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4 Best Cobra Radar Detectors That Will Prevent Speeding Fines

Everyone deserves to drive with confidence without the worries of getting a speeding ticket. Whether or not you see yourself as a super reliable driver, there are times when you unintentionally go a little above the speed limit. And before you know it, you see the dreaded red and blue lights from your rearview mirror and you’re getting pulled over. If you know this experience all too well, then it’s time to step up and get yourself a Cobra radar detector. 

As a brand, Cobra is one of the well-loved brands in the radar detector field. Customers review a lot of Cobra products and many of them are impressed with the reliability and technological competitiveness they experience with their purchase. So, moving on to our main point, this in-depth review and buying guide will help you find the best Cobra radar detector that will help you avoid speed traps. 

What does a Cobra radar detector do?

Basically, a radar detector works to detect if there’s a radar gun or speed trap near you. Law enforcement officers use radar guns or speed guns to detect if any vehicle on the road is going above the speed limit. With a radar detector installed in your vehicle, you’ll know this in advance and have time to slow down so you won’t get caught. In short, radar detectors equals no speeding tickets!

Depending on the model you purchase, radar detectors are equipped with different functions, with some better than others. Some of the more advanced detectors offer laser detection, GPS functionality, phone integration, a variety of false alert systems, and maybe some patented technology as well — all to give you the best protection possible.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to discussing the best Cobra radar detectors available in the market to help you choose the best one.

Top 4 Cobra Radar Detectors – Reviews & Buying Guide

1 – Cobra DualPro 360 – Best Premium

If you want a radar detector with a solid performance, complete features, and full radar and laser coverage, then the DualPro 360 is the best choice. Performance-wise, this top of the line radar detector is one that sits right up there with the Escort Max 360c. Let’s review this Cobra product further.

The dual antennas are the highlight of this Cobra DualPro 360 review. They are key to delivering the marketed 360-degree protection from both laser and radar. You are protected from multiple bands including K, Ka, and X plus the more advanced laser threats. In addition, the high-speed digital signal processing or DSP technology in this product helps with this by dramatically speeding up sweeps. The result? You get lightning-fast responses and admirable accuracy that allows you to take decisive action before the police sirens blast.

Armed with an arsenal of sensors, the Cobra DualPro 360 also intelligently filters out those annoying false alarms that don’t come from radar guns. It offers in-vehicle technology or an IVT filter to automatically eliminate repeated false alerts, such as those coming from blind spot monitors from other vehicles. If you’ve used radar detectors before, you know how frustrating it is to get bombarded by false radar signals that come from a variety of sources such as roadside signs, automatic door openers, and the like. While it’s fairly easy to press the mute button on a radar detector, the IVT filters and GPS functionality in the Cobra DualPro 360 significantly lessens the number of fake alarms that trigger your radar detector.

Expounding on the GPS function in this review, this Cobra product is one that works with the GPS network to give you a variety of information. For starters, your detector will display your current speed and the current speed limit on the road you’re driving on. But a more useful application of this feature is that you are alerted of any red-light cameras, speed traps, and speed cameras, as the DualPro 360 comes preloaded with locations of these law enforcement gadgets. Additionally, the GPS enables an AutoLearn feature, which was previously available only to Escort radar detectors. This attribute remembers stationary false alerts and automatically rejects them in the future, meaning you don’t have to mute your device every time your car passes by a building with an automatic door opener. Talk about convenience!

An additional nifty feature on the Cobra DualPro 360 is the Bluetooth compatibility which allows you to pair the detector with your phone and use the iRadar app. Whether you use iOs or Android, you’ll be able to access the community of Cobra users on iRadar and be able to share and receive real-time alerts on different road issues and hindrances. If the iRadar app piques your interest, the DualPro 360 is one of the few Cobra radar detectors that have this feature in place.

As reflected in this review, the Cobra DualPro 360 is a powerful unit that delivers on all its promises. If you’re serious about radar detection and you want maximum protection from a speed trap, then this is definitely one of the best Cobra radar detectors in the market.


