4 Best-Scored Radar Detectors Under 100 for Safe Driving in 2017

Welcome to RRD’s roundup of the very best detectors under 100. We only include the best radar detectors under 100 in this list, so you can be sure you’re always geting the very latest and cheapest cutting edge tech.

The RRD team has tested every aspect possible, and this page is designed to provide you with all the information you need so you can choose the best detector under 100 for you. And we’ve listed in order of preference too, so there’s no confusion. The first is the best.

So whether you’re after the best Escort detector money can buy, a Valentine One upgrade or a new Redline to pair with your Escort Live, we’ve seen and extensively tested them all so you don’t have to.

Take a look and we guarantee you’ll find the best detector under 100 dollars for you, beginning with the very best radar detector under 100 currently available…

Drive safe and cheap with these best-selling radar detector under 100 in 2017

1. Escort Passport 8500 Radar Detector

escort passport 8500 red display
Escort Passport 8500 has programmable sensors that are very effective. It also has an increased sensitivity, so it should reduce the number of false alerts. The biggest problem with this device is its availability.

At the moment, it is available only in the United States, but states like Washington and Virginia doesn’t allow its shipment. This radar detector is the cheapest on our list, but it has a good 4.2 rating. If we compare it with Whistler XTR-540 and its 3.7 rating, we can say that Escort Passport 8500 is a better device. This applies only if you don’t live in Virginia or Washington.

2. Cobra XRS9370 Radar Detector

cobra xrs 9370
Cobra XRS9370 may be one of the best radar detector under 100 dollars due to the fact it has great features. Just some of them are POP mode that should detect POP radar guns and V mode. V mode means that police cannot use VG2 devices to locate your radar. If you notice that V light is on, it means that a police tries to check do you have a radar detector.

This is a common thing in the states where radar detectors are banned. Beside already used bands (X, K and Ka) this radar detector has KU band. It is currently used in Europe, but police in the United States will soon start to use it. This is the only radar detector on the list that has this band support.

3. Uniden LRD750 Radar Detector

uniden lrd750
Uniden LRD750 promises a wide range of detection. It supports only already used bands, such as X, K and Ka. However, this model offers POP mode as well. You can choose between highway and city mode.

4. Whistler XTR-540 Radar Detector

Whistler xtr-540 Cordless Radar Detector
Whistler XTR-540 is the only radar detector here that is battery operated. This means that it doesn’t have a power cord, other devices have. You must charge its battery before using it. This is also the biggest drawback of the radar detector.

Battery powered radar detectors are less reliable that conventional ones, so it can not be the best radar detector under 100 dollars! The only advantage this device has is an easy installation

What about the prices?

Radar detectors come in different shapes and prices. People usually believe that in order to have a reliable and an effective radar detector, they must pay a lot of money. On one side, this is the truth, due to the fact latest radar detectors cost a lot. However, cheaper devices can be useful as well. Radar detectors with a price lower than $100 offer basic features. In general, this is the most important part of any radar detector. These radar detectors are still effective in saving you from a speeding ticket. Even better, there are many different models, so you can choose the one you like. The real question is, which is the best radar detector under 100 dollars ?

If you are looking the best radar detector under 100 dollars, money is important for you. However, there are many models in a range between 50 and $100. Buying a radar detector under $40 isn’t recommended. On the other side, in aforementioned rage, you have more than 700 radar detectors to choose from. If you want the best radar detector under 100 dollars, check this chart and see the prices of some models, we believe they are great.

best radar detector under 100 prices

All radar detectors in the chart are brand new and they come from well-known manufacturers, such as Cobra, Whistler and Escort. Also, all of them are reliable and have great features. Sadly, you cannot expect some great displays or great support. On the other side, all of these radar detectors require easy installation.


