What Is The Best Radar Detector On The Market 2017?

What is the best radar detector for 2017 ?

There are so many radar detectors in the market, they all have many different features and the best radar detector on the market for me is not necessarily the best one for you. Do you want to know what is the best radar detector for your needs on 2017 ? We will show you the 7 best radar detectors for the money in 2017, checking everything from detecting bands to smartphone compatibility.

  • #1 – Escort Max 2 Radar Detector – $395
  • #2 – Escort iX Long Range Radar Detector – $499.95
  • #3 – Beltronics Sti Magnum Radar Detector – $459
  • #4 – Valentine One Radar Detector – $448.95
  • #5 – Escort Max 360 Radar Detector – $649
  • #6 – Escort Redline Radar Detector – $499
  • #7 – Escort Passport Max Limited Edition Radar Detector – $499

*The prices above are changing and may not be updated.


Escort Passport Max 2 Radar Detector
Escort iX Long Range Radar Laser Detector
Beltronics 015007-6 STi Magnum Radar Detector
Valentine One Radar Detector
Escort Passport Max 360 Radar Detector
Escort Redline Radar Detector
Escort Passport Max Limited Edition
Valentine One
Special Features
Bluetooth wireless technology and digital signal processing
All round protection, Safety camera
DSP and Totalshield Technology
Ku band detector, Rear Radar Antenna
Increased precision and detection
Escort live compatible, extended range
Autosensitivity mode, LED system and live radar app
Range Of Effectiveness
3.5 miles

7 miles

11.5 miles

5 miles

7 miles

8 miles

6 miles

1 Year
2 Years
1 Year
1 Year
1 Year
1 Year
1 Year


What Are the Top Radar Detectors Reviews 2017

Think about the last time you received a speeding ticket. It is a stressful scenario that can place your financial situation in shambles. Some states have strict traffic laws that can slap you with a $1000+ ticket for a minor accident or infraction. Fortunately, there are methods to prevent this from happening.  One of which is to invest in one of the best radar detectors on the market. Amongst top radar detectors 2017, there are alot of similarities in features, pricing, and opportunity to save money by avoiding costly conversations with the law. The best radar detectors can locate, track, and warn well in advance of any impending police scanner.

The Best Radar Detectors are growing in popularity. Annually, the best radar detectors save thousands of dollars in tickets. In fact, it improves the driver by helping the driver reach their destination quickly and effectively.

Speeding tickets take a serious toll on your wallet. Not only do they take a large amount from your savings, they can force you into traffic school which can rack up additional charges if not adhered to. Other issues as being stuck in court or fighting against the law. Buying a radar detector is mandatory to prevent this issue.

One common mistake drivers make is associating radar detectors to crime.

Why Buy a Radar Detector? What is the best radar detector for the money?

Before we get on with our radar detector reviews, we want to explain the importance of a radar detector and how to find what is the best radar detector 2017.

First things, it is not a “cop detector”. The best radar detectors are at best preventative measures to save money.  At worst, the best radar detectors make long trips easier by offering peace of mind.

It is not going to alert you every police officer that is in the area. However, it will detect radar signals to help determine if a police officer is nearby. This saves you thousands in fines, court fees and defense classes. But like everyone else, you need to know how the best radar detector on the market should work.


How to find what is the best radar detector for the money for my vehicle?

Finding what is the best radar detector for the money varies from vehicle to vehicle. One thing that also matters is the amount you invest into it. Paying for a cheap radar detector is useful, but many problems occur. You’ll find yourself getting fake alerts; ruining your driving experience.

When finding the right detector, consider:

  • The laws regulating the use of radar detector. Check this out in your state.
  • What do you need to be alerted for?
  • If you want it synced with your smartphone: iOs (Apple) or Android (Google)
  • Your budget. Radar detectors come in a wide range of prices. Remember, you’ll want to pay for quality. Cheap detectors won’t work effectively.
  • Your preference of the radar detector. Whether it is a standard dash mounted radar, or a high-tech radar placed in a secret area in your car.


