The Best Police Radar Detector Application to Become Your Driving Buddy

Modern radar detectors have come a long way in regards to design and technology when compared to the original device that the average consumer was first introduced to. In fact, radar detectors were at first only utilized by the military for operation purposes.

Nowadays, radar detectors vary in size and are accessible to more than just government officials. The standard radar detector is ergonomically designed with the latest technology to include Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone integration, as well as GPS to give you ultimate control over the road.

The innovations stated above in regards to radar detection technology has made the detector readily available, which makes it hard to figure out the best police radar detector application that will best suit your driving needs.

Keep reading for an in-depth look at how radar detectors function and which type will come in handy during a road trip.

What Can Radar Detectors Do?

Radar detectors offer drivers convenient protection in an affordable manner that can prevent speeding tickets as well as other driving hazards you would want to avoid.

Radar detectors work by sensing particular signal frequencies and as a result alert you when such frequencies are present. They cannot precisely detect police vehicles or officers but only detect the signals coming from the devices police officers often use to track car speeds.

Some radar detectors are so advanced that they can locate speed cameras that are responsible for detecting drivers going above the speed limit.

Smartphone Applications
As smartphones became a staple item in an individual’s life, it’s no surprise that people came up with the idea of integrating a radar detector to work with your smartphone.

In fact, radar detector application is now available both for Android and iOS platforms, and more and more people are opting out to download such services rather than pay a lot of money for a radar detector.

Typically, these radar detector applications alert you with the location of police officers in your surrounding area, which is information conveniently provided to you by other drivers who are using the app.

As a side note, there are radar detectors that you can hide in your car and can be easily connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This means you can access all the information radar detectors provide by effortlessly looking at your phone.

The radar detectors with smartphone compatibility are considered to be more accurate with its readings, but end up costing a lot of money.

Our Recommendations: Best Radar Detector Application

Those days you don’t have to purchase your own radar detector and put it in your car. Today you can easily download an application that will make your smartphone work like a physical radar detector. The best part is that these applications are not illegal usually, but some specific countries and states may have some regulations about those, so don’t forget to check your local specific laws. Incase you’re still want a simple radar detector, you should consider one of these effective radar detector apps.

1. Winner: Waze

waze radar detector app
If you’re in need for an application that features dual function driver use, you won’t be disappointed when you download Waze onto either your iOS or Android smartphone.

Waze will soon become your driving buddy since it can function both as a GPS and a radar detector to alert you to the presence of radar guns in your vicinity.

It’s important to note that Waze doesn’t come with a separate radar detector and functions solely based on the information gathered from your phone. Out of all the apps that work in conjunction with your smartphone, Waze is the most affordable and user-friendly making it one of the best radar detector applications.

Functions & Features:

  • Live Traffic Updates.
  • Police Location.
  • Accidents.
  • Road Closures.
  • Community-based.
  • Bookmark Preferred Routes.
Design Specifics

Waze is built with a basic as well as a clean user interface that makes the app the primary choice for drivers who value easy navigation above all else.

The concept of Waze isn’t unique, but Waze removed the problem most radar detector applications had which included high battery consumption. This means Waze won’t drain your smartphone’s battery, so you never get stranded in the middle of nowhere.
Other than low battery consumption, the high accuracy that is associated to Waze sets it apart from other radar detector applications. It’s so accurate that you’ll receive real;-time alerts on traffic jams, turn restrictions, one-way streets, construction sites, accidents, hazards, and police traps.

In regards to safety, this app will detect the speed in which you’re driving at and will continue to alert you when you’re going above the designated speed limit.
Waze is an entirely free radar detector application, so all you have to do is download it onto your smartphone, and you’ll be good to go.

2. Runner Up: Radarbot Free Speed Camera Detector & Speedometer

Radarbot radar detector app
If you’re not willing to spend a couple of hundred dollars on a radar detector application, you’ll want a free app that functions on par with Waze but works in conjunction with speed camera detectors to prevent you from ever receiving a speeding ticket in the mail.

