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Best Automotive Paint Gun for Beginners in 2020

Painting a fence, house, car, or anything else can be peaceful and relaxing past time, or quite a boring one. Sometimes you’re arm just feels so tired from the repetitive movement. DIY projects are fun but can be difficult at times. To get the job done quicker and with more precision, we have the automotive paint gun. You would think that painting a single solid color would be easier, but uneven strokes can actually be more obvious! To help you choose the best one for your next project, we have compiled a comprehensive list.

Top 10 Automotive Paint Guns for Beginners

1 – TCP Global Brand HVLP Spray Gun Set

This set comes with an air regulator, 3 spray guns complete with cups, and a maintenance kit. All this for an affordable price, it almost seems too good to be true! Works with any coating you could want with all the premium features in these best automotive paint guns. Each of the guns provide a fully atomized spray pattern with yields professional results. The guns come in different sizes, made for different jobs. The 1.4mm paint gun is great for base coats and liquids with light viscosity. The larger 1.8mm spray gun is better for coatings with high viscosity such as primers and latex.


  • 3 paint guns in one
  • Comes with a maintenance kit
  • Comprehensive package without the high price tag
  • Works with all coating
  • Different guns for different purposes
  • Produces professional results


  • Poor construction
  • The spray paint guns clog easily

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2 – Astro Pneumatic Tool 4008 Spray Gun with Cup

It’s the perfect tool for every job you can think of. At the end of the day, the clean up is easy for this paint gun for beginners. It’s two pieces banded together that adopts an air valve design for a powerful spray. Adjust the pattern from the 1 quart dripless cup in a steady stream from the large 11” fan. It works with primers, top coats, acrylics and anything else you would want to coat cement, fences, or cars. If you are a beginner trying your hand at your very own DIY project, the product even comes with detailed instructions to help you with your first run. 


  • Has a large and adjustable fan 
  • Cuts paint spray time in half!
  • Words with any type of coating
  • Comes with beginner instructions
  • An excellent car paint sprayer
  • Anti-spill cup
  • Easy to clean two part design


  • The stream may not be constant

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3 – SPRAYIT SP-352 Gravity Feed Spray Gun with Aluminum Swivel Cup

With something you need to keep up and level for long periods, it’s important that the best automotive paint gun is constructed with lightweight materials. The aluminum gun body with the cup do not weigh more than 14 ounces. You can adjust the spray pattern and air controls for the  precise and professional paint job you are looking for. It is a more compact design with the sole purpose of not stressing your arms but the cup may be switched out for a larger one for bigger jobs. Keep in mind that it’s for smaller jobs, the fan pattern measures at 5.5 to 7.5 inches.


  • Perfect for smaller jobs
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Adjust the spray patterns
  • Get the professional paint job you want
  • You can rotate the gun to get in smaller spaces
  • Gravity feed provides more power


  • Meant for smaller jobs

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4 – DevilBiss Finishline 4 FLG-670 Solvent Based HVLP Gravity Feed Paint Gun

Let’s start by addressing all the complicated terms. The HVLP technology equals high volume and low pressure, giving a more even coverage without the overspray. Gravity feed spray paint guns draw the coating from the top down (above the nozzle) and have lower pressure requirements. If you are looking for the latest in atomization, look no further than this best automotive paint gun for beginners. Enjoy more precision with this spray gun with anodized interior piping that makes it easy to clean. It also comes with multiple fluid tips with sizes ranging from 1.3 to 1.8.


  • HVLP paint sprayers for cars and more
  • Get more coverage with less overspray
  • Gravity feed
  • Easy to clean
  • Even and precise spray paint job
  • Anodized interior piping


  • Isn’t of great quality

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5 – Master Pro 44 Series High Performance HVLP Spray Gun

This gun comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You get your money back or a brand new replacement in the first year if you are unhappy with the results. The stainless steel construction that work well with waterborne coatings. The coatings are atomized with a superior fan pattern that will guarantee the paint lays flat. Whether you are laying down a top coat or base coat, you will end up with a professional finish. The 1.3 mm tip is great for light to medium viscosity coating materials. There is even a little cleaning brush included in the kit to help you maintain your new beginner spray gun.


  • A great car paint spray gun
  • Precise components for a professional finish
  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 1.3mm is great for light to medium viscosity.


  • It may leak and not last long

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6 – Neiko 31215A HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun

Out of all the spray guns, one with HVLP and gravity feed makes for the best automotive paint gun. If you are also looking for something heavy duty, then you have come to the right place. Landing at number 6 on our list is a steel gun with a stainless steel nozzle and brass cap that adds to durability. The HVLP and gravity feed work in tandem to produce amazing and professional results. Depending on which nozzle size you choose, the 1.7mm is great for primers and base coats while larger ones work with materials with a higher viscosity. 


