Everything You Need To Know About Cop Radar Detector App in 2018

In order to avoid a speeding ticket, you must drive slowly with a great radar detector or use a cop radar detector app. These apps are free and you can download them for your smartphone. All they need is a GPS and internet connection. According to many users, these apps are the best way to save money by avoiding speeding tickets. On the other side, some people believe that these apps are not functional. The truth is, these apps are very helpful and they can protect you from a speeding ticket or even a license suspension.

cop radar detector app live preview

Which cop radar detector app is the best?

It is hard to tell, which cop radar detector app is the best, because all of them work on the same way. In general, you can download an app, test it and if it is good, you can use it. If it isn’t, just uninstall it. Most of them are free and they can be downloaded from Google Play or App store. However, some of them have certain in-app paid purchases. You should know that these purchases are irrelevant and free version is usually enough. A cop radar detector app that you should use, must have great features and positive reviews! There are several apps that don’t work, so you do not need them. In order to know this, just look for reviews while downloading a cop radar detector app.

A great cop radar detector app must have great features

Using the app that has poor interface and doesn’t have a lot of features is pointless. That’s why, you should download an app that has a lot of features. Some of the best features are: current speed, speed limit, possible locations of police radars and audio and visual alerts. Almost all apps have current speed. They measure it via GPS so it is very precise. Some apps can measure mileage as well, so beside radar detection purpose, they have other purposes.

cop radar detector app examples

Different types of apps

Apps that should detect police radars have the same purpose, but there are several differences in how they work. We can categorize them in 3 main groups. They are:

  1. Apps that have a database. These apps use a database of speeding cameras and locations where police radars are. They are useful only if the database is large enough. On the other side, most companies that develop these apps increase the size of their database, so these apps are more helpful every single day.
  2. Apps that use GPS. These apps use GPS to determine your location and alert you on police radars that are near. In general, these apps are very useful and most people use them.
  3. Apps that use an online community. These apps use a wide network of users to locate and alert other drivers. This means that when you see a police radar, you alert other drivers. They do the same, so you have the latest information on where police radars are. According to many users, this type of apps is the best due to the fact it is the most precise one.