A lot of buyers who want a top-tier radar detector application all recommend Radarbot, which is available for download for both Android and iOS smartphones.

Waze and Radarbot don’t have to rely on a radar detector that you have to manually install in your car to alert you of traffic conditions, and both are conveniently accessible through your iOS and Android smartphones.

You might be wondering what the main difference between Waze and Radarbot in regards to how it functions is, and the answer is simple.

Waze depends largely on the drivers who use the application to alert other drivers of nearby police, while Radarbot is the only radar detector application that combines real-time traffic alerts with the most high-tech speed camera detection system that relies on GPS to get you to where you need to be in a safe and timely manner.

Functions & Features

  • Live Traffic Updates.
  • Radarbot Community.
  • Customize to Your Driving Preferences.
  • Comes with real-life Alerts.
  • Speed Camera Detection System.
  • Uses Traffic Forecasts.
  • Comes with the Best Time to Leave Function.
  • Articulate Voice Alerts.
  • Voice Notification.
  • Vibrating Mode for Motorcyclists.
Design Specifics

Radarbot is an entirely free radar detector application that operates to provide you information regarding navigation, traffic, and speed cameras to make your drive an easy and quick one

Thankfully, Radarbot has one of the largest driver communities that work together to ensure no driver ends up being left behind or late for a meeting. With over 2 million drivers who are always updating Radarbot, you can rest assured that you have the maximum amount of information available about the road you’re on.

Speed Cameras Radarbot Can Detect:
  • Tunnel Cameras.
  • Mobile Cameras.
  • Traffic Light Cameras.
  • Fixed Speed Cameras.
  • ANPR Cameras.

The straightforward interface incorporated in Radarbot makes sure you avoid receiving one of the 41 million speeding tickets given out by police officers year per year specifically in the United States.

Radarbot’s effectiveness as an Android and iOS app solidify it to be the best radar detector application that works with your phone to minimize your driving mistakes.

3. Alternative: Speed Camera Radar

Speed Camera Radar detector app
If you want a radar detector application whose primary function is to detect hazards present on the road, you should look into Speed Camera Radar since it’s proven to be an innovative form of radar detectors.

In fact, the particular way in which hardware radar detectors function varies entirely from Speed Camera Radar since the hardware version works to receive certain radio frequencies that are unique to speed camera detectors.

Speed Camera Radar functions differently from hardware radar detectors since it relies on the database of hazards reported by other users to provide live alerts that will affect your road trip. The app itself can even detect speed cameras, which include mobile ambush, red light cameras, and static speed cameras.


  • Two Mode Options: Day & Night.
  • 3D design features.
  • Auto Zoom Map Capability.
  • Dashboard displaying current driving speed.
  • Daily hazard database updates.
  • Able to work in the Background.
  • Free & Available to All Countries.
  • Android Compatible.

Design Specifics

In regards to the interface built in Speed Camera Radar, it is considered to be one of the best interfaces that drivers can easily use and fortunately won’t drain your smartphone battery. The problem most radar detector applications run into is that the interface isn’t simple for everyone to use.

Out of all the radar detector applications currently available for download, Speed Camera Radar is the one that will effectively use the internet to make sure you stay on top of road hazards, so your driving becomes a smooth process with little to no traffic.

Keep in mind that Speed Camera Radar is one of the few radar detector applications that can be used in every single country in the world, which is important if you travel a lot.


All of the radar detectors reviewed above are proven to reduce your chances of getting a driving-related ticket significantly, but it’s incorrect to assume that since you have a radar detector application, you now have the liberty to speed with ease without enduring any consequences.

Since each of the radar detector applications focuses on using a smartphone, you have a less likely chance of getting a ticket when compared to radar detectors that lack the smartphone compatibility feature .

In regards to the best radar detector application, Waze is the winner because it provides ample road information at no cost to the driver, but is not more advanced than Radarbot and Speed Camera Radar.

If you’re a safe driver who rarely gets tickets, Waze will be perfect for your driving needs and won’t require a separate detection device to work properly.

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