  • Full package includes the gun, aluminum cup, metal air gauge, cleaning brush, and a multi-size wrench.
  • Different nozzle sizes
  • Sturdy construction
  • Set your perfect spray with the 3 control valves


  • The spray gun for beginners isn’t very durable

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7 – Dynastus Touch Up 4.2 OZ HVLP Air Spray Gun Auto Car Detail Paint Sprayer

Take your pick between the aluminum or the composite construction with this spray gun that is ideal for the smaller jobs and details. The stainless steel needles and air caps are designed with precision in mind. The Dynastus Touch Up guns provide consistent air pressure and fully-atomized spray for a professional result. Regulate your fluid with the three built-in control knobs and properly maintain your air spray paint gun with the included kit. Use it for cars, houses and all the finer details that an air spray gun with a larger nozzle just can’t do.


  • Get steady pressure and a fully atomized spray
  • Great for smaller jobs
  • Stainless steel needles and air caps
  • Aluminum or composite construction
  • HVLP offers less overspray and more transfer efficiency
  • Comes with a kit


  • Poor build and inconsistent performance

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8 – TACKLIFE Paint Sprayer SGP15AC Electric Paint Spray Gun

The only gun on the market with an upgraded 1.0mm nozzle that offers a smoother and more effective spray. If that is too small for you, rest assured that your package will come with three more nozzles of larger sizes ( 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm) to accommodate the larger tasks. Why have the 1.0mm you ask? Well, it’s the only one of its kind on the market and provides grainless and smooth spray jobs that are best for furniture with intricate details. It makes your job easier as the canister is refillable without unscrewing and removing the whole thing. It’s a lightweight product that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


  • The only spray gun on the market with a 1.0mm nozzle option
  • Comes with 3 other larger nozzles
  • Use it indoors and out on any surface
  • Great to use on smaller more intricate projects and tasks
  • Refill the canister easily
  • Provides steady pressure for an even paint job


  • It may not work well with latex paints

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9 – DEWALT DWMT70777 Gravity Spray Gun HVLP

This air spray gun from Dewalt, a trusted brand in all home tools comes with HVLP technology (high volume low pressure). The small aluminum gun comes with a 600cc paint cup with a lid that’s easily refillable. The lightweight gravity feed air spray paint gun with regulated pressure can be put to good use by anyone. It’s incredibly easy to use and lays down an even coat of paint. Imagine a smooth coat without any overspray and paint globs. The gun is well balanced, and makes a great automotive paint gun for beginners.


  • HVLP and gravity feed
  • Even pressure for a smooth lay
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Well balanced automotive spray gun for beginners


  • The one-size nozzle may not work well with latex

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10 – Iwata IWA5640 LPH400-134LV Center Post Gravity Feed HVLP Spray Gun

We are aware of the higher price tag, but it’s one of the best automotive paint guns with a gravity feed and HVLP. As a beginner, once you hold this gun in your hands you immediately transform into a professional. This spray paint gun is usually found in a more professional capacity, but it offers the best finish with quality atomization. For simple DIY jobs, it could be more helpful to think about models that won’t take a big hit on your savings account. We added this option for the professional painters looking to expand their toolkit. 


  • A high performance option for professionals or beginners
  • Superior atomization
  • Great for any coating on most surfaces
  • It’s an excellent choice and one of the best spray guns there is


  • It would be better if it came with a 1.3mm nozzle

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How to Choose Best Automotive Paint Gun for Beginners – Buyer’s Guide

It’s fun to roll on or brush on paint in your old coveralls on a nice summer’s day as an amusing DIY pastime. But not everyone has the time to spare or the patience to put in the work one monotonous stroke after another. This is where an automotive paint gun comes in. 

These gadgets offer superior precision and ease with ideal performance. Hopefully, the models you choose have gravity feeds and HVLP functions. Since you are a beginner, we’re here to help you make shopping for an automotive paint gun easier. Read on to find out what to look for in these devices.


We have been stressing HVLP (high volume low pressure) spray guns. They are the most widely used and sold on the market, so it’s quite easy to get your hands on one. The low pressure while still spraying out high volumes of paint guarantees transfer and coating efficiency. This means that there will barely be any wasted paint and overspray for you to clean up. In the long run, HVLP spray guns may even save you some money with their frugal use of the paint. Complete your project with precision and efficiency. 


Another term you have seen us use numerous times would be gravity feed. The two basic feeds are gravity and siphon. The gravity feed gun is much more renowned and works in tandem with the HVLP design. It is famous for using less pressure and delivering more paint. 

The guns with gravity feeds more often than not have transparent canisters that allow you to see exactly how much paint you have left. Siphon paint guns usually have a larger canister but don’t offer the same performance.

Nozzle Size

As you may have noticed, all of the guns we suggested above have measurements for nozzle size. Some better deals may even come with more than one nozzle so your gun is more versatile in projects it can take on. The nozzle size isn’t only about getting the job done faster, but it actually affects the type of paint you can use! Heavier paint (ones with higher viscosity) will need larger nozzles. 

On the contrary, ones with lower viscosity will be okay with smaller ones. Since you want the gun to be diverse, finding one that comes with a set of nozzles will give you the most bang for your buck.

