Whistler VS Cobra

Time is so important to everyone. People have to manage so many things at once – their job, family and sometimes emergencies. All this is so hectic that it’s tough to be calm. Sometimes important things come up at the last second and your whole schedule breaks down. Because of all this, people get tempted to speed when driving. Speeding gives you that extra spare time to use on the next task. But speeding isn’t free! There are cops lurking in hidden corners who set up traps in order to catch you and stop you, and then give you a ticket.

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If you are one of the regular speeders, then here’s great news for you radar detectors help you avoid speeding tickets. But don’t just jump to a store and buy the first radar detector, you should consider the radar detector that will protect you the best. Some of you might have heard of the Cobra Radar Detector. But there’s also the Whistler Radar Detector, which gives much better performance at a much reduced price than the Cobra!

Thankfully the company manufacturing Whistler Radar Detectors do not charge a higher price than is necessary. Their name is small, but their fame is growing day by day as they sell more efficient radar detectors. Whistler produces less expensive and competent radar detectors that give you more performance than its price. The more recent releases are the Whistler Pro 78 and the Whistler XTR-690.

So what is so special about the Whistler Radar Detectors? The first thing is its price. Whistler is nowhere near as expensive as the Cobra, which is around $500. And the Whistler Radar Detector picks up signals even before your eyes can see a cop. When you hear the signal, you will know that it’s time to slow down. Then you can slowly pass the cop and grin at him; you haven’t broken any laws!

Another very interesting feature of the Whistler Radar Detector is that it alerts the user with both sound and flashing lights. If you love listening to loud music while you drive, then this feature will come in very handy. You don’t need to worry about not hearing the sound of your radar detector. When you see the flash just slow down.

With a Whistler Radar Detector, you don’t have to be concerned about speeding at all. If you follow the warning of the radar detector right, you may not be getting any tickets for a very long time to come. So go ahead and give it a try.

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