A display isn’t very important for these devices, due to the fact it doesn’t have to show a lot of information. However, some people require the best display, because all latest devices such as tablets and smartphones have HD displays. That’s why mentioning a display in best radar detector under 100 dollars comparison is required. Escort Passport 8500 has a red display, commonly seen on radar detectors. This type of display is the best at night, because it is easy to notice displayed information. Cobra XRS9370 has a bit more colorful display, but the red color is main as well. Uniden LRD750 has a similar red display as Escort Passport 8500, but it has less LEDs so it isn’t as good as a display on the Escort. Whistler XTR-540 is a bit different. It has a blue display, which is very good and according to most users, a much better than traditional red display.
What rating the best radar detector under 100 dollars must have
In order to see how some device is good, you should pay attention to user reviews. In general, if more people say that the device is good, it is. On the other side, if most people say that it is bad, you should avoid it. The most common ranking method is with the star rating. 5 stars is the best, so we provided you a chart, based on how mane percentages of users awarded aforementioned radar detectors with 5 stars.

best radar detector under 100 rating

In general, the difference between these values are small, but they can be important when you are ordering your new radar detectors. Some users claim that the best radar detector under 100 dollars must have the highest 5 star rate. We definitely believe that this rating is important.

The average rating

Other users claim that average rating is more precise, so we must provide you this information as well. The average rating is based on the number of users and their ratings. The best radar detector under 100 dollars, should have a great average score.

best radar detector under 100 average rating

Once again, we can see that the differences are minor, but Whistler XTR-540 has a bit lower score than other radar detectors. Choosing the best radar detector under 100 dollars by using this chart, wouldn’t be a mistake.

Dimensions and weight

If you want a small radar detector, you must know its dimensions, obviously. Many users want small radar detectors because they can conceal them or they have a small car.
If weight is the most important to you, Cobra XRS9370 is the best radar detector under 100 dollars for you. It is small but it has the best features.


Deciding which the best radar detector is a time consuming process. After all, all of these devices are designed for the same purpose. In order to provide you the answer on which the best radar detector under 100 dollars is, we had to rank them. We did it using this chart:

best radar detector under 100

We decided that the best radar detector under 100 dollars is Cobra XRS9370 due to the fact it has the most features, it is the smallest and it has the best display. Despite the low price, this radar detector can be compared with more expensive devices! It is also one of the most successful radar detectors on the market. If we know that Cobra is a great company, we can say that buying this model is a wise choice.

Cobra XRS9370 High-Performance Radar/Laser Detector with 360-Degree Protection


Uniden LRD750 isn’t the best radar detector under 100 dollars simply because it is average. It doesn’t have some impressive features, but it is cheap and effective. In general, this radar detector is average in any way, so it cannot be the best on our best radar detector under 100 dollars list but it isn’t the worst as well. If you want the golden middle, this device is right for you.

Uniden LRD750 Laser Radar Detector with Voice Alert


Escort Passport 8500 isn’t the best radar detector under 100 dollars simply because its availability. As aforementioned, it is available in some states in the United States. In order to be the best radar detector under 100 dollars, a device must be available to people from all over the world.

Escort Passport 8500 Red Display


Whistler XTR-540 is a great radar detector if you need this type of device once a week. On the other side, if you use it every day, the battery will drain out quickly and recharging is a process you do not want when it comes to your radar detector. That’s why, it can not be the best radar detector under 100 dollars. On the other side, if you do not need a radar detector every day and you want a model that can be installed easily, this is the right device for you.

Whistler XTR-540 Cordless Radar Detector


Avoid mistakes

When buying the best radar detector under 100 dollars, you must pay more attention that when you are looking for a device with a price of $400 simply because expensive radar detectors are usually good. In a case with the best radar detector under 100 dollars, mistakes are possible. You do not want to have a radar detector that isn’t effective. In order to eliminate the possibility of mistakes, never buy the cheapest radar detector. For example, if the price is $20, and the manufacturer must make a profit, how much its production costs? This means that it has bad and obsolete parts that can break down at any moment.

If you find a model that isn’t on our list, but you like it, read complete review of it. The best radar detector under 100 dollars must have good ratings, no bad reviews and it must be available in the area where you live.

The main reason why buying a new radar detector is complicated, is because you will have to download it online. This means that you cannot see how it looks, work or how effective it is. Also, you cannot replace it if something is wrong with it. Because of this, be careful and buy radar detectors that are made by well-known manufacturers, such as Cobra, Escort ad Whistler. Buying a radar detector that has unknown name, means that it is made in China for $10. This means that it is ineffective and it can break down any moment, so the risk of a speeding ticket is much higher.