its cutting-edge technology and undetectable design. If you are searching for a good high-end radar detector, this one is definitely worth looking into. It is on the higher end of the price spectrum, but it is well worth the money because of everything you get.

Those who use this device will receive immediate audio and visual notifications when a signal is detected somewhere nearby. It may have some small flaws, but overall it is one of the best products of its kind on the market. This radar detector is definitely something special.

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This article is written by William Johnson, the founder of RRD. William is passionate about radar detectors. His interest in reviewing and testing radar detectors from different brands started nearly 10 years ago, when his own radar detector then (a cheap and brand-less detector he bought online) failed to detect and radar gun nearby.

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