  • Solid performance
  • Bluetooth, access to iRadar app
  • Accurate filters for false alarms
  • GPS
  • Directional arrows


  • One of the expensive units as it’s priced at $400, but it’s still cheaper when compared to Escort’s Max 360c

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2 – Cobra Rad 450 – Best Value

cobra rad 450 review

At first glance, the Cobra Rad 450 meets our eyes with a sleek black and beige design — perfect if you want a change from the usual black. But under this compact, premium-feeling chassis is a radar detector that deserves its spot as one of the highest-rated in the market. Packed with amazing features, let’s review what makes the Cobra Rad 450 justify its position in our best Cobra radar detector list.

The Cobra Rad 450 tracks K, Ka, and X bands, as wells as six different lasers. Its advanced LaserEye technology promises 360-degree protection, shielding you from radar and laser signals on all sides of the vehicle. While some laser sensors are only able to detect signals from the front of the vehicle, the Cobra Rad 450 has detection power from the rear and off to the sides too — definitely a complete radar laser detector. 

We love the bright OLED display on the Cobra Rad 450. It’s one that’s easy to read and you can adjust the display brightness according to your liking. More notably, there’s a signal strength meter that essentially tells you how far you are from the speed trap. That way, you can make informed decisions as you drive. 

But what makes the Cobra Rad 450 shine in this review is its advanced anti-falsing circuitry. This radar detector is a superstar at eliminating false alarms, making it look super easy to filter out. With high-level technology and updatable IVT filters, interference from various sources and luxury car equipment is lessened. This includes false threats from automatic door openers, blind spot systems, collision avoidance systems, and traffic flow monitoring devices. As such, you are able to keep your focus on the road because you only hear what you need to hear: real alerts. You can even activate the QuietDrive mode to help lessen audible warnings. Thus, the Cobra Rad 450 is the perfect radar detector for drivers who want to experience a quieter ride and no barrage of false beeps.

Voice alerts also make this radar detector one of the best in this review and buying guide. Instead of requiring you to look at the screen each time you hear a radar warning, you can set up automated voice alerts that tell you what you need to know about radar activity. The messages are clear and understandable. Should you need a quieter or louder alert, you can adjust the volume according to your comfort level.

Overall, the Cobra Rad 450 is a great rig for the purpose of avoiding speed tickets. Although it doesn’t have the best range as mentioned in this review, it works excellently for eliminating irrelevant alerts. With accurate anti-falsing circuitry, quick response time, and audible technology in an easy-to-use interface, the Cobra Rad 450 is definitely one of the best Cobra radar detectors you can get for drivers of all ages. 


  • Superbly intelligent false filtering systems
  • Audible voice alerts
  • Beginners will find it easy to use
  • Remarkable sensitivity
  • Signal strength meter
  • Bright OLED display


  • A bit expensive
  • Range is not so good
  • No Bluetooth and GPS

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3 – Cobra ESD 7570 – Best Budget

cobra esd 7570 laser radar detector

Premium radar detectors are not for everyone, and there are drivers who prefer a no-frills unit that would still do the job nicely. If that’s the case, the Cobra ESD 7570 is the Cobra radar detector you’re looking for. With decent features at an affordable price, this is one of the best budget gadgets for radar detection. Let’s quickly do a review, shall we?

In terms of set-up, the Cobra ESD 7570 is easy to mount to your windshield via included suction cups like most Cobra devices. It also features an OLED display that’s easy to read even in bright sunlight. When you look at the screen, you’ll notice the color-coded sections as well. These are for the different bands so you know what radar guns you’re up against.

Like the primer models Cobra has to offer, the Cobra ESD 7570 is equipped with LaserEye technology even if it’s on the entry-level plane. As such, it’s well capable of 360-degree detection from radar and laser signals. The Cobra ESD 7570 can also pick up radar in nine bands as well as a number of laser frequencies used in Canada and the US. Guaranteed, Cobra has got your back covered as a radar laser detector on the road.