The best radar detectors balance affordability, with useful features. Many companies boast their products as the best radar detectors available. To actually find the best radar detectors, it’s as easy as honing in on what works for your particular needs and driving style.  Even the best radar detectors can fail or not be 100% reliable, but the most reliable products are those that are a bit of an investment.

Drive safely!

Here are our 7 best radar detector reviews:


  1. Escort iX Long Range Radar Detector

Escort iX

Starting off our radar detector reviews list is Escort’s first long range model, the Escort Long Range. The radar detector does a great job at giving a fast response. If you would ask me what is the best radar detector 2017 I might answer that this one is.

This group of radar bands consist of instant and conventional modes. (X-band, K-band, Pop mode). We like the large amount of quality laser sensors provide off-axis protection. In addition, it produces anti alert falsing technology. Meaning that it uses GPS to learn and reject unwanted fake alarms.

These fake alarms can destroy the safety of your driving. What’s interesting is that the system takes away the fear of false alerts. Through its innovative technology sources (Ex: cruise control that adapts to your speed).

Lastly, the best thing that we liked about this detector is the Escort Live app. You can connect your smartphone to your radar protector to prevent getting a ticket.

One of the features that we like from the Escort Long Range is the auto learn technology. The auto learn technology uses GPS and scouts around the area. When finding harmful alarms around the area, it detects and alerts the user.

False alarms are a pain. They can destroy the driving experience by exposing you to a lot of legal issues. We like the Escort IX Long Range because it allows the user to drive easy. There is no need to worry about negative police behavior when using it. Amongst it’s competitors it’s one of the best and may be actually the best police radar detector available.  While the other best radar detectors have limited range, this is one of the Escort Long Range specialities.

Long range detection is the main feature. It creates over 6 miles of effectiveness. With clear warnings, the detector is great at finding unwanted signals. Rest assured that you’ll find a great amount of distance protection when using this.

The one issue that we found when using the Escort Long Range was its accuracy. It is great for finding harmful signals in over 6 miles, it does not have an accurate reading. This throws off drivers a bit.

But, we believe that this is still one of the best radar detectors and obviously should be in the seven top radar detectors. It’s long range effectiveness is outstanding. Compared to any of the other best radar detectors on this list, it holds its own.

We give it a 4/5.

Escort IX Long Range Radar Detector


  1. ESCORT Redline Radar Detector

Escort Redline

The Escort Redline Radar Detector is coming in less than 600$.

Do not be alarmed by its price. The Escort Redline Radar Detector is powerful, easily accessible, and reliably one of the best radar detectors on the market for its price.. It is backed up by the innovations that Escort offers. It is a company that is known for providing some of the best radar detectors 2017 and in the past decade. And the Escort Redline is a good example of this.

Unlike most of the models tested in this radar detector reviews 2017, the Escort Redline shows the most range than the other models. Since its main mode is Ka band, it is perfect for highway usage. The Redline has quality that matches the more expensive Escort Passport 9500ci.

One disadvantage is the lack of GPS. Without the use of GPS, the escort placed lower in protection. The camera protection taken a hit as well. But this causes a lot more problems down the line. With repeated use, the Redline becomes resistance to all false alarms. Thus, making it a good investment for only 2-3 years.  The best radar detectors are adaptable.

A way to get GPS is by adding the Escort Live. For a price of $99, it links a smartphone to be used for GPS purposes. With the GPS, onboard, the Redline finds fewer false alarms and warns of further cameras. Other threats such as police and speed traps are also picked up through this quality detector.  Amongst the best radar detectors made by Escort, the Escort Live is one of its better features for beating out the competition amongst the best radar detectors.