Hose Length

This is not something a lot of people would consider. The hose length of the gun gives you your range. A longer hose gives you more distance and freedom to go high or low, under or over, left or right. If you don’t want to carry the container, the hose will give you some leeway, or you can look into an extension cord.

Size of the Container

A larger size will help you get the job done faster, and is much more useful for bigger projects. A smaller paint gun with a smaller canister would be better for the finer details.Can you imagine painting the whole exterior wall of your house with a small gun and canister?

Air Compressor

You will most likely need to get your own air compressor (unless you manage to find an automotive paint gun that comes with one. You need to pick one that delivers consistent pressure. You don’t want your gun to spit and barely cover the surface one day then shoot out the paint uncontrollably the next. A good and hardy air compressor will contribute greatly to a successful finished product.


How much adjustability does the paint gun have? You want to at least be able to the spray patterns and the speed as you coat on the paint. Other than having the different nozzles for different types of coating, maybe having different sized canisters will also help diversify your projects and results.

They usually come in the form of buttons or knobs. Why you need this depends on the surface you are planning to cover. Getting a smooth finish depends greatly on the pressure and the pattern. 

What about the power sources? For your easiest bet we would suggest finding ones that are controllable by hand. 


Power, or gallons per minute (GPM) is the equivalent of how much paint your gun can transfer from the container onto the wall (or whatever surface) in one minute. A spray gun with a high GPM will be more powerful and finish the job quicker.

Easy Cleanup

Too many people focus on the job and forget about the aftermath. After your amazing paint gun for beginners gets the job done, there is still a matter of the cleanup. If the guns aren’t easy to assemble or disassemble, then you’re looking at a great big headache. Anodized interiors with stainless steel construction are the easiest to deal with.


The final thing (but it doesn’t mean it’s less important) is the cost. You can have paint guns at prices that seem too good to be true, and ones (like the Iwata) that costs you an arm and a leg. More often than not, a cheap guns just don’t do the job as well. They might get all sputtery and the results aren’t as fine and smooth. You get what you pay for, but by no means do you need to set out and purchase the best of the best for a beginner DIY project.


Now this is not so much about the spray gun itself but your buyer’s protection. With so many components of different sizes, it’s easy for one of them to muck up and ruin the whole gun. A comprehensive warranty will protect you from malfunctions and manufacturer defects without having you pay out of your own pocket. 

It’s also important to consider that a company that provides a wide coverage in their warranty/guarantee is confident in their product. If a paint gun is known to malfunction or have substandard quality, there is no way you will receive a warranty in your purchase package.

What is the Best Spray Gun to Paint a Car?

The best spray gun for any job depends on its performance. The best automotive spray gun for a car would be consistent and pump out the same amount of coating every time. You want an even sheen on your car and not a splotchy paint job. Look for a high GPM paint gun with a large canister.

What is the best HVLP Spray Gun for the Money?

A lot of the options we presented on our list a great paint guns for the budget. They are HVLP, have gravity feed and provide and even and consistent spray. The different sized nozzles they come with also pump out many types of coating for a smooth lay.

What is the Best Cheap Spray Gun?

The TCP brand offers many options that are easy on the wallet and superior in performance. Look through our buyer’s guide to help narrow down the choices on our top 10 list to find one that is affordable for your budget and comes with everything you need.

What Auto Paint is the Easiest to Spray?

Urethane paints are said to be the easiest to spray, not to mention their impressive longevity. Aside from being easy to administer, it’s also the most dangerous. The most dangerous in terms of damage that could be caused to your lungs and airways. Always remember to wear some sort of gas mask or breathing apparatus.

Which is the Best Automotive Paint Gun for Beginners?

We are quite the fans of the TCP and Astro Pneumatic paint gun brands. Just naming one is extremely tough as there are hundreds of products out there to choose from. One that is lightweight, easy to use, gives an even consistency and is efficient and economical with the paint is our ideal option.

Extra Tips

Don’t underestimate the importance of proper maintenance. Taking care of your possessions will ensure they have a long life. Cleaning them regularly and investing in good quality parts will guarantee performance, durability and a desired finish. It also gets out wayward paint globs that will make your next paint job easier.

Always make sure you prep the environment. Lay down tarp, add duct tape or masking tape to areas you don’t want covered. Wear the proper safety equipment (gloves, overalls, respirator/face mask) and remove items off the ground that are easy to trip over.

Paints need to be stored in cool and dry places. They are flammable liquids that should be kept away from a heat source when you are painting. Properly store the gun plus the paint in a safe place that isn’t easily accessible.

Our Top Pick – TCP Global Brand HVLP Spray Gun

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Our top choice is the TCP Global Brand HVLP Spray Gun Set. The items are incredibly affordable and you get 3 guns in one plus other parts as a kit. They work with any paint and come with premium features you wouldn’t expect in such affordable spray guns.

Coming in different sizes, they each provide an atomized spray that give you a professional and smooth finish. Finding the right paint gun isn’t difficult once you know what you are looking for. Plus, with our list of what you want and don’t want, the right gun is at your fingertips with a simple click of the “order” button.


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