The Highway and City modes in this Cobra radar detector also comes in handy, as your rig automatically adjusts its sensitivity levels depending on what environment you’re driving in. On the highway, sensitivity levels are dialed up as your detector will be more focused on speed guns from law enforcement officers. It’s a bit different when you enter City mode, however, as densely-populated areas will have a ton of signals that can set your radar detector off. This is where this budget detector falls short. While higher-priced Cobra radar detectors have solid filtering systems in place, the ESD 7570 struggles to differentiate real from fake alerts. You can still lock out these false alarms though, so if this manual process is not a problem for you, then all is well.

Audio alerts are present in this product as well. With clear tones, you’ll be able to keep your eyes on the road and not darting your eyes to the device every once in a while. You also get alerts if there are speed traps ahead.

Aside from radar and laser detection, you also get safety alerts from this product if your car manufacturers have installed a safety-alert transmitter. That means you get warnings if there are road constructions, upcoming emergency vehicles, and any other road hazards ahead. So even if Bluetooth and GPS features may have been absent for the ESD 7570, it doesn’t compromise when it comes to your safety.

On the whole, this short review reflects that the Cobra ESD 7570 is a wonderful pick if you want a budget radar laser detector that performs well.


  • 360-degree radar detector
  • Audio alerts
  • Safety alerts
  • Quick and effective radar detection
  • OLED display is easy to read
  • Helps you avoid speed traps


  • Prone to false alarms
  • Only nine bands are detected instead of 14 or 16

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4 – Cobra XRS9370 – Runner-up, Best Budget

cobra xrs 9370

Another radar detector we will review is the XRS9370. It also provides great performance as well as affordability . Like most of the Cobra radar detectors listed in this review and buying guide, the XRS9370 also has 360-degree protection — a level higher than most radar detection devices in the entry-level range. 

Bringing you fast and effective sweeps, the Cobra XRS9370 is capable of shielding you from 6 lasers and 5 bands, including X, K, Ka, Ku, and the instant-on POP radar. The Ku band is popularly used in Europe but is getting popular in Canada and the US, too. Most detectors protect from Ku but it’s usually turned off. 

You’ll also get awesome range with the Cobra XRS9370 as this product is equipped with Xtreme Range Superheterodyne Technology. Response time is quick as well, thanks to the super-fast circuitry that provides speedy notifications when radar and laser signals are detected within range. In addition, the display has a signal strength meter that gives you an estimate of how near or far the speed gun is.

You can also make use of the city mode and highway mode in this Cobra unit, and you probably don’t need further explanation for these as they have been already discussed. Nevertheless, these modes adjust the unit’s sensitivity levels depending on where you’re driving. This ultimately reduces false alerts, but without a GPS, the Cobra XRS9370 is not at par with other models that have advanced filtering systems.

But aside from all the laser and radar alerts, you also get Safety Alerts and Radar Detector Detector Alerts with the Cobra XRS9370. The safety alert list includes road constructions, road hazards, emergency vehicles coming your way, and other similar scenarios that require your attention. On the other hand, Radar Detector Detector Alerts are those that warn you if there are RDDs in the area such as VG-2, Spectre I, and Spectre IV+. 

To help you keep your focus on the road, Cobra has audio alerts in the Cobra XRS9370. They’re not voice alerts though, just something to keep in mind as well. Then again, you’ll still be able to use them to know whats going on without looking at the radar detector because this rig comes with 16 unique alerts. Yes, you read that right. To break it down, there are 4 tones for K, Ka, Ku, and X; 6 for each type of laser; 3 for each safety alert; and 2 for VG-2 or Spectre detection. If memorizing these different tones are not up your alley, then it might be better for you to consider a Cobra radar detector with voice warnings. 

Should you have the need for a quieter drive, you can use the AutoMute and IntelliMute functions to help you with that. AutoMute is for gradually decreasing the volume of tonal warnings, while IntelliMute automatically mutes the Cobra XRS9370 when you’re driving at lower speeds or when you’re parked. Note that you have to set the RPM beforehand in order to use the IntelliMute function.