When you connect, the Escort Redline to Escort Live, your driving experience is enhanced. You obtain protection from false alarms and red light cameras. Further, the Escort Redline is an award-winning radar detector. Amongst windshield mounted detectors this is the best in its league.

We give it a 5/5 because of its multiple usage. While it first appears without GPS, it is easily fixed. The Redline allows for quick detection of police alarms with its easy implementation. Due to its perfect way around this problem, there is no way we can lower the score and it easily ranking the first rank in this seven top radar detectors 2017 comparison.

Escort RedLine Radar Detector


  1. Valentine One Radar Detector

Valentine One

A familiar face in the radar detector field is the Valentine One. The Valentine is known for the quick response that it gives when it is used. One other thing that is recognizable about the detector is the its performance. It is actually one of the radar detector reviews I like to do the most every year.

Most of the best radar detectors 2017 tend to make the mistake of focusing on selling based off the features. This often leads to them forgetting the fundamental needs of a good detector. Valentine does not have that issue.

When first using it, we noticed the lack of certain gadgets. Features like auto mute and alternative user settings were nonexistent. The Valentine One is used for functionality and not for show.

The V1 is strong in alerting. With its radar, the detector brings the highest level of reception. It is ranked high amongst the Escort’s brand of products.

Remember, when using the V1 it is best to use it on open highways. These areas have low radar signals and can be used to make it run quieter.

While the price is at $488.98, the detector offers quality for its price. It does not have the same usefulness as others on this list.

One flaw of the V1 is the weight. When trying the detector for the first time, we’ve noticed how heavy it was. While it is a slight annoyance, the detector is overweight. For advanced radar detector users, this product is the way to go.

The lack of alarms is not a good look either. When using it, we found no alarms to keep us alert throughout our driving. However, the lack of features like that make it a great detector. It’s nice and simple to use.

So, the main drawback is also its main advantage. Make sure to use the V1 if you are wanting a detector that specializes in performance.

We give the V1 4/5. It has great performance and that’s why it is one of the top radar detectors 2017, but does not have any valuable features. Pick this detector if you are looking for something that can get the job done.

Valentine One Radar Detector


  1. Escort Max 360 Radar Detector

Escort Max 360

Escort raises the bar one more time.

The Escort Max 360 is made with extreme range and pinpoint decision on its mind.

The device is rated for Ka-POP, X, K and laser signals. With its dual antenna setup, it scans for each of these signals. Infused with digital hardware, Escort’s main brand reacts quickly. Additionally, its outstanding range is what makes it worth the price.

It usually costs about $650, but the price on Amazon might be lower.

Escort Max uses a DSP chip that is used to create full awareness. While regulars and longtime fans of the brand understand the detector. We believe that the Escort Max is great for those who are new into the field.

The defining feature of an Escort Max is its real-time detection. Escort live, accurately notifies the user of local threats in the area.

When it comes to essentials the Escort Max 360 is what you’d expect from a high range radar detector.

The Escort Max allows the user to manually lock out unwanted signals. Sure, the 360 remembers your inputs for frequent use. The screen is reduced to a small, gray popup.

The Max 360 might be a great choice for those in crowded areas or for highway driving.

Like the Max 2, the DSP moves through saturated radar reception bands. These bands help find reception that is used in all areas of law enforcement. The background noise is ignored, leaving you to have a comfortable and relaxing ride.

We give the Max 360 a 4/5.

Escort Max 360 Radar Detector (Black)


  1. Beltronics STi Magnum Radar Detector

Hailing from a price range of $439.95, the Beltronics STi Magnum is a good investment. For those looking for an above average detector, they should give this detector a good look.

The BEL is one of four radar detectors that is immune to detector finders such as Spectre RDD. Like the Valentine One, the BEL is created with a Non-GPS design. But, it is compatible with Escort Live.

Once paired with the Escort Live app, the phone adds the benefits of GPS. Thus, protecting the driver from upcoming traps and false alarms.

