An Easy Guide for Buying a Radar Detector

While speeding is never encouraged, having to deal with speeding tickets is one of the most annoying instances a driver will ever encounter. Because of this, there are numerous manufacturers that have created products to resolve this problem.

These products are known as radar detectors, and they are a must-have for any driver who wants to steer clear of speeding tickets. But how exactly do you go about buying a radar detector? It’s true that not ever radar detector is the same, and some are worth your money, while others are a joke and do not perform the job that it promises.

The first step in buying a radar detector is understanding what they are detecting. Police speeding radars work by utilizing microwaves from a searchlight. When they point their radar in the direction of traffic, your vehicle comes in contact with the microwave and then the signal is bounced back to the radar where your speed is calculated.

Now that you have a basic understanding of radars used by law enforcement, you need to understand the various types of radar detectors. There numerous types of radar detectors, all of which can be mounted differently. Before you begin searching for your radar detector, you will need to figure out whether or not you are going to mount your radar detector on the windshield of your vehicle, on the dashboard or even on your visor.

You can also have a radar detector built-into your vehicle, which allows you to have streamlined security without a bulky radar detector sticking to your windshield. The price for a standard radar detector can range from $50 all the way to $200. If you desire a custom built in radar detector you can expect to spend in upwards of $1,000.

Determining whether or not you will be transferring this radar detector to different cars will help narrow the field of potential radar detectors. Those that are mounted on your windshield or visor are easier removed than those that are placed elsewhere.

You will want to discuss the location of the radar detector with a professional, because mounting it in a wrong area of your vehicle will greatly weaken the radar’s ability to detect speed traps.

Make sure that your radar detector is able to detect a wide variety of signals, so make sure you check our guide before choosing one. Not every police officer uses microwaves to track vehicle speeds. When you are talking with the salesperson, make sure they point you to radar detectors that can detect a wide array of frequencies, the main being Lidar, which is laser detection.

Also, there are some radar detectors that are undetectable by police officers, which is important if you are living in an area where radar detectors are greatly frowned upon.

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