Overall, the Cobra XRS9370 deserves its spot in this review of the best Cobra radar detectors. 


  • Good range
  • 360-degree protection against laser and radar
  • Super-fast response time
  • Safety Alerts
  • RDD alerts
  • AutoMute and IntelliMute


  • Tones only, no voice warnings
  • No GPS
  • No Bluetooth

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Our Top Pick: Cobra DualPro 360

In the search for the best Cobra radar detector, we place the winning verdict on the Cobra DualPro 360. With its powerful features, lightning-fast responses, accurate false filters, GPS functions, and Bluetooth compatibility, the Cobra DualPro 360 is definitely the best of the best in the radar detector field. Dual antennas on the DualPro 360 assure the claimed 360-degree shield for the best radar detection. With GPS, you get access to features such as speed limit display, AutoLearn, and warnings on the location of speed traps, red-light cameras, and speed cameras. Additionally, the Bluetooth compatibility on the Cobra DualPro 360 allows access to the iRadar app and its features. It offers real-time, crowdsourced information on road issues so you’ll never be caught off guard when driving. 

Overall, the Cobra DualPro 360 is a radar detector that delivers a grand performance and provides everything you need to drive with absolute confidence. It’s the best Cobra radar detector for all kinds of users. 

How to Choose a Radar Detector

When picking out a radar detector, you also need to consider your needs and expectations in your search. While the function of every radar detector is to help you avoid those dreaded speeding tickets, not all of them are made equal. Cobra produces some of the finest radar detectors in the market, but it’s still important to read a review and check the information before making a buying decision. Here are some things to consider before buying a Cobra product, or any radar detector for that matter:

Laser Detection

Before, radar detectors can only detect radar signals. But law enforcement gadgets continue to upgrade, and today, they also make use of laser technology. Fortunately, radar detector manufacturers are able to keep up. Choose a radar detector with two sensors instead of one, because having only one sensor will only detect laser beams coming from the front. With two, you get full 360-degree shields because laser pulses can be detected from behind or off the sides. A radar detector with laser sensors may cost you a few more bucks, it’s definitely much more reliable.

Radar detector detector warnings

As previously mentioned, law enforcement gadgets continue to level up, and they even use RDDs to see if drivers are using a radar detector in the vehicle. While radar detectors are mostly legal, knowing if the police are checking you out is useful information. Some radar detectors warn you and then shut down, while the more advanced ones are completely invisible to RDDs. The Cobra devices listed in the review above are mostly undetectable to VG-2 and Spectre-I RDDs.


While the lack of GPS function is not necessarily a big loss, having one can provide information that many drivers find useful. GPS allows your radar detector to display your speed and the current speed limit wherever you’re driving. It can also inform you of the location of speed traps and cameras on the road. If you want automatic lockouts of false alarms, then a GPS is key to that function. In the end, it really depends on your personal preference.


Ultimately, you need a radar detector that comes with good range, selectivity, and sensitivity. You need to know if speed guns are being used even before you have visual contact with a police vehicle. That being said, your radar detector must also be able to give you a warning when the signal is still a bit far from where you are. This gives you ample time to react and slow down if you’re going above the limit. As for sensitivity, you can use City mode and Highway mode as these are most helpful in filtering out those false warnings. Choose a Cobra radar detector that has a high-performance rating so you’ll get the best possible protection while driving.


There may be a ton of radar detectors out there, but you don’t have to search far and wide. It can be easy, and you’ll never go wrong with a reputable brand like Cobra. Whether you prefer a no-frills product or something with all the bells and whistles, you can certainly find one in the array of radar detectors Cobra offers. Just consider the features and expectations you need out of a radar detector and remember our tips in choosing one.  


This article is written by William Johnson, the founder of RRD. William is passionate about radar detectors. His interest in reviewing and testing radar detectors from different brands started nearly 10 years ago, when his own radar detector then (a cheap and brand-less detector he bought online) failed to detect and radar gun nearby.

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