The Beltronics STi excels at finding distant radar. In a study where 5 radar guns were tested, it spotted all five of them from over 11 miles away. Making it a potential choice for drivers who need a high-quality radar detector.

The Beltronics STi Magnum outperforms other products due to its features. While the V1 has a high amount of performance, its lacking in a user-friendly design. That is where the BEL detector shines at.

We like the BEL detector because of its GPS integrated software. It passes by the V1 due to its ease of operation. Finding the nearest radar alert is easier to find on the BEL detector than the V1.

However, we’ve noticed a few drawbacks. One of them is the lack of immunity to false alarms. When driving with the BEL detector, we appreciated the long range of support that it offered. But, when it came to detecting false alarms, it fell flat.

Another issue is the BEL detector overheats easily. When going out for a test run, we’ve noticed the detector increases in temperature. The Beltronics STi Magnum reached 154° F after an hour of use. We’ve noticed a “Service Required” warning. And within minutes the detector instantly shut down.

The beauty of the BEL detector is its ability to restart after overheating. Within 8 minutes, we’ve noticed the detectors returning to normal operation.

Overall, we give the BEL detector a 4.1/5. It is a useful and sustainable detector. With over 11 miles of detection, this might be a great investment for those who need long range. On the other hand, it fails in detecting false alarms. In addition, it is prone to overheating, making it only useful in certain climates.

Beltronics STi Magnum


  1. Escort Passport Max Limited Edition Radar Detector (Burled wood)

Escort Passport Max Limited Edition

The Escort Passport Max Limited Edition does better than its predecessor. Although it is similar, the entry is larger than the X50. This Limited Edition radar detector features a simple control design and a beautiful burled wood finish that adds a touch of elegance to the product. For the price of $476.00, you receive a high-quality detector suited for all purposes.

Located on the top is a pair of rocker switches; that help you operate the detector with ease. The Passport Max is joined by a big fronted mute button.  The detector might be a great choice for those wanting simplicity.

While it can be larger than the other models, it’s extra sturdy. The most important part is its change in display.

The X50 uses LEDs to create an open screen. The Passport Max Limited edition uses OLEDs, giving the user an HD optimized detector. While it has an advantage, its OLED technology is bad in lit areas.

Voice alerts serve as the primary source of information. But, advanced users will find fault with the low-contrast display. Some of its settings aren’t programmed correctly. Thus, making it an issue for those needing customization.

One thing that we like about the Passport Max is the band segmentation. Through chopping Ka-bands, it helps in reducing the amount of false alarms in the area. The Passport Max offers over 4 Ka-bands for segmentation. Unlike the Redline, which offers 8 bands of segmentation, the Passport Max still does a great job.

We give the Escort Passport Max a 5/5. It is functional. The best thing we like about the detector is functionality. It gets the job done, and its features allow for a safe driving experience. Thus, we feel assured with using the Passport Max for daily driving needs.

Escort Passport Max Limited Edition (Burled Wood)


  1. ESCORT Passport Max2 Radar Detector

ESCORT Passport Max2

Your number one goal should be safety. When driving out in the roads, we often forget the hazards that occur.

As new technologies are adopted by the police, it is harder for conventional detectors. Every year, the standard detector loses its accuracy. Thus, it makes more sense to invest in a higher quality radar detector. Making it easier for to avoid unwanted legal issues. The best radar detectors 2017 pay for themselves after only a few uses.

That is where Escort’s Passport Max2 comes in. Filled with strong signal pickup technology, it is perfect for police detection. As technology improves, Laser speed guns are becoming harder to pick up. However, with the MAX 2, there is no issue in finding these signals. Due to it’s constantly upgrading police technology, the best radar detectors offered by Escort tends to frequently raise its ability to adapt as well.

It is priced at $399, making it a pricey and valuable radar detector. The Passport MAX 2 can detect red light cameras and police monitoring. This detector might be a great choice for those wanting the ultimate protection.

What’s most impressive about the passport, is what it doesn’t pick up. One problem with cheap detectors is the accuracy. They pick up signals from unwanted areas such as nearby traffic-flow systems. The Passport MAX2 like all of the best radar detectors maximizes its potential through its accurate mechanics.

Since the MAX 2 utilized GPS, it knows when a signal is false. Improving accuracy is needed. After driving past an area three times, the MAX 2 understands which signals are accurate. With repeated usage, the MAX 2 will understand what is a speed trap.

The only drawback is its lack of directional alerts. It is one of the best radar detectors 2017, but this can prove to be a nuisance to some.

But, its small nuances in alerts, is treated by the Passport’s three setting system. The settings are Highway, Auto and No Auto X. Each section is tuned for the driver to drive safely.

On the Highway setting, the driver can find police alerts only a few miles away. We do not recommend using this setting when driving through the city. It will pick up a lot of unwanted alerts and signals.

The Auto setting is perfect for beginners. It tracks alerts within the area automatically, making it easy for daily cruise control. Place this setting on when traveling to a new city. Thus, the auto setting is great for drivers in a more casual setting.

When traveling throughout the city, the No Auto X setting is useful. Removing the X-bands, it ignores the common signals coming from buildings. Making it easy to find what’s really harming your driving experience.

For instance, if driving in the city with the Highway setting, false alerts tend to pop up. We recommend using the No X setting for the best detection. It removes the X-band, which is responsible for 90% of the false alerts that occur.  Despite the challenges, it is one of the best radar detectors on the market.

We give the Passport MAX 2 a 4/5.

Escort Passport Max2 HD Radar Detector


The Verdict – What is the radar detector for the money ?

We only found the issue in its lack of GPS at first sight. Without Escort Live, it is just another radar detector. After paying the $99 fee, the Redline comes to life. The GPS system and the Redline detector go hand in hand. The best radar detectors should be able to be used for extended periods of time.  While the best radar detectors 2017 save time on tickets, losing a license or avoiding points, choosing any of the best radar detectors on this list can fulfill anyone’s needs.

Other products are great on their own. However, the Redline is the most consistent. With 4 bands of detection, it is versatile and picks up modern police radars within seconds. The Redline’s functionality and ease of use makes it the leader of this radar detector reviews.

Thus, our winner is the Escort Redline Radar Detector.


***The Winner***

Escort Redline



The Redline is fully supported with GPS via Escort Live. Making it even easier to detect false alarms throughout the area. It is the winner due to its functionality and quick response time. Other products do not have the same innovation or functionality as the Redline.


  1. Reply Roger March 31, 2016 at 10:40 am

    The Max2 was always my favorite detector since Escort launched it. Even though the CR90 has similiar features with lower price, it’s still better to invest in the Max2 and get ideal results.

    Big up for this review Wiliiam!

  2. Reply Ashley May 11, 2016 at 2:57 pm

    Thank You for taking the time for doing this review, it is a great starting point for someone who is wanting to purchase a radar detector. However, I do have a few questions if you don’t mind?
    What made you choose these radar detectors over other popular detectors, such as the Valentine?
    I seem to be over looking the range statistics for the detectors in this review as well as update information regarding how each device gets updated.
    Again, Thank You for the review on the detectors and I am looking forward to hearing from you regarding my questions. Ashley B

    • Reply William Johnson May 11, 2016 at 6:15 pm

      Hey Ashley,
      Thanks for leaving your review we really appreciate it.
      The radar detectors mentioned in the article were chosen by radar detectors specialists and by self experience, we didn’t want to rely on some statistics from other sources that we can’t know how reliable are they so we picked some detectors that we know and tested in different manners. I do agree that the Valentine One is one of the best radar detectors in the market at the moment, but the reason we didn’t add it to the article is we didn’t finish to test it. If you are following the site you would see the information changes alot as we keep testing and reviewing more products.
      The bottom line is the Valentine one will be added soon, so keep updated

  3. Reply The Servant June 8, 2016 at 6:49 pm

    Hello Sir,
    Thanks for the article, it is definitely very helpful in determining which piece of equipment to purchase. Just a quick question though (or three). I noticed that near the top you have a picture of the Escort 9500ci yet it was not evaluated with the other devices. Was that done intentionally? I know that this model is around 2k and has to actually be installed on the vehicle as opposed to a much lower price and relative plug and play. I am considering getting either the 9500ci or the K40 360i and was actually looking for a comparison between the two. By chance, did you review these products in another article? If not, then do you know where I could find a thorough comparison of the two? Again, great article and thanks for all of the information.

    • Reply William Johnson June 8, 2016 at 7:16 pm

      Hey mate, first of all thanks for the reply!
      I did not include the 9500ci and the K40 in this article because they are very expensive and I don’t think the other radar detectors are in their league. However, I’am actually reviewing the K40 and the 9500CI in the last weeks and planning to publish a detailed comparison between the two. I will shoot you an email when i’ll publish the article so be ready!
      Thanks for the interest!

  4. Reply Jacob July 3, 2016 at 7:10 am

    So I read evrything let’s say price is not a issue since the tickets I get all ready could have bought evry radar detector their is which one will you get for your car if you keep getting tickets for the camera speed detectors also would like to know if their is a detected for the 5 boroughs if not which one is the best of the best that detects evrything including cop cars if their is one that does

    • Reply William Johnson August 1, 2016 at 11:34 pm

      Hey Jacob,

      As explained above, the best radar for me may not be the best radar detector as everyone need it for different places/roads/cities or whatever.
      That’s why I highly suggest you to read the full article and understand what model will be the best for you.

      Good luck and thanks for replying!

  5. Reply Dennis July 29, 2016 at 6:24 pm

    Why is the Valentine One not shown on the charts?

    • Reply William Johnson August 1, 2016 at 11:36 pm

      Hey Dennis,

      The Valentine One been added to this comparison just recently and therefore wasn’t updated in charts yet. However, it is shown in the main chart which is the most informative one.
      I will update the charts soon!

      Thanks for your reply!

  6. Reply jeff September 18, 2016 at 3:55 pm

    First of all the only state that doesn’t allow radar detectors is virginia.The only other place is d.c.
    I take exception to your analysis of comparing detectors.I have had many detectors over the years and have found the escort brand tends to be the best.For your information beltronics is escort.
    I have both the redline and the beltronics pro 500.The pro 500 is a very good detector with good features.
    Now let me get to my point.Without question the escort REDLINE is by far and away the best radar detector for the quickest response time for police radar threat.It also has been proven to have the longest range.My redline even warns when the police radar is not in a straight line.
    As far as not having gps on the redline I’m not overly concerned about telling me there is a possible speed trap ahead.I want my warning way before I get there and thats exactly what the redline does.
    Point is you want the fastest response time and the longest range possible to defeat the radar threat.The best choice is the redline.
    I’m not knocking the other ones,but I know which one is the best.

  7. Reply Mike December 18, 2016 at 9:31 pm

    When will you review the new Uniden DFR7? Seems like they have improved..

    • Reply William Johnson December 20, 2016 at 2:47 pm

      The Uniden DFR7 might be added in the 2017 update, keep yourself updated!

  8. Reply Glenn March 4, 2017 at 5:36 pm

    Hi, I have both the V1 and Redline. The Redline has great Ka performance but fails to adiquitly filter the ever increasing blind spot monitoring (BSMs) on passing cars with its TSR filter. For this reason I can not drive with it without it constantly alarming on k band. Unfortunately Escort is unwilling to invest on improving the Redline in this area. I wish they would. The Valentine has risen to the challenge and has very good BSM filtering. So I pretty much